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My players finally settled on classes our new run.

We have an Elven Cleric of (God of Magic), Human 2h Axe Fighter, and a Half Elven Rogue.

This is based upon the Beginner Box with EdoWars Half Elf from his blog. I am debating allowing the Cleric to use arcane items. How much would this disrupt things? Wands, Staves, etc.

I do not want a DMPC so that is not an option.

We only have the three PCs. What can be done to lend the balance and help access to arcane magic would allow?

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They can live without it. Basically they need to go somewhere, kill things and take their stuff.

It's far more problematic that they only have three than that they lack an arcanist.

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LazarX wrote:
It's far more problematic that they only have three than that they lack an arcanist.

I have to focus on things I have control over. Game night is my wife and I, her best friend and her husband.

One thing you could do, instead of a DMPC is to allow each player to use a 2nd character. Maybe not as powerful as the main 3 (Level -1 or -2), to help round it out. That would help fill a number of the extra rolls out, while keeping each player just as involved (and equally so).

Since you are basing this on the begginner box does that mean you are new to the game? Are your players? Because since you have a relatively small party there are ways to add a little versatility to your group, but they can get kind of complicated, and I wouldn't recommend them for new players. As it stands this party should do ok, you might just want to tone things down a little in terms of encounter difficulty, and make sure the cleric puts a number of ranks in spell craft (or just give him free ranks in spellcraft and knowledge arcana maybe).

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They're probably fine as they are. If they play all their duckets in a row. What you might want to consider is giving them all a free bonus toughness feat.

You have a cleric of magic. Make sure someone has knowledges and you've covered your bases well enough.

The rogue has UMD for some arcane access. If he wants more and is willing to give up his favored class bonus, he can replace his multitalented racial ability with arcane training-wizard to gain full access to spell trigger and spell completion items using the sorc/wiz spell list, without multiclassing.

Consider just giving them all an trait that gives a +2 to UMD.

Arcane is not needed (nor divine, or martial. Any group can work, if properly build and the GM adjust).

That said, if you really want to give them access to arcane, the rogue can have UMD, as people has said. If you want to make things easier for him, allow him to take 10 in UMD rolls.

Other option is to have one of them to take the leadership feat, and make such cohort a wizard.

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ZugZug- We did this intermittently for the BlackFang run as well as Crypt of the Everflame. We would rotate who played Ezren. This would be our last resort.

Kolo- I am very much not new to Pathfinder. I have been playing it since Beta but I relocated away from my old group. My current players were completely new when BB came out. None have shown interest in Core. The book is too daunting for them and our profession lives dictate our time (average age of the group is 41). I am the RPG addict. They agreed to play Pathfinder as a break from Catan and are having fun so I do my best to retain interest between my corporate travel, photography shoots, legal briefings and general commuting (a recap of my group's weekly activities)

LazarX - A possibility, I will think on it.

Although new, they are all exceptionally intelligent people, and tactics they handle very well. It sometimes feels like playing chess.

Maybe I don't have to worry but there is a third of the game they cannot tap without me making modifications. I was just hoping for help with those points. Since we are running BB, making the Cleric as Gestalt Sorceror/Cleric was my first thought but that seems overkill.

Thanks for the advice though. It gives me a different avenue of thought

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Follow up note. I handed them the Beginner Box heroes book and that is about it. I however on the back end behind the screen use all my resources and just reword or rework things to summarize in simple one or two statements blurbs.

I was trying to keep my recaps to a minimum. The rogue already has UMD. We had to make that change before it sunk in that Bow vs Skeleton = not a good option. I allowed the rogue to use a Wand of Magic Missiles found in their last adventure buy introducing UMD (not in BB)

If the rogue is willing to give up their favored class bonus you could allow the alternative racial trait arcane training, which would allow him to use wands and scrolls as if he were a first level arcane caster.

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