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hey guys just putting a shout out on here me and some friends all long time players are registering for society play and we will be looking for a few people outside of our core group to join us. this game will be played in my home we will be starting at level 1 adhering to all the rules of society play. we will be supplying the modules all you need to bring are your own playing supplies i.e. dice character sheet scratch paper pen or pencil. several of us use excel and if you prefer you are welcome to bring your own computer and play from there. our goal is to complete through level 12 with society and then purchase and play the semi retired modules as high as we can go.
our games will be played on friday. in the evening. starting at approximately 6pm and ending within 4 to 5 hours. depending on the modules.
i live in winston just south of roseburg in douglas county, in oregon. if you are interested in playing please respond here and i will make sure to get you my information.
our group is currently made up of all males ranging in age. teh majority of us are all adults though my stepson and my friends son both will be playing with us. (both teenagers)
i look forward to hearing back from anyone interested please include any character ideas you may already have and your experience level in game. new players are welcome.

you still living in winston oregon and still playing a pathfinder game?

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