Windspirits GM Material Collection (Mega SPOILERs)

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Hi all,
I just finally had some time to sync my online storage with my work for my CC campaign.

If you have look around in you will find some new and some old (updated) items.
I introduced Version numbers for all Docs so it easy to see if you have the current version. the NEW stuff

  • 4712.pdf = a complete Calendar of the yar 4712 (done with MSWord2010 Template)
  • Ustalav_Climat.pdf = a discussion about how to introduce some weather into ones campaign
  • Windspirits_Campain_Calendar_player.pdf = The calendar for my campaign (over Winter)
  • Windspirits_Campaign_weather-forecast.pdf = Weather Forecast for my CC campaign (over Winter)

Right so here now the old Stuff:

  • HoH_GM_Material.pdf = Haunting of Harrowstone GM Material
  • TotB_GM_Material.pdf = Trial of the Beast GM Material
  • BM_GM_Material.pdf = Broken Moon GM Material
  • Ustalav_Roads.jpg = Roads in Ustalav (New version)
  • Sleep_and_Rest-GM_Material.pdf = Summery of Sleep and Rest rules + some homebrew
  • BuyTable.pdf = Pre calculated Buy Tables for 20 ,15 and 10 points
  • BaseCharacter.pdf = my own version of the Character templates (New version)

And that’s it so far. Happy to get feedback. If you want to mail me you can either use PAZIO’s new MAIL function, reply here or mail me directly (see contact.html)

Thanks for starting a thread to collect this stuff. Like others, I have really gotten a lot out of your materials. We are soon start ToTB, and I'm especially indebted to your map work. Thanks again for all this.

I'm getting ready to run this AP, hopefully in the next month or so, and all of this work you've put into your own campaign is immensely helpful in formulating a plan for mine. Thank you for making all of this avavilable!

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WotW_GM_Material.pdf now availible.

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BIIIIIG thanks

Thank you for sharing these. Found these shortly after I started running HoH and they have been a huge help.

Thanks for these. Much appreciated.

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got your new HoH the other day and loved it.


Yay, Wake of the Watcher! I'm using the Broken Moon stuff now -- it's a big help!

I will work on Ashed ...soon

Very helpful, i do not DM a lot and this is my first Pathfinder. Your Information helps make it much easier.

I removed the material as PAIZO was concerned about their IP...

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Man that sucks, this stuff was really useful.

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Is there perhaps a way Windspirit if you could show a tutorial on the work you have done on climiate in the real world.

I am in interested in how you were able to pull that information together.

Surely that would not be against the CoC.

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Thats sad - so sad... its fan made stuff that helped the experience and wasn't being charged for and shared with the entire community. That said, Paizo rarely waves that wand.


All is not lost. There are lots of newbie GM's that could benefit from your tutelage. It would be awesome and helpful if you could put together a short document of what you look for in assembling a GM aide like those you had to take down.


Is the material available somewhere? especially the BM_GM_material, my PCs have just ended TOTB and i will start BM in 1-2 weeks.
Thank for the help

I was hoping to take a look at your GM material, too, as I'm looking to run my group through TotB fairly soon. May I access that info? If so, how do I log in?

It was mentioned earlier in the thread:

Windspirit wrote:
I removed the material as PAIZO was concerned about their IP...

None of the material is accessible because its not there.

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