Chartered Company: The Seventh Veil

Pathfinder Online

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[IC] The beginning of our path… And when they reached the Crusader Road together, their destination near, they discussed their plans for the future of their band. Proposals were considered and rethought, and many nights of sleep were lost to the work of trying to create a certain future in an uncertain world.

They agreed that they wanted, eventually, to found a town dedicated to the collection and distribution of knowledge. All the gods which revered knowledge and education would have temples, or at least elaborate shrines, and in the center of town would be a library to rival the greatest of legend. This effort would insure their place in the afterlife.

Additionally, they determined that, in time, they could branch into every town in the River Kingdoms, and even beyond. Each should have a smaller library of its own, the better to accumulate and distribute the knowledge of the world. The nature, quality, fees or tithes, and other details of those libraries would have to be negotiated with the local governments as conditions changed, but the Cæruxi would offer their services everywhere, regardless of political situation or differences of alignment.

In order to fill those libraries, and to prevent wasted duplication of effort, all of knowledge was broken down into seven Veils, or Choruses, (the terms are interchangeable) by how the knowledge could be gained: The Acts of Creation and Destruction; The Searches of Exploration and Contemplation; The Metamorphoses of Magic versus the Changes of Nature; and the Mysteries.

Creation includes Crafting which would handle clockwork and other machines, contraptions, and in general all physical objects which were created by people. The contrast to Creation, Destruction, includes all manner of warfare, conflict, and hunting. Creation is also known as the Act of Making, while destruction is also known as the Act of Undoing. Together, they may be called the Acts.

The chorus of Exploration embodies the knowledge of geography and nature; including the location of things on and within the earth, the sources and mouths of rivers, and the creation of accurate maps. Exploration must be accomplished by travel and direct observation. Contemplation on the other hand proposes to find truths in searching for the locations of things within themselves. Contemplation must be accomplished alone, and the advances are entirely within one's own mind. Exploration is also known as the Search From Without, while Contemplation is the Search From Within. Together, they are the Searches.

The chorus of Magic studies and understands the manner of expression of Magika and how it comes to be expressed in manners which require the will of the user, or the direct consent of a divine being. This is opposed by the veil of Nature, focusing on the location, habitats, behaviors, and properties of the uncivilized beasts. Those who pursue knowledge through Nature seek to uncover the secrets hidden by all of the elements, and the manner in which clouds form and create other forms of weather, the understanding of the motivations and behaviors of natural fires. The Chorus of Magic would also be known as the Metamorphosis From Will whereas Nature is the Metamorphosis From Being. Together, they are the Metamorphoses.

Finally, the Mysteries are a unique seventh Chorus with no counterpart. It includes History which in turn would deal with the people, politics, and everything abstract which was created by people. The Chorus of Mysteries also encompasses everything not covered by another Chorus, as well as the Choruses themselves and the Cæruxi themselves.

Members would be ranked by both their knowledge of, and contribution to the Veils. In general, uncovering a new secret is more highly regarded than knowing many secrets, but it is wasted effort for many people to discover a secret that could have been shared.

Masters of each of the Veils would not only be discovering new knowledge about those Veils, but would have to be actively participating in them; A master student of Creation would not just study creating, but would have to learn and teach new techniques of creation, while a master student of Destruction would not only hunt, kill, and destroy, but must also know as much as possible about how others perform those Acts. A master student of Mysteries would not outrank someone of the same rank in a different Chorus, but rising in rank within the Cæruxi is one manner of studying the Mysteries.

~ Decius, Founding Member of the Cæruxi

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**All information below is dependent upon the allowance of the mechanics of the game and the motivation of our members.

Name: “The Seventh Veil”

Actually, the guild has both a public and private name. “The Seventh Veil” is the public name and “Cærux Khaiognos” (/kɝ.ʊks.kʰɁnos/ (kair-ooks ka-ee-o-nos)) is the private. This explains the term used as a reference to members: “Cæruxi “ (singular and plural forms are identical)( /kɝ.ʊks.i/ (kair-ooks-ee))

Alignment Axis: Guild members tend toward TN-NG, LN-TN, if only because of the willingness to help each other (and because everyone has useful information or experiences for us to record).


While our search for knowledge usