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I find that a PC's faith is one of the most significant choices you can make and one that offers myriads of opportunities for roleplaying in any setting where worshipping gods is part of the everyday experience. And I would say that it is even more telling for characters whose classes do not require worshipping a specific deity.

I also believe that we can make interesting finds by comparing a PC's alignment and that of the God or Goddess he worships.

So, who do your characters worship ? Why ?

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Guioh worships Asmodeus. My summoner's Lawful Neutral alignment manifests in the way he sees the world (including his Eidolon) as a gamefield with rules and pieces to be manipulated and used. He's a stickler for the rules though as his ideal is to triumph honestly.

I normally ignore deities since my characters are almost never deeply religious. One of the few exceptions is an inquisitor I made who likes to prop Saranae up every time he gets a chance.

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In our RotRL campaign, Sir Felix Einen, my Ranger (Archery Style) is a very devout worshipper of Erastil.

At first, it was mostly because of his fascination for hunting and the fear that Erastil would curse him with bad aim if he did not give him his due. Later on, after he got family and official responsibilities, he found that he relied even more on Erastil's teachings about communities and responsibilities.
After being humiliated by an overpowering foe, he asked for help from the Church of Erastil and pledged his life in holy service. He is currently apprenticed to a Paladin of Erastil who enlightens him on how best to serve Old Deadeye's will.

Erastil is LG. Sir Felix started as N, shifted to LN at the beginning of his apprenticeship and will become LG (and a true Paladin of Erastil) as soon as his mentor deems him ready.


In our Serpents' Skull campaign, Irina "the Scarlet" Oyeghirn, my Halfling Jinx Sorceress, worships Shelyn.

Born in Irrisen as an experiment to produce a true avatar of Misfortune, Irina's childhood was spent in an environment of cold spite and envy, completely devoid of love's warmth.
After fleeing her homeland, she found about Shelyn's faith which fit both her thirst for love and affection as well as her childlike attraction to things of beauty. She is not a very devout worshipper though, mostly because her faith is very instinctive and she is not interested in the least in religious rituals and holy scriptures.

Shelyn is NG and so is Irina.


My PFS character, Berod Oyeghirn, is a fervent worshipper of Milani.

Berod is devoted to the cause of Andoran and freedom for all, with a special focus on liberating slaves. Unknown to his PFS colleagues, Berod is also the latest incarnation of the Alleluiah Man, a divine servant of Milani who incarnates in otherwise normal humanoid beings and stands for the eternal rebirth of hope and resistance to oppression.

Milani is CG and so is Berod.

I myself am pretty fond of Desna, but I've only got two characters in Pathfinder at the moment, one is a wizard and the other a monk. My monk worships Irori, for obvious reasons, and is a devout follower of his faith. My wizard mainly worships Gozreh, but he also worships Torag, Irori and pays tribute to Nethis. My wizard is believer in balance, but he tends toward law and good as they just end up better for the people over all.

He finds it fascinating that his memorization and structured spell casting unleashes a chaotic energy into the world. He likens it to nature because life has a natural order in things. Plants feed the prey, prey feed the predators, all feed the plants. Yet despite that order, the only thing that can be certain about nature, is that it is ever changing. He believes Magic is the same way. He casts Fireball in using the same hand gestures, components and words every single time, yet each effect is different from the last.

He's an item creationist wizard, so he worships Torag as the god of artifice, and Irori as the god of knowledge. He disagrees with a lot of Nethys' teachings, but he respects the god and gives him tribute at every opportunity.

Unfortunately, I've only played my monk on 3 occasions and then we put the campaign on pause, so I haven't really fleshed him out much. I know how I would like him to come out, but his personality can change depending on the events in the campaign.

As a co-DM for my current game, I have no character on the table, but our most popular character, is a former Pharasmin Priest turned heretic, and then became a Cleric of Zyphus.

When the character worshiped Pharasma, he was the group's confidant, listening to their woes and their concerns, even if he didn't have much to reply with. As the campaign wore on, he grew less distant, and opened up more, revealing he agreed to accompany the group on behalf of his church, to protect his family from the predations of Urgathoa's minions who had just finished erecting a nearby grand temple/feast hall.

Having lost exactly what he was fighting for, the character broke down and became a man without guilt nor empathy.

As a cleric of Zyphus, his role of confidant has become it's own monster. When the rest of the party confides in him about their worries or fears, he feeds their paranoia and expresses similar concerns, often driving the other party members to act irrationally. Schadenfreude is his humor, and irony his preferred method of dispatching foes. He's become obsessed with turning everyday objects into minor hazards, and never hesitates to remind people how easy it is to harm themselves with a handheld item should they slip or tumble with it. He took up the violin in order to play his very own funeral dirge which he plays while formulating his methods for causing the death of any particular individual.

Instead of purging the undead, he has become obsessed with asking them questions associated with the manner in which they died, (If they are intelligent) or luring them into positions where they might cause harm. (Such as a single zombie into a dairy where it murdered all the livestock.)

The rest of the party were bluffed into believing his current actions are just a result of his loss or "PTSD." They think he may return to his old self after he "accepts" he had no way to prevent the deaths of his wife and child.

The Cleric is Neutral Evil now, same as his deity, for obvious reasons.

As a result of this character, Zyphus the Grim Harvestman has received a lot of interest at my table which keeps me on the lookout for information on this Minor God for this character's use.

I played a human cleric of Sarenrae for awhile (Borrachio), but I played him with a Keanu Reeves accent so the rest of the party always made jokes that he was a surfer. He was from Absalom but the sad part was that his swim score was actually a penalty because he began life as a pre-gen cleric the GM handed out at the start of the campaign. I did give him some points in Swim when he leveled up, but even then it was a bad score. He was NG like his deity, and strived to follow her example. Mainly I made him follow Sarenrae because I think she's a really cool goddess with her flaming scimitar and flaming hair, and purity and good and light, and all that.

The next character I played was also a worshiper of Sarenrae. A NG dhampir inquisitor named Beruso. His family originally hailed from Ustalav but his mother fled with him to Varisia when he was still an infant, so he grew up in Varisia and was generally treated as a peculiar-looking human, not as some kind of half-undead. His name, Beruso, was that of a vampire in Ustalav that was destroyed years ago (mentioned in Rule of Fear), and the name was given to him specifically because he was a dhampir. He worshiped Sarenrae because he was raised to oppose his undead nature and truth, the sun, and healing are all in opposition to vampires. He worshiped Sarenrae instead of some other gods that oppose undead also because of his light sensitivity, meaning he could directly "observe" the power of Sarenrae by the fact that he's penalized in bright light, which he perceives as the light of Sarenrae attacking the evil of his heritage.

The most recent character I played was back around Halloween and made for a one-shot my GM was running. (I haven't played Pathfinder since, but have been working on a campaign to GM.) That character was also a dhampir, a cleric of Pharasma named Felix. ("Felix the Pharasmin.") I took Pharasma instead of Sarenrae because it was setting-appropriate for Ustalav (where we were gaming in the one-shot), and because she's also opposed to undead. Also, it allowed his alignment to remain ambiguous since Pharasma's true neutral so he could be anywhere on the alignment grid. (He was NG.) That one-shot got cut-short because the GM had to leave early so I got his permission to build my own campaign around the idea of the one-shot (Sen's Pass and Castle Galdyce, werewolves and vampires in Ustalav) and since the GM had said the town cleric (of Pharasma) was missing, I'm setting Felix the dhampir cleric of Pharasma up to be the new NPC cleric when I get around to GMing the stuff I'm working up (primarily hags, haunts, werewolves, and a vamp over-plot--still need to get some ideas for low-level stuff though).

Those are basically all of my Pathfinder/Golarion characters.
Prior to that, in the Forgotten Realms setting, I've played a CG bard/cleric/divine champion of Lathander (NG deity), an NG rogue/fighter/shadowdancer of Selune (CG deity), a CG bard/rogue/divine champion of Sharess (CG deity), a paladin of Kelemvor (LN deity), a NG ranger of Shaundakul (CN deity), a CG rogue/cleric of Sharess (CG deity), a CG cleric of Selune (CG deity), and an NG rogue with no specified religion at the time of the campaign (though it probably would have been Tymora if the DM was using FR pantheon, but the DM didn't really have a pantheon he could hand me for his setting).

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Let's see. I've got a couple.

One character, a half-elf named Ozymandius, worships Calistria for her aspect as a goddess of revenge. You see, this guy was a pretty sheltered kid. He got sent off to study magic when he was fairly young, since his only living "relative" had too much work to look after him, and he had a useful talent in that field anyhow. While there, his only really close friend, an abyssal sorcerer named Bernard, went off to start a life as an adventurer. Only a month later, he got news back that Bernard had been found dead in his inn room after an adventure, his entire party killed, and the magic item they'd been after stolen. No clues as to who took the item could be identified except a faded black rose, left in a puddle of blood in the center of the floor. Ozymandius vowed revenge (pretty harsh revenge, too) for that friend, if he ever found his killer, and as a result, prays to the revenge goddess for the opportunity to strike back. This is partially due to his elven blood (believing that since she's an elven deity, it might help his case), and partially because he doesn't really have any other gods that fit him. To any of those who are interested, his particular choice of vengeance (he's a summoner, btw), is to find the guy, tie him up, and feed him to his eidolon, at which point he'll let him get slowly cooked by the thing's lightning energy attack and the churning of its guts. Ozymandius was never really a very stable guy when his friends were concerned...but then again, Calistria never struck me as a stable goddess...

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Legacy of Fire
Rothep, NG Osirani human fighter, worships Sarenrae both because it's a part of his cultural identity and because what she stands for means a lot to him. He's a former slave taken from his homeland at an early age and sold in Katapesh. He had high ideas about his homeland and native culture before he was freed and returned hom, and was disappointed when he finally got there. He hopes that one day it can live up to the ideal he had built up in his head. Was going to go LG and paladin eventually. Then pugwampis happened and it seems CG barbarian is more likely.

Liath Samathran, LG demon-spawn tiefling paladin worships Iomedae because her clergy practically saved his and his sister's lives and because her ideals and worldview are what keep him going. It took him a while to get to a healthy place inside as far as how he relates to his goddess, but once he finally got there and stopped with the constant guilt-tripping he stepped up and took up her sword and shield. He has a very idealistic view of how the world should be, and in his eyes Iomedae is the path to make that a reality: a better world for everyone, no exceptions, where no child has to experience the horrors he and his sister did. But the crippling guilt and shame of his youth still lingers a bit, making him rather desperate to stay absolutely true to Iomedae's ideals unlike his abusive father, who had more in common with the Burners than a true Iomedaean.

Jade Regent
Auskrem, CG half-orc/half-Shoanti barbarian, reveres a collection of gods, Empyreals, and spirits, following the combined beliefs of his father and mother's respective peoples:

Wandering Star - Desna, for her determination, her percieved role as a guide, her demand to stay true to one's self, and her focus on freedom
Wild Wind - Cayden Cailean, for his bravery, pure heart, and focus on freedom
Burning Angel - Sarenrae, for her stalwart stand for what is right, honesty of spirit, righteous fury, and hope
Old Hunter - Erastil, for his hunting prowess and protection of families
Song of Souls - Shelyn, for she represents much of what's worth fighting for
Lady of Crows - Pharasma, because all meet her at some point, and his ancestors have passed through her hands
Lifegiver - Gozreh, the source of all, a force to be revered and respected
Empyreals - known by their actual names
Maahes the Guardian Beast and Ogma the Champion - Azata Lords from the Bestiary. He percieves Maahes as a monstrous defender that embodies primal rage born out of the need to defend others, and Ogma as an idealized orc hero, embodying all the potential good of that race.
Hawk Totem and other assorted spirits - For all the expected reasons, inherited from his Shoanti mother.

That whole collection he worships fully. He fights for them as a whole and believes they have his back in turn.

Gorum is respected but not really revered as he's far too amoral; Auskrem sees him as battle for its own sake, wheras the gods he actually keeps close fight for something more. He also has a very grudging respect for Torag, but has little patience for that god because of his percieved prejudice against his kind. The mixed signals he's gotten from actual Torag worshippers hvesn't really helped, especially since most of those he's met expect him to be ashamed of his orc blood when he was raised his entire life to be proud of it, along with his Shoanti blood.

Carrion Crown
Vinorec, CG Varisian celestial sorcerer pays token reverence to Pharasma, the favored deity of most of his family(and thus the party), but openly and fully worships Desna because what she represents actually means something to him. Restless and romantic at heart. Very moral and generally a "live and let live" kind of guy. Truly believes the night and places off the beaten path should be sources of wonder for people, not danger and and horror. A complete xenophile in that regard.

Damn you Mikaze, you have a very similar idea to mine, what with both of us having a Demon-spawn Tiefling character who also happens to be a Paladin of Iomedae!! :D

Anyway, so far I've only played two characters so far, so I'll mention them here.

Emilia, a NG Half-Elf (Keleshite) Cleric of Sarenrae whose family had been killed by the local gnolls. She was raised in a small orphanage in Shiman-Sekh founded and owned by a priest of Sarenrae named Darek alongside his elf friend, a forlorn named Al'naria. Emilia grew up with the goddess' teachings, and took up the mantle of Cleric when Darek passed away. Leaving the orphanage behind after giving them quite a bit of monetary aid, she left on a journey to Absalom. Headstrong, energetic and somewhat stubborn, Emilia is a believer in doing good who might be preachy at times, but prefers to lead by good example in most cases.

(The first version of this character was made for 3.5e when I first started playing D&D/Pathfinder, and in that world her personality was more or less the same, but she worshipped Pelor instead of Sarenrae. I didn't need to change much to convert her to Pathfinder at least when it came to something else than stats.)

Fiona Vasile, a CG Changeling (Varisian father, Green Hag mother) Tattooed Sorceress (Accursed Bloodline) who worships Desna. She was adopted by the Vasile family of Varisians, who accepted her as a true Varisian in spite of her unusual looks and origin. While she spent most of her time listening to the elder's tales of their people as well as learning the art of Harrowing (and sorcery) from her, she had also become religious thanks to the influence of her adoptive parents (whom she was forced to part with thanks to her jealous siblings and her Hag mother). Soft-spoken and shy, Fiona has trouble approaching strangers (and sometimes trusting them), which usually means that she kind of clings to the friends she already has. While she believes in luck and omens, fate is something a person makes for his/herself in her opinion.

(The Paladin and the Gunslinger that she hangs out with don't seem to have a problem with her, but the party Fighter seems to be slightly annoyed by her antics, especially when he told her to run and she instead tried to rescue him. She's been trying to convince an evil-doer to change his ways, but the results have so far been inconclusive.)

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Most of my players worship Cayden Caylian because he's a drunk and they're lazy with their RP. Desna is a close second because its a good aligned cthululand goddess and is all about freedom and the stars, etc.

Current Campaign (Past & Present PC's):
Cayden: 4
Desna: 3
Atheist: 1
Venerate but no worship: 1

I only got to play PFRPG on the pretty side of the GM screen once so far, but I went through a number of characters (first died in a TPK, second was replaced because the GM felt her overpowered, third was only a temporary character that i had built beforehand which I used until the fourth sprang into action):

1. Terynn, Gnome Summoner: He was a slightly crazy character who believed his Eidolon was just an imaginary friend (actually he shaped the eidolon after his imaginary friend from his childhood). Going that route he also worshipped an imaginary deity called Dugong, Lord of the Seas and all Things Watery.
Terynn himself had noting to do with the Sea or water in general.

2. Karyd, Human Ranger (Beastmaster): Karyd fostered a small band of raptors, two velociraptors and a Microraptor to be precise. She grew up with them and eventually came to worship Dugong, the Raptor King.

3. Eepo (self titled "Raging Dragon"), Kobold Barbarian: This character kicked surprising amounts of asses considering the absolutely unfitting race class combination. He wasn't supposed to be as useful as he turned out to be. He called himself the Raging Dragon, who had great respect for chromatic dragons and by extension worshipped Dahak.

4. Bakemono Akki, Goblin Samurai: Being of the order of the Warrior Akki only held the Lord of clan Bakemono in high regard.

I might just put a cult of Dugong into the campaign i'm planning. and they will all have completely different reasons for worshipping him and can't come to a consensus about his portfolio.

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Most of my characters tend to be Iomedae worshippers, whether or not they're a paladin, since she's the god of the things I enjoy the most: justice, honor, etc. My Carrion Crown character, Morcaine of Grayce, is an Inquisitor of her.

The only character I've had that wasn't an Iomedean is my most recent creation, Disira. She's a sorcerer I'm playing in a Serpent's Skull game, of the Serpentine bloodline. She technically worships Asmodeus, but only insofar as is legally required, since her parents are nobles in Cheliax. Disira herself doesn't really care what the gods think.

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Marv the Barbacue King-Abadar- He is a half orc who yearns to go 'respectable', to be part of civilization. He has set up an Orcish Barbacue resturaunt in Absolan and wishes to marry off his two sisters. He's neutral because sometimes he bends the rules but because he is not socially accepted, but he wants to be.

Ariel Aren- Green Faith- Ari grew up in rural northern Andoran with her human father, a rancher. Being a half elf she was somewhat alienated her from her human community. As an alternative, she felt very at home in the natural world around her, especially with her pet 'chicken' Bertie.

Eliese Velune-Zyphus- This Bone Oracle, well her brother was killed and absorbed into Zyphus, but he really cared about his sister. So he (the god) now always watches out for her, for example, letting the seventeen people between her and a noble title suffer sudden accidental deaths. That he has romantic feelings for her is a little creepy. But what can a girl do when faced with a god of accidental death.

Allotheria the Not Dead. Being imprisioned/preserved in the first world for a century is just the thing to give you sorcerous abilities to this gnome. The fact that he came back not dead and has traveled far and come back, something he's thankful to Desna for.

Andrea Greenholt-Witch-Carrion Crown AP

Andrea worships Shelyn because despite all the things that have happened in her life she still believes in finding her One True Love.She also venerates Pharasma in her role as a Midwife

Heather Whiteraven..Air Elemental Sorceress..CoCT AP

Heather tends to pray to whichever god she feels fits the situation so I guess she is a pantheist

Marius Goddon-Fighter-Council of Thieves Ap

Marius follows the path of Cayden Cailen believing in the ultimate freedom of the individual...and it gets him girls

Melissa Evendale-Swashbuckler Rogue-Skulls and Shackles AP

Mel tries not to think about the gods too much..she has a strong aversion to authority figures having been brought up in a strict Church of Sarenrae Orphanage. Whilst she believes they exist she also believes the gods don't really care whether you pray to them or not.

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Pathfinder Characters I've played, online or off;

Albina Mariposa – Cleric of Asmodeus, Asmodeus was pretty much the default choice for this Way of the Wicked campaign, but I was intrigued with the idea of a cleric of Asmodeus long before (and even submitted Albina for a Council of Thieves game!).

Ankara – Barbarian (Cayden and Calistria), for a Council of Thieves game, those two felt 'barbarian-ish' to me, for a character who wasn't a member of a traditional 'barbarian culture' like the Shoanti, Kellids or Ulfen (this guy was from a coastal village of Azlanti-descended Chels with a strong 'Innsmouth look...').

Garand Stone-of-the-Moon – Druid (Erastil), a Shoanti Bear-Shaman, who reveres Erastil as 'the Horned Hunter' which pretty much flouts what Shoanti are supposed to believe in.

Iacobus Gildenpalm – Bard (Razmir), he's a Bard, mechanically, but a priest of Razmir, through and through.

