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I feel like this is a stupid question, but I'm not sure how PCs are supposed to "play" the cards during an encounter to get the boons. Are they supposed to hold it up? I like the concept, I just can't envision how it would be done.

Anyone out there that has run it? What did you do? Ms. Frasier, excellent module but what did you envision happening when a card is "played"?

Thanks in advance!

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The idea was that once the PCs are dropped into the Harrowed Realm, the Deck falls in with them. At that point, the GM gives the players a deck of harrow cards (for added realism, toss the deck up in the air and make them gather up the cards themselves, just like their characters are probably doing), or at least hard them a list. You can explain things to them or not at that time, depending on how much your group like immersion or problem-solving. If you don't, canny players might start to notice that the encounters look like events in the cards.

When the players want to play a card because they want to see what happens to they think they've guessed the right card, they hand the card to the GM (or cross it off the list), who then announces if there's an effect or not. If they guessed correctly, they get the appropriate bonus for the encounter. If they didn't, they simply lose that card (and the bonus it would provide to the appropriate encounter.

I'm glad you like the adventure. I hope that answered your question.

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The adventure is great!

When I ran it a few months back, much as Crystal said, the deck hit the table as they were sucked into the Harrowed Realm. They figured out they could influence the world events with the deck, after detect magic and spellcraft rolls on the suspicious deck.

They could play cards at any time during the encounters. The deck changed hands after every few encounters (players choice, they all wanted a go). Whoever had the deck could play a card (free action if in hand) it would shimmer and I would tell them if it had an effect, or if it was now a dud card. Feedback from the players was that going through the deck to find just the right cards was a highlight of the game.

Wow, ask ye shall receive! Thanks Crystal and Crispy!

I know about the cards being with the PCs. I guess I was confused on how the players would use the cards while in character or actually in the game instead of at the game table.

Thanks, I'll go with something like Crispy did. Just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something.

As far as the module, I haven't ran it yet (I will in a week or two) but I think it may be my favorite module ever, in any setting or rule system. I know Crystal isn't a full time adventure writer, but that needs to change!

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I like the idea of throwing the cards around :)

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