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I'm just curious as to what those who'd want to craft a golem would choose out of the options available. I'm not talking about raw power here (if I were it'd obviously be the Adamantine or Paizo variants) but which of the many types out there appeals most to you on a flavour/appearance basis.

For me its the stained glass, ice and mithril variants. I just love the image of those I have in my mind. Glimmering silver, shimmering nearly transparent ice or a shifting kaleidascope of colours. The ice and mithril are largely equal in terms of appeal to me with the stained glass one being the clear leader. I'm a fan of the prismatic light series of spells as well I just love the way a rainbow of light/glass looks. If I picked the create golem feature for a wizrad (something I'm going to look into whether its pathfinder society legal) it'd be the stained glass variant. How about you, which golem is your favorite and why?

Hmmm, shield golem. Though that might have been a FR only one.

Other than that I think flesh ones are cool and relatively cheap

craft them? at 17th level you can summon an enterouge of the things! (wooden phalanx)

Clockwork golem! Because clockwork!

Or alchemical golem, because they're sweet looking.

Maybe even cannon golem!

So many choices!!!

adamantine golem, because if I create something that expensive, I want it to be indestructible. Good luck killing him in an antimagic field.

Hellfire golem from the Fiend Folio 3.5 splatbook. It just sounds cool.

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Animate Object

Because I want a walker-chair or a horseless carriage or a walking skeleton (to confuse the clerics) or a perpetual motion machine or an engine for my ship or a mill for my estate or etc, etc, etc.

The variations are endless.

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I am still waiting for a stats of Tiny Coffee Golem before making my choice ;)

But I would need to rebuild it to provide me with infinite amount of hot strong sweet tea as I don't drink coffee.

Wax golem. Because I would make it look like myself, and depending on the GM that could mean I have an immortal spell immune version of myself walking around the world messing with people's stuff. Now if it ever found me, there would be problems.

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Flesh golem, made from dismembered parts of my still-living enemies.

EDIT: except for the head and torso. Those guys didn't make it.

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Charlie Bell wrote:

Flesh golem, made from dismembered parts of my still-living enemies.

EDIT: except for the head and torso. Those guys didn't make it.

Regeneration & raise dead or resurrection, ftw.

I'm inclined to go with Leonhart though, and vote adamantine.

I recall a villainous cleric NPC from an old 2e campaign I ran years ago who had a doll golem (likely from one Monstrous Compendium or other) in the shape of a nutcracker which he called "Soldier". I remember it fondly due to it having abilities and stats comparable to a flesh or clay golem but in a conveniently portable package. The bad guy kept it discretely clipped to his belt beneath his cloak when not in use.

Once or twice, when confronted by the PCs and in need of a distraction to facilitate his escape, he pulled it out, tossed it to the ground with the command: "Soldier, Defend!" The tiny-sized nutcracker would dutifully salute its master and charge the PCs' front ranks. It had a movement rate equal to that of a human and real nasty bite attack which, IIRC, was in the 25-35 hit point range. A few rounds of having this toy soldier tearing bloody chunks out of the PCs usually afforded the NPC the time he needed to get away.

Malfus wrote:
Wax golem. Because I would make it look like myself, and depending on the GM that could mean I have an immortal spell immune version of myself walking around the world messing with people's stuff. Now if it ever found me, there would be problems.

So you'd be going with the sentient variant then?

All wax golems that look like someone eventually become sentient. It's just a matter of time.

Stained glass golem, because I love stained glass.

And because I love the image of my windows climbing down out of the frames to shred any intruders. (What, you think I'd only build one of them? Hardly.)

And cannon golems, just because.

"Cannon Golem" is one of the coolest compound nouns possible. That one.

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Definitely Clockwork for the ability to turn into a wall of gears.

No Gold Piece limit?

If so my inner munchkin would begin to cry tears of the purest joy and I would create a homunculos that would make a god die of envy on sight.

If I had to pick one out of a book it would be the one with the highest CR/stats

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Probably stone or iron, or perhaps a crystalline form. Basically one that he'd hire the best of sculptors to craft the physical form of.

And of course it would be the Shield Golem variation.

Definitely Cannon Golem

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Ah, been thinking on this very thing. need to build a new 11th character. looking at the discovery, that can be taken at 9th and wanting a shield version and limited to 82,000. I like the alchemy one, cepy cant do yet. be nice if they did books for the new ones, that give you level bonuses to create.

I'd go with a Gold Golem. Or a Goldem.

Flesh and carrion golems. Definately. I love Frankenstein to death.

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Clay golem. The ability to stop healing cold is rather potent. Plus, I envision it as an amorphous Clayface-like automaton, which is cool.

I've always found that using Simulacrum to make a cheap copy of those really expensive golems is a good choice for the penny-pinching wizard.

A world golem. what do you think you are standing on?

First, any golem I make is going to be the shield guardian variant.

Since this is anything goes - and because it would just inspire utter hopelessness in my enemies - I would go with an adamantine golem, adding the advanced and giant templates to it. This means I have a gargantuan-sized (thats 4x4 squares, my friend) CR 22 golem.

It also means I'm a level 22 wizard.

So in addition to this being my shield guardian, I ALSO have - within a medium (1x1) chamber inside the golem - the gate to my private demiplane. This chamber is accessed by a teleportation circle on a platform atop my golem (I mean, he's gargantuan, so I have an observation platform "crown" atop him anyway; it's maybe 2x2).

Now my demiplane - in addition to its luxurious gardens and pools and gem-hung sky - houses my many ninja followers.

So as my gargantuan advanced adamantine shield-guardian stomps through some city which offended me - and as I hover invisibly above it wreaking all manner of 22nd level wizard destruction, my NINJA ARMY is exiting my demiplane via teleportation circle to the golem's crown, and then leaping off into the city - yes, my golem is emitting ninjas.

So, that's that. Good enough? :)

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Prismatic stained glass golems. All hiding in the wallopenings pretending to be windows.

Plenty of nimblewrights, mostly disguised as halfling servants. Some having levels..

But above all, Simulacrums. With that single spell, almost anything is possible. Everything from co-casters, guards to craftsmen and item-makers. Especially as they dont need to breath, they can be kept in a portable hole or two when not in use..

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