What is Evil?

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So what is evil?

To most players, PF is a game. Evil probably means "being badass." It's a means of fantasy fulfillment, stress relief, and generally having fun. However.

If a group gets more heavily into the roleplay aspect, and begins to research: what are examples I can think of that are evil? I imagine someone like Elliot Roger.

Roger was messed up. A member of extremist groups where his own views turned into an echo chamber, Roger held no value on others' lives.

If someone wants evil, go to a RL source material. This is where "what is evil in the abstract within a game" and "what is real, true evil" collide.

For someone wanting to truly play an evil character, his numerous video treatises provide ample material. They're available online, for free, as are his posts and forum discussions.

However, to a sane person--Elliot is messed up. Reading his treatises is to say the least, uncomfortable. Elliot is one reason why I imagine when most players say, "I want to play evil," they aren't wanting to do so to that degree. PF "evil" is often more about fantasy fulfillment and being the badass than it is someone seriously sitting down, and getting into the mind of someone akin to Elliot.

To flip the coin: would you want someone who did get into Rogers' life in a more serious way, at your table? You'd want it, to be sure, it to be someone sane.

A game with a Rogers is also not one to play with young family. As gamers age and begin to draw their families into the hobby, that degree of realism when it comes to Evil is not likely something they'd want.

Scarab Sages

Thread necromancy is evil.

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