Lianth of Mist Lake – Druid (Erastil), for a couple of ill-fated Crypt of the Everflame games. I picked Erastil solely for the longbow proficiency, because I am a terrible min-maxer. :)

Marak Quan – Cleric of Nethys, for a Rise of the Runelords game. Fascinated by Thassilonion architecture, language and magical lore, and his own distant Varisian heritage, Nethys was the logical choice.

Marius Acacius Aquila – Druid (Asmodeus), a Chelaxian 'helltamer,' obsessed with fiendish ecologies, and how the terrestrial environment will have to adapt (or perish) as 'hell comes to earth.'

Mordecai – Cleric of Urgathoa, for a Second Darkness campaign, a former thrall in Geb, escaped alive through the grace of the Pallid Princess, and seeking out his own undead ascencion.

N’goka of Omekai – Druid (Erastil), another 'Horned Hunter' worshipping Druid, who serves a more primal aspect of Erastil.

Nikolae – Summoner (Desna), I don't even remember why he chose Desna. Perhaps because of his 'dreamer' aspect and his Varisian ancestry.

Piet the Hagboi – Witch (Desna), for a Carrion Crown game, in which Urgathoa worship was out of the question, and Pharasma is a spiteful creature I find appallingly judgmental, leaving me with Desna as the only Ustalavan goddess that seems like her followers would be able to function in that AP.

Radu Stanislav – Cleric of Abadar (Prophecies of the Kalistrade), I love, love, LOVE the idea of playing a Prophet of the Kalistocracy. Cleric of Abadar seemed the only real fit. Meant for a Kingmaker game, in which the PC was working to establish the new kingdom as a Kalistocracy-friendly place.

Servayn Krolz – Summoner (Calistria, Gorum and Erastil), gained some training in a temple of Gorum as part of his backstory (to tie in with other characters and fit his Ease of Faith trait), more interested in Calistria (being a somewhat self-absorbed fellow, and prone to saying things like 'Calistria's Honeyed Thighs!' as an expression), and most recently turning to an appreciation of both the benevolent and orderly aspects of Erastilian doctrine, as he matures).

Shadrach Sandwalker – Druid (the Green Faith), oh wow, I have a Druid who *didn't* revere Erastil for the free longbow proficiency! What was I thinking? :)

Sollus Cornelian – Cleric of Abadar, I don't even remember. Curse of the Crimson Throne, perhaps. It was definitely my intent to make a character ideally suited for a city campaign.

Violant Aurori – Cleric of Calistria, another Second Darkness cleric, for a game in which evil was not an option. She fit the theme, she fit the location, and I had a lot of fun with her, for the short time it lasted.

Zarabeta – Wizard / Conjuror (Irori), very lawful, very practical, very much into improving herself. Nethys might be a more thematic 'wizard-god,' but she sees his destructive non-lawful aspects as irresponsible and the whole dualistic / divided thing as a sign of weakness or indecision.

I tend to be a contrarian, when picking a diety choice. I remember reading once that Monte Cook designed the Rage Mage Prestige Class after reading a rule that said 'a character may not cast spells while in a rage' and thought to himself 'why the hell not? I'm gonna design a character that does exactly that!'

Being told that X 'won't work,' or that Y would be the best choice, I walk straight away from Y and give X a good long look, to see if I can make X work.

Golarion has a few very popular gods that seem to be designed to be the 'easy choice' or the 'obvious choice,' with Iomedae, Sarenrae, Pharasma and Milani at the top of the pile. I knee jerk against the 'obvious choice.'

Still, I'm not a *total* contrarian. I've got zero interest in disruptive diety choices that seem like they'd never play well with others, like Rovagug. I prefer the 'interesting' choice or the non-intuitive choice to the 'now you're just being difficult!' choice. :)

Tirri Djavasti - NG Half-Elf Bard - CotCT

Tirri is a fairly devout follower of Shelyn, but I was originally drawn to the concept of Shelyn presented in this Golariopedia entry. It incorporates some expansion on the Goddess' character taken from a fabulous messageboard thread that wasn't covered in Gods and Magic. Tirri is a die-hard optimist and she embraces the notion of sharing beauty with the rest of the world, as well as the implication that anyone can be redeemed. Her faith has led to some wonderfully complex RP with the Zon-Kuthonite NPC's!

Jahlenn Ne'Zareck - NG Kellid, haunted Oracle of Battle - Kingmaker

A brand, spankin' new character, Jahlenn has not been extensively play-tested yet. She has been claimed by Gorum and tasked with destroying the demon that slaughtered her entire tribe. Gorum is not a kind god, and Jahlenn is tormented by the angry spirits of her tribe who howl for vengeance and release. She is very bitter that Gorum failed to help her tribe until the last member (save for her) had been struck down, and she refers to him as "our rat-bastard Lord in Iron". Gorum laughs at her and is entertained by her outrage and (so-far) feeble attempts to gain enough battle prowess to go back and avenge her tribe. If she ever does, I suspect she will turn to another deity (probably Sarenrae as the goddess of redemption) and attempt to serve a greater good in a different capacity.

Valssha - CN Tiefling Fighter - CoT

Valssha is a follower of Calistria, but pretty much in name only. She is utterly non-devout and essentially follows a deity in order to have some colorful swearing options. ;)

Overall, I like to choose a deity that gives a given character extra depth to an already existent personality. Having a given canon to follow also allows for enrichment in RP when a PC's opinion can collide with that of a given religion. Level of devotion can vary greatly, and can change according to many factors, thereby allowing for some epic RP sub-plots and richer storytelling!

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Set wrote:
Mordecai – Cleric of Urgathoa, for a Second Darkness campaign, a former thrall in Geb, escaped alive through the grace of the Pallid Princess, and seeking out his own undead ascencion.

I loved Mordecai! Such a beautifully written back story; such a walking Three Stooges prat fall in game.

Sort of a munchkin reason for picking it, but my inquisitor wanted to gain War/Tactics domain, but didn't want to evil or lawful. Besmara, the Queen of Pirates has War (thus Tactics) as available domains, plus she's CN, so this allows me to play one-step away for a CG inquisitor.

Roleplaying-wise, this choice has given me the inspiration to seek situations where the dominating authorities are cruelly lawful or evil preying on the good. In only situations like that, my inquisitor seeks to instigate wars - organize and sponsor freedom fighters. Starting rumors, slanders against authorities, anything to cause wars, rebellions and conflicts of any kind. In war, pirates can more easily prey on either side, so Besmara is happy. I only start wars that could improve the situations on the weak and the good, my character is happy.

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Kraven Beastmoor-Fighter in RotRL.
He wasn't very religious guy. He may have prayed fortune to the battle form Gorum and he thanked Abadar (somehow?) for the loot. But mostly he was so greedy person that he didn't care about the gods. Big meh.

