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IS it just me, or has Pathfinder Battles slowed the release of Pathfinder Minis from Reaper? They don't seem to be coming out at the speed they did last year, and they aren't releasing monsters as much as they were originally.

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I don't think so -- it's two different companies anyway, so I can't see how one's production schedule would affect another.

Reaper just released 3 more Pathfinder minis at the beginning of the week, and every release they have 2-3 Pathfinder figures (roughly every 2-3 weeks). It seems about the pace they've been going at for awhile. I think there WAS a flurry when the line was first introduced because they wanted to get all the iconics available, but I think that was meant to be the exception, not the rule.

Reaper has something like 8 lines of miniatures (Warlord, Dark Heaven Legends [which will always have the most releases], Chronoscope, Savage Worlds, Pathfinder, P-65, and Master Series). Not counting of course counting the Legendary Encounters plastics line which is handled by a sister company. That's a LOT to handle, and in a given cycle, they tend to do 1-3 releases per line (with 2-4 for DHL) which actually seems pretty impressive to me.

As for monsters --- this is TOTALLY just my guess as a fan, but a lot of Pathfinder monsters are D&D monsters which are already thoroughly covered by DHL and Warlord minis (and P-65, which are cheaper lead-based reproductions of the former). Pathfinder minis do have a few "unique" monsters, which I think are their focus when they do put Pathfinder monsters out. The red dragon was probably an exception but it's kind of an iconic red dragon (from cover art, IIRC), and they do Pathfinder goblins because Golarion goblins are rather... unique looking. But there's no point in making a "Pathfinder owlbear" when they already have several owlbears in their other lines, for example. Or zombies or skeletons or orcs or lizardfolk or...

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Slow and steady also means people have a chance to keep up with the releases. They say MSRP on the full line of pathfinder minis is like 600 dollars - but there are a bunch more figures out now so it is likely more.


they've been doing 2-4 minis a month since the onset, there's only been 2 months I can think of that had 1 or none, and tose were both over a year ago

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I can also chime in on this! Our production schedule and release schedule have not changed as a result of the Pathfinder Battles figures. Some months our artists turn in 3 sculpts. Some months they turn in 2. Some 4, etc. As has been mentioned we have reliably released 2-4 per month since launch, excluding the initial flurry of figures (which already existed due to the previous licensor having 2 dozen-ish figures already).

The initial launch also included a disproportionately high number of monster figures - the previous licensor, again, had a philosophy that was very monster heavy, and humanoid light, whereas we tend to favor more humanoids. So in that first 30 or so, there are a lot more monsters as we cycled through the figures already existant for the line. Once all of those were cycled out, we opted to put more resources into character and iconic style figures than monsters.

Deathquaker's post is pretty astute as well.

We release over all of our lines 16-20 figures per month, which in the metal industry is rather large - many other companies release 1-4, for example. We do our best to spread the love so that each of our lines receives 2, and sometimes more.

Regarding Pathfinder Battles specifically, we have been impressed by the range, and hope it does well for both Paizo and WizKids.

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What happen to the Beginner Box Black Dragon that reaper were doing but it has since disappeared from all lines. It was an awesome looking pose and everything and would have worked as a bones mini. Rant over its just I was giving serious thought to ordering off reaper and it was the main incentive alongside the villager box. But the disappearance of that particular miniature put a halt on that idea.

Thanks EtG.

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