Battle Oracle without the melee


Silver Crusade

Half Orc Battle Oracle
Wasting Curse
Revelation: Weapon Mastery: Bite (from Toothy)
Feat: Dazzling Display

At 1st level, Toothy here has about a +10 to Intimidate, and can Dazzling Display empty handed. 1st level spell Cause Fear stacks with Dazzling Display for shaken/frightened/etc.
He then levels as a caster.

Is this a flash in the pan build, or something solid to work off of?

Society play, so 12th level max, and War Sight and Combat Healer for the 3rd and 7th level revelations.

Dark Archive

Intimimancery is not a bad way to go, so long as you're prepared for the fear immune enemies.

Wear medium armour and carry a heavy shield, while keeping your other hand free for casting spells; it may be a good idea to have a spiked gauntlet anyway however.

What you may wish to consider is a single level into a rogue with the thug archetype. That way if you're really blowing them out of the water, you can have people running away.

Unfortunately, I don't think the battle mystery really brings much to this other than the initial Weapon Focus. It may be worth considering working up to it a bit more slowly and using a mystery that's more in line with this tactic.

The Exchange

if your enjoying the mental control aspect of intimidate maybe take an oracle mystery with a illusion focus. dazzled, feared, confused, these are all nice to apply to people and illusion is a pretty powerful school.

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