Ocham the Quak-Necromancer in CotCT.
Ocham didn't really worship anybody, but he kinda believed that Aroden still lives (and visited the old temple of Aroden in Korvosa frequently)and by the end of the campaign he openly worships Aroden. Even though his kinda dead.

Rhaegos Gathos-Fighter/rogue in CC.
Another meh. Almost literally pisses on gods. Not an atheist, but believes that prayers doesn't mean anything to the gods.

Yeah, not very religious guys. My yet-to-come-characters in Jade Regent, Legacy of Fire and Kingmaker will be more religious.

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My Pathfinder Society characters:

Mash - Barbarian - Descended from a long line of paladins of Aroden and Iomedae, he rebelled against his religious training as a youth, because he just wanted to have fun fighting stuff without all the rules and prayer that he considered boring. He's intentionally anti-religious by choice, but he's actually got Gorum's personality and just doesn't know it (CN war god who loves a good fight and doesn't care whose side he's on).

Sister Isabella - Mash's sister - LG cleric of Sarenrae. Still respects the family's traditional patrons (Aroden and Iomedae), and follows the family's alignment because that's how she was brought up. But she was drawn to Sarenrae's softer side as the goddess of redemption. I kinda intended for her to develop an attitude eventually of breaking rules once in a while for the greater good, and shift her alignment from LG to NG to match her goddess, but the role playing opportunities for that just haven't come up yet, and she's already level 5.

Corin LaDrock- NG archer bard. Corin was born a slave, beaten regularly by his owner as a small child, and freed around 9 years old, which defines much of his world view. Needless to say, he's in the Andoran faction, despite never having been to their country. Not a devout follower of any one god, but respects all of the non-evil gods and regularly tells stories of their greatness (his primary performance type is storytelling). Routinely thanks Cayden Cailean for his freedom, Nethys for his magical ability, Shelyn for his artistic talent, and Erastil for his talent with a bow.

Seamus Luckleaf - CG Halfling cleric of Desna. He's got the typical halfling wanderlust, and was always known to be extra lucky, even by halfling standards. Desna sent him a dream encouraging him to wander the world helping others, spreading the luck around, and encouraging others to follow their dreams. He's been her cleric ever since.

Yzarctihstab Garblenarf - CN half-crazed gnome sorcerer. I can't see him being intentionally religious, but he may be an unintentionally devout followers of the ways of Nethys. They both just love magic and aren't that picky about what it's used for.

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Allistair Torquemada - LN Cleric of Asmodeus
Played in a group with a paladin of Iomede and the two made an awesome team.

Torquemada hunts sentient undead, especially those that deliberately tranformed themselves.

When an evil person dies, their soul belongs in Hell. Avoiding this fate by becoming undead is mincing words with the master of contracts and he won't stand for it. I was responsible for maintaining the status quo.

Every diety has multiple aspects and I think it's better to focus on one than try to encompass all of them. Each diety also has worshippers within one alignment step on each axis. By matching my diety, my chosen aspect and my alignment, my character's philosophical foundation is more stable. This makes them much more real to me.

It's also a lot of fun to make a character that people expect to be one way and then completely surprise them. The paladin character was made before mine and there were many conversations about how my character would splinter the group. Never happened.

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Zane, my CG pyromaniac gnome alchemist, follows Sarenrae in her aspect as fire goddess.

We actually have a cleric of Sarenrae in the party, but a combination of Zane's disrespect for authority, and the player seldom roleplaying the cleric's "piety" (and concentrating on the healing aspects when he does), means Zane doesn't have any especial respect for the cleric.

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The black raven wrote:

So, who do your characters worship ? Why ?

My present character, a Neutral monk, is torn between Asmodeus (an overly oppressive dick) and Calistria (stereotypical psychob@#!~). Both of them like to have a good time, but they take it to extremes.

Diabhol wrote:
The black raven wrote:

So, who do your characters worship ? Why ?

My present character, a Neutral monk, is torn between Asmodeus (an overly oppressive dick) and Calistria (stereotypical psychob@+%@). Both of them like to have a good time, but they take it to extremes.

Playing a Martial Artist monk?

Arsinoe: Ifrit bard (Dawnflower dervish) Obviously Sarenrae, as it is a requirement for the archetype. I thought the two would go great together (and the character uses several flame-themed spells, some from other class lists, other reflavored. GM'as permission required of course)

Grimm: Human Inquisitor of Gorum Basically chosen because I wanted a non-evil heavy hitter with both a nasty weapon and a decent granted power from his domain. Gorum was the option that gave the best of both.

Airlia: Human Witch from our now-complete Kingmaker campaign. The whole party pretty much followed Asmodeus, as we were feeling the itch to play a party of very bad people.

Most of the other characters I have played weren't very religious, so the deity was really just a name on the character sheet.

Sovereign Court

Monk - Irori. My fists of fury will not be contained! despite their lack of buffs thx to AoMF restrictive costs.

The Exchange

i have a cleric of pharasma in Council of Theives, we are like the goth kid rebellion
In Kingmaker my zen archer reveres the god of all bowmen

My current game isn't set on Golarion and my character isn't real big on "worship" the way Pathfinder understands it, but his ethos is pretty much stuck between Irori and Abadar.

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The NPC wrote:
Diabhol wrote:
The black raven wrote:

So, who do your characters worship ? Why ?

My present character, a Neutral monk, is torn between Asmodeus (an overly oppressive dick) and Calistria (stereotypical psychob@+%@). Both of them like to have a good time, but they take it to extremes.

Playing a Martial Artist monk?

Yeah, I couldn't resist the siren song of Weapon Specialization. :)

wraithstrike wrote:
I normally ignore deities since my characters are almost never deeply religious. ...

^ that pretty much. I put Desna on my last two guys sheets, just to not have an empty blank.

My rogue before that worshipped them all. He had all their holy symbols and said the occasional prayer to them (just like that annoying twit in the Mummy. and my guy died to undead too.. hrm.)


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Sanakht Inaros worships Wadjet. All other gods are foreign entities introduced to enslave the true sons and daughters of Osirion. This is from a character that will not talk to anyone who doesn't speak Osirion. Nor does he adventure outside of the country anymore. Racist, cocky, annoying, and easily the character I have the most fun with.

My character in Carrion Crown follows Desna in her role as a traveler.

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Sanakht Inaros wrote:
Sanakht Inaros worships Wadjet. All other gods are foreign entities introduced to enslave the true sons and daughters of Osirion.

Awesome choice. Wadjet, Apep and Khepri are all fascinating, and feel much more 'Osirioni' than Sarenrae, Pharasma, Nethys, Rovagug, etc. IMO.

