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My husband and I have a regular gaming group that currently consists of 8(!) people. For a while, one of the other guys in the group was running Serpent's Skull. We got close to the end of the 2nd part when the GM decided to take a break and re-write the rest of the campaign, since the modules as written are supposedly pretty...lackluster. In the meantime, my husband has been running some random 3.5 scenarios that he converted to Pathfinder as filler.

However, in the couple months it's been since we stopped Serpent's Skull, we've gained several new players and the old GM doesn't want to GM with that many people so we're going to do something else instead. That's all well and good.

The characters my husband and I were playing in Serpent's Skull, though, were two of our favorites, and we don't want to just abandon them. The game we're going to be running next with our big group is not Pathfinder or even the right genre so there's no chance of converting them. So we thought we'd try running some 2-man games, with one of us GMing and both of us playing our old PCs.

Of course, this poses its own unique challenge, so I ask the Paizo community: Does anyone have any good modules for 2 PCs, or any advice for modifying modules for 2 PCs?

For reference, we are both level 6. I am an elven witch and he is a human cleric going for holy vindicator. For a 2-man group, we are pretty balanced; I specialize in debuffs and crowd-control while he specializes in buffs and meleeing with a limited amount of healing (he is chaotic neutral and channels negative energy.) I do not think we'd do well against undead; most of my spells and hexes would not affect them, and he has no way to channel positive energy against them. Aside from that, I think most things are fair game.

Thanks in advance. :)

I've never heard of any 2-person modules... sounds like you have some converting ahead of you.

Toning down a 4-person adventure is definitely an option. Boosting up a 1-person adventure might be interesting as well, as while there are two characters, there is only one player at a time, which allows for some different storytelling opportunities. I.e., you can split the party, as no one is at risk of getting bored. Expeditious retreat press makes 1 on 1 modules and there may be others floating around if you search for them.

Two possibilities . . .

1) See if any of the other members of your previous group also want to continue and ask them to join if you can work out a suitable time.
2) Try running 2 characters each or just a DM controlled PC.

I would use a ranger on a 2man group, maybe with a rogue level (skills, animal companion, and almost a fighter).
Back at the date with D&D 3.0 I ran a home made adventure for 2 players, it was a kind of 'eye of beholder' or 'diablo' dungeon, always going downwards... I would build something specific if I were you, or look for 1-1 adventures to adapt.

Just add an other NPC (some kind of melee brute) and you could run Serpent´s Skull most likely as it is.
I gm´ed it for a group of 3, with 1 person often missing. I gave them a cleric NPC in the middle of part 2 and so far it worked out pretty well (currently in the half of book 3). Group consists of melee alchemist/melee ninja/master summoner. Granted, the summoner made it easier, but we played quite some sessions without him, so it was just the alchemist, the ninja and den NPC cleric. So far it worked ;)

Silver Crusade

You will need to tone down the encounters allot. Witch and Cleric are both good characters, but they are force multipliers. So the damage you will can do is limited. Making encounters very hard. My best suggestion is for one of you to change classes. The best change wold be the Cleric to Ranger or Paladin. As it dose change the character. They are divine casters just more combat oriented then a Cleric/Holy Vindicator.

There are special requirements for ruining two party games.
1: The characters will need to cover Meany role's in the party.
2: You will be lacking some where compared to a 4 character party. You need to find out how to cover what is missing be for you start.

Go gestalt.

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