Slurk riding and imbalance


This thread contains spoilers for Crown of the Kobold King

I'm DMing for a group of 6, who have recently reached level 3 in the Crown of the Kobold King module.

One character in the group has riding and is capable of handling an animal. He wanted to use a slurk as a mount. I told him it would require 2 days of rations to feed the slurk for a single meal, in order to "balance" it. This would mean it would take roughly 4 days of rations to feed the slurk fully. It might be expensive, but it's essentially an extra character added to the group.

Is this unbalanced? Is slurk riding at level 3 too much? Or maybe it's not a big deal and I've set the maintenance standards too high?

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I think that’s a bit much. Slurks are weird but not powerful, especially if it’s just a pet and not a full blown mount or animal companion.

one usaly need a feat and a race to use a slurk as a mount.
but a gm can weave away all that.

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I don't think that having a slurk as a mount is terribly unbalanced. The slurk rider feat gives a lot more than just riding (and I wouldn't give all the benefits it has to the PC for free.)

I don't think your maintenance standards are completely unreasonable, but I'd probably allow foraging to substitute, they don't seem to be pick eaters to me, so I'd probably all a survival roll as if they were a normal character to find food for them in the wild.

Compare a Slurk to a Riding Dog in terms of attack power and see for yourself if you really need to balance it.

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