And since they haven't really been fleshed out, in-canon, you can flesh out details yourself, which is fun.

Scarab Sages

It just made a lot of sense for him, seeing as how very pro-Osirion he is. He has also beome one of The Risen Guard. Next step: become The Constant.

My fighter Holly worships Shelyn due to her life having been saved by one of Shelyn's paladins when she was a child. That particular paladin is now one of her best friends, and is another PC in the same party as her (the human/samsaran age differences means the samsaran Paladin remained in adulthood for decades, while Holly went through her childhood and teenage years in that time and essentially "caught up".)

My bard Kotone worships Desna. She's a professional mercenary, but her family is a line of fortune tellers, and worship of Desna has always been the case among her lineage.

And my mystic theurge Nairi follows the green faith. The divine half of her theurge powers come from druidism, but Nairi grew up in Tian Xia, where druids were mostly unknown and she tried (and failed) to master pretty much every other type of arcane, divine, and martial fighting style before finding out about druids. She thinks of the gods as having ignored her despite her attempts at being a cleric. The arcane half of her theurge power eventually developed as celestial-bloodlined sorcery due to a part she played in a battle between angels and fiends, but she sees that as thanks for her help in that battle, and not as an apology for being let down in the past. She eventually came to acknowledge the gods and their power, but not to worship any, preferring nature.

The character I was going to play is Mavis, the summoner, a young half-elf originating from Ustalav who is a devote follower of both Shelyn and (after tragedy struck) Iomedae. His reason for adventuring is to restore the life of his dead childhood friend, Yuin, so that he may fulfill his promise of seeing the world together with her. Yuin died during their very first act as adventurers, which was to take a boat downstream into Avalon Bay. During the night, a thick fog rolled in, and the undead clawed their way up from the depths of the river onto the ship. The two of them fought bravely, but Yuin was killed and her body lost to the rapidly rushing waters. Distraught over the loss of his closest friend, he attempted to use his very first eidolon summons to bring her back to life in a new body. The attempt was a failure - for everything the eidolon had in common with Yuin, there was at least one thing different, and even though it possessed many of Yuin's memories, it lacked Yuin's heart. Now as he travels he prays to the goddesses of love and justice that he may find a way to return the life stolen from his most dear friend, all the while trying to understand the being that he has brought into existence.

On a side note, he absolutely hates Pharasma, whom he blames for the spectacular failure that was his (first) attempt to bring Yuin back to life. From his perspective, all his calculations were spot on, and the only way that he could have failed was by some supernatural intervention (most likely on Pharasma's part).

Even though I mention that he is a devote follower, I think roughly half the characters I make are neutral when it comes to deities. Unless it plays an important part in the character's back story or traits, I usually don't talk of deities too much.

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Actually this brought up a question for me... I'll get to it at the end of my post.

Imari Shiverscar: Curse of the Crimson Throne, CG gnome bard, follower of Shelyn. Imari was a prostitute in Korvosa, addicted to the drug called shiver. When she hit rock bottom, she found vibrance, colour, love, and beauty with the followers of Shelyn. She picked herself back up and threw herself into the pursuit of beauty, music, and saving those on a path of self-destruction. She started a salon to elevate her friends still on the streets and became a huge patron of local musicians, artists, and courtesans.

Omnom Striker: Kingmaker, LG half-orc ranger, follower of Sarenrae. Twin brother to Blayde, LG half-orc paladin, follower of Sarenrae. Omnom was raised by church of Sarenrae, an orphan abandoned on their steps. While he appreciates the teachings of her followers, he finds himself rarely turning to the heavens for guidance or direction. He leaves the religious claptrap of tithes, holy days, scripture, and so on to his brother and gets on with the practical business of making the world a safer place from evil.

*As of yet unnamed*: Legacy of Fire, CN elf gunslinger, follower of Calistria. This character is still in development, but I want to draw on old cowboy movie tropes about tracking down men that have done wrong and delivering retribution, regardless of the law. So he'll definitely be a follower of Calistria's vengeance aspect.

So here's a question: My first Golarion character was a 3.5 NG Tibbit Druid (from the Dragon Compendium) in Rise of the Runelords. His initial deity was "The Cat Lord" as is described in the book. Eventually he moved towards becoming an avatar of holy vengeance against the evils cropping up everywhere around Sandpoint, and there were some pretty atrocious evils. I moved into the Book of Exalted Deeds and became a Lion of Talasid, justifying it by saying Talasid and the Cat Lord were aspects of one another. So in keeping with the lore of Golarion, who would appropriate facsimiles be for my former character to praise?

Hrm, my scouring of the archives here has dug out this fantastic thread, and really, it would be a sin not to cast raise dead thread and bring it lurching back to life.

Here are the PCs from my longest running (and currently active) games, along with my very first PFS character. While I've always taken care chosing and playing up my deity, I'm currently going through a huge "cleric phase", and just want to play as many as possible.

Iscarel Fallenleaf, Calistria:
A bitter, jaded elf that had fallen from grace for Second Darkness. I had him a deserter and exile after a green dragon attacked his village of Crying Leaf and roasted his friends alive (the same dragon from Shalelu's backstory!) and turned to petty cruelty, lust and overindulgence in sour Riddleport wine. As the most prominent deity in the city, Calistria was the natural choice, and my elf bard was one of the parties two "priests" of Calistria in the party.

Lucon, Shelyn:
A soft-spoken carpenter and family man for Council of Thieves, I wanted him to have a much more capable wife, a cleric of Shelyn and ex-revolutionary (who my GM has adopted and ran fantastically). I actually had a lot of fun inventing the shrine to Shelyn in the gardens of an abandoned Wiscrani villa, knowing it was exactly the kind of place to make the lady of my own weak at the knees. My carpenter wants to protect the most beautiful thing in his life, and rebuild the city into a place of beauty and grandeur. A less religious man than most of my PCs, but I feel like its a good fit all the same.

Bastagar Swiftthicket, The Lantern King:
My gnome arcane trickster for Reign of Winter is a half-bleached, half-mad creature that haunts villages and steals to survive, and may or may not perform dark bloody rituals to the eldest in the cold wood, for dark powers and to steal back his youth. I have him worship the "Lantern King", who he provides with stolen trinkets and the ocassional bloody sacrifice. Chickens, mostly. Probably no newborns. I was sure to choose a trickster god who would likely not actually provide anything in return for the gnome (though I plan on taking my first sorcerer level accompanied by a sneaky sacrifice in the night). In fact he may not be worshipping the god at all, but a particularly tricksy pixie profiting off the old wretch's madness.

