Story Time: And Other Reasons Why I Don't Know What's Going On In The World.

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I am a mechanics lover (read: whore), pure and simple. If I need a story, I'll make one up and very rarely do I ever bring a premade module into my games. That being said, I LOVE the idea of an MMO based on PFO, but at the same time I HATE reading all the little details of every land, baron, and township just to figure out what is going on in the overall arch of some worlds I will never actually play in. One of my hopes for PFO, is that I will be able to explore the lore of the world organically as I adventure, kill things, figure out I killed the wrong things, and kill things again.

What I DON'T want to see is a WoW lore system of old lore content that is still around and never changes even though the world advances. I know they keep the old content in because they have to cater to 85 levels of questing and they DID make a lot of changes (mostly bad) with the last expansion, but I have higher hopes for PFO.

My question (and yes, there is a question in all of this) is how will this lore be introduced into the world (opening cinematic, lore based quests, NPC interactions) and how will it advance over time?

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I think the idea is to have the players creating most of the new lore that comes out.

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Aye, I think the players are moving into an area generally empty of friendlies. There was some reason for it, that is the old lore. The NPC settlements we start at are either old settlements on the fringe of whatever happened, or the first new settlements on the edge of lands we will open. Any new lore will be our stories.

Maybe this addresses you question, this is from the GoblinWorks blog:

"...each hex will become unique over time, gaining a story of its own that's formed from the actions of the players. People will know how certain features of the land were created, and those memories will invest the place with much more value to the world than mere random buildings would ever generate."

I think that just about sums up PFO's attitude toward this question.

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This is going to require a lot of thought and attention.

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Here's how I understand it, so far:

In the entire world map, there will be 3 NPC settlements. They have their own histories of why they're there, what political and social factions are in each one, who hates who, who likes who, etc. That doesn't matter very much; those settlements are really only there to give starting players a base while they go out to make their own buildings.

Every. Single. Other. Building. In. The. Game. Will be built and managed by players. So the players start writing their own stories about them.

So, if you hopped into the game 2 years after it launches, you should learn some of the history of where you're staying and what factions are there. Because those factions and places weren't slapped down by a developer three months before the game started. They were built by players, and it's player conflicts and goals that shape each one. So you're learning about some of the history of your fellow player characters, and of the game itself.

Hey, those backstories and histories will be at least as interesting as anything that WoW cobbled together.

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