Young Harrol, Iomedae:
My newest character and first PFS offering is a halfling cleric of Iomedae. I've always wanted to play a hard-nosed crusader of the goddess, but reading into her I ended up taking an entirely different direction. My halfling is small and unassuming, dressed in a pilgrims clothes and using flung stones as his main weapon (magic stone being most of his damage). His ceremonial longsword is gathering dust over a mantlepiece somewhere, and his sole valuable posession is the heavy silver holy symbol around his neck. He fights the good fight against evil just as fiercly as his undead-smiting, orc-hewing, demon-mashing peers on the frontier, despite not exactly looking the part. The "Acts of Iomedae" are essentially the most badass holy text on the market, and Harrol has grown up with it as the only book in his family's possession, he knows it back to front. I'm trying to play him as a traditionally religious type, quoting scripture, saying grace (whilst casting purify food and drink), and wearing nothing but his faith as armour. It's proving more challenging than I'd ever expected, but I think I may succeed in making a halfling interesting...

And from the GM chair for Rise of the Runelords I had an enormous amount of fun playing up the role of Desna in the campaign, through prophetic dreams, omens, shooting stars and swallowtail butterflies.

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My wizard is from Cheliax, but he tends toward the philosophy of Rahadoum. He doesn't seek to deny people the right to worship, he just believes that there are too many strings attached to anything you get from the gods. He would like to see Cheliax becomes a more tolerant version of Rahadoum, where people are allowed to worship (except Asmodeus) and generally free to do as they will.

Since this thread has been re-animated, I too shall throw in a bit about my characters and their religious beliefs.

Kyle O'Halloran -

Being from our world, he's an Irish Catholic boy, which means he hadn't given his faith much thought in years. Now that he's stuck on Golarion, however, it's something that he has been giving much consideration.

Aurora Calwen -

She was raised to worship Abadar, but as she was an isolated child with little emphasis given to her religious education except on holidays when she had to participate to save face for the family, she doesn't place much emphasis on who precisely she worships, giving due respect to a number of good and lawful gods. At some point, she will likely go through a bit of a crisis of faith and finally decide on one god or goddess she venerates above others, though that is dependent on how events unfold in our RotRL campaign as I need something to trigger it.

Lillian Promeio(character from a dead campaign who may return if we ever run Way of the Wicked) -

She doesn't believe gods are worthy of worship. She respects that they are beings of power, but if a drunkard can become a god, she doesn't see any reason that any of them should be worthy of her adulation.

Silver Crusade

Seriously considering having my tiefling paladin's faith evolve into a reverence of Iomedae, Shelyn, and Sarenrae as a sort of trinity. All three combined really seem to support the romanticized vision of the knight he actually wants to become. You've got your shining knight ideal, the redemptive spirit, and everything worth fighting for. That's gonna be one complicated code though.

Chronicles of the Righteous might still throw some monkeywrenches into that too.

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Among my 20+ group of regular players, it's Cayden, Cailistria and Norgorber mostly. Yes, they do like to do whatever they want and get away with it.

One NPC, Ostov Dolgrim worshiped Shelyn. Due in no small part to his venomously disowning him when his Black Blood manifested and he found his Demon hide ability activating. He sought love and family.

Another NPC, Arunj, doesn't so much worship Gozreh as Gozreh is his direct superior. He is the Spirit of Garund and the NPC for mythic run of Serpent's Skull I am running.

Yet another NPC, this one an unfettered eidolon. Venerated Gorum becuase he was the eidolon of a Blood God Disciple who worshiped Gorum but died in Magnimar. His battle cry was "For Kifah and our Lord in Iron!"

I have a character who tries to convert everyone to follow Chaldira Zuzaristan. He was already able to convert one of my other characters, and a second one is in progress.

Because Chaldira gives out the greatest powers there are, even cheating death itself.

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Heh. So I'm sitting here reading this thread, and didn't even realize it was a necro'd thread that I'd already responded to, with details on my first 5 PFS characters, until I got to my post. I've created a bunch more since then, so I'll talk about them now.

Azkadellia - My other sorcerer. Like Yzarctihstab, I can't picture her being even remotely religious. Her current alignment is true neutral, but I think of her as NE waiting to happen. This is my borderline evil PC.

Qassir - Halfling dervish swordsman from Qadira. One level of Dawnflower Dervish bard, then rogue until he qualifies for the Halfling Opportunist prestige class at level 6 (currently 4th level). Obviously worships Sarenrae, in the typical Qadiran desert dweller's sun worshiping way, more than her softer, redemptive and healing side. NG alignment

Norowareta "Gorjo" Nagagorjo - Nagaji battle oracle with the tongues curse that makes him speak Infernal in times of stress and/or combat. He grew up wanting to be a generic NPC warrior, but his curse got him banished from his home village in Nagajor, and he hates it for ruining his life. Because he speaks Infernal from his curse, he thinks it's devils that cursed him, and he hates them all, along with the gods for allowing it. But it was actually Iomedae who chose him because of his great strength and noble heart, knowing that his curse would lead him to wander more of the world than he would have otherwise and potentially become a great adventurer and warrior for good. He's LN right now, because he's so distrustful of the world around him, but holds himself to high standards of honor, but I'm planning to transition him to LG eventually.

Catherine Brightsword - Paladin of Iomedae, sister of Mash and Isabella (described in my earlier post). Just really wants to prove that she can smite the forces of evil as well as the 6 generations of male paladins of Aroden and Iomedae she's descended from.

Erikenzira "Erik" Mensah - Worships knowledge more than gods. He's a Lore Warden fighter with high intelligence and an emphasis on knowledge skills, which is why he chose to join the Osirion faction in the Society, even though that's not where he's originally from. I haven't pondered any religious choice for him. True neutral alignment.

Kelladorf Wizzlefarb - Gnome prankster bard. CG alignment - enjoys chaos and pranks, but only so far as they make people laugh. Doesn't want to piss anyone off. His goal in life is to spread laughter in the world, so I put him in the Silver Crusade, just to play against type. Doesn't have a specific religion, but I could see him respecting Shelyn, Desna, and Cayden Cailean as laid back, good gods.

Yenos Panoveer - Elven wizard. A true worshiper of Nethys - he worships magical power above all else, and isn't too concerned with what it's used for. Joined the Pathfinder Society to acquire more power. I haven't actually played him yet, even though he's level 2 on GM credits, so I'm still pondering details like his alignment and religion. I'll probably go true neutral with him, though LN is a possibility, too. I put him in the Cheliax faction, because it was the last faction I didn't have a PC in, so I figure he sees the wisdom in using devils for their power. So I was considering making him LN and having him pay lip service to worship of Asmodeus, even though he's primarily a Nethys follower.

Unnamed new PC that I'm considering - CN kitsune pirate, worshiper of Besmara, the pirate queen. I'm thinking of going ninja/cleric of Besmara as a mix, just to see how it works out, but I haven't decided which will be the primary class and which will be secondary, or if I'd go for an even split.

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Here is hoping that my fellow players don't come on and read this.

My current character has three gods that he worships in some form or another.

Slight Spoilers for the Legacy of Fire game.

Cosimo Anwar Svarog Vardishal Zeki:

Legacy of Fire game

He is a ratfolk, and was born in the Katapesh, Makram ratfolk community. That community heavily worshiped Abadar, and because of his white fur he was groomed to be a leader in that community. That meant that he was brought up to handle and lead some of the worship of Abadar in his community.

But he belongs to the Witch class. He couldn't cast spells, which white fur ratfolk are expected to do. That is where Sivanah comes in and become his patron. Now he leads a cult of Sivanah in Katapesh, which has only made things more complicated with his party when one of her enemies showed up and offered to help the party.

Lastly, he became infused with a portion of the spirit of Vardishal, a saint of Sarenrae. He often agrees with the party's Paladin of Sarenrae at odd times, and has shown respect for Sarenrae in ways that he hasn't for other gods.

He uses many god's names in vain as creative swear words, but has been reluctant to do so with the three above. Of the three, he is most loyal to Sivanah and will do anything to serve her. With Abadar, he respects him and gives money to his church. With Sarenrae, he actually finds a great deal of conflict between her and Sivanah. He has built up a community in Kalmarane in Vardishal's name that worships her, but now that he understands he has a part of Vardishal in him he tries to avoid worshiping her too much.

Why is worshiping both Sivanah and Sarenrae not good? Sarenrae is all about sun worship, and her doctrine is all about light and living in it. Sivanah is about shadow, shade, and illusions. In fact, there was an inquisition in the name of Sarenrae against a cult of Sivanah. They just don't mix.

Deities my characters have worshiped: Sarenrae, Iomidae, Torag, Pharesma.

Deities I have concepts for religious characters: Brigh (A gnome summoner who has his eidolon appear as a clockwork human and sees it as a gift from Brigh to carry out her will), Nyarlathotep (If I ever participate in an evil campaign, I want to be a cleric of the Crawling Chaos himself),and Alseta (An elvish wizard who focuses on teleportation)

Anastriana Nailo - Iomedae; Ana is an elf who was rescued from slavery by a paladin of the Inheritor and has since dedicated her life to the goddess. Even though she's trained as a wizard rather than a more martial or divine servant of the goddess, she is dedicated and committed to living up to the ideals and code of the paladin who freed her many years ago.

Elincia Shassasol - None; Elincia is a half-elf barbarian raised by the Shoanti. She has little use for gods as they haven't seemed to have done her any favors in life. She does have a little respect for Gorum and Cayden Cailean, as they seem to share her general outlook on life, but her true moral compass is her sister (who's a cavalier; it was a separated at birth story a fellow player and I worked up together). Elincia knows she needs some sort of direction to keep her rage and capacity for violence in check, but she'd rather trust her sister than some distant and uninterested deity.

Kesmid - Calistria; Kesmid is a half-elf in Katapesh. Her father, the elf, abandoned her mother before she was born, and her human grandparents never really forgave her for that. They decided all elves must be morally faulty and therefore Kesmid was doomed to be a disappointment. Kesmid reacted by rebelling against them at every opportunity. When on a family trip from their small city into Katapesh the city, she managed to slip away from her grandparents and meet some elves. One of them was an elderly follower of Calistria who was delighted to teach Kesmid about the goddess and even gave her a copy of the Book of Joy. What began as a teenage rebellion quickly became something more. Kesmid has wholeheartedly accepted the Savored Sting's teachings, believing that romantic love is illusory and self-destructive, and instead lives for the pleasure of the moment (and revenge on those who wrong her).

Liberty's Edge

Here are a couple of my more strongly religious sorts...

Aerynne Linnaea - Desna; she's a CG half-elf wild caller summoner with strong links to the fey (she may not be as 'elven' as she thinks!). Her father was a human Desnan priest. He was often absent from her life, following the callings of his goddess and spending much of his time travelling the world, and left her to be raised by her aunt and uncle in a small farming community in southern Brevoy. However, those times when he made his way back home to see her were shining moments of her life, and she absorbed a lot of what he said to her and taught her as fundamental aspects of her character. She believes in supporting diversity and not judging one for their past sins, as well as wanting everyone to experience as much as they can in their life and never restricting one's choices by tradition or presumption. She's a restless soul and constantly itches to travel; she's more at home on the back of her horse, Brambles, with none but her long-time companion Cadeyrn to accompany her, than she is in any town or city. Her links to the fey and her lack of knowledge of her mother and her elven heritage drives her to explore her own soul and self as well.

Calanthe Rossa - Pharasma; she's a NG tiefling hedge witch with the soul seer trait (deathwatch at-will) who I consider a white necromancer. Her mother, in labour, threw herself at the mercy of the church of Pharasma in Korvosa; alas, the terribly gory birth of the devil-touched child took her life - the babe lived, although always had some strange connection to the powers of life and death. She can see the auras and life-forces of all people, and has learned to read people's emotional states from them. She can reach out and effect the life forces of others, and with the help of her whippoorwill familiar Morrigan she's been learning how to do so more and more. However, due to a lot of discrimination faced as a child, she's now incredibly insecure in her own abilities and tends to hide behind whatever mundane disguises she can raise. Raised in a Pharasmin orphanage and given her name by the casarmetzes that kept her alive during the horrible birth, she's always had a strong connection to the Pharasman faith. She believes in the sanctity of life and death, and also that fate binds all things; however, she thinks that fate can be changed with great effort, and that it may even be what is determined by Pharasma herself to struggle against what appears to be impossible or already set in stone. As such, she hates to see a life go to waste. I intend on picking up Improved Familiar to take a nosoi psychopomp when I can (IC, currently Morrigan is hiding in a lesser state via her change shape ability until she is sure that Calanthe can handle the whole truth).

I also have a paladin of Shelyn, a cleric (or possibly a ranger or fighter) that considers herself a paladin of Cayden Cailean, and a paladin of Sarenrae. A couple of my other characters that are less strongly religious look up to Shelyn, Desna, Iomedae, Nethys, and probably a couple of empyreal lords.

I... I like good-aligned gods and characters... (´・ω・`)

I realized that all my characters so far are at least somewhat religious, probably due to the deities actually being able to influence the world and granting Clerics their spells. Probably the least pious is Chrysanthe Spiros, the True Neutral Tiefling Wizard (shifts from Neutral Evil to Neutral Good if character development happens) for whom I have an alias here. She primarily worships Abadar, but less in words and more in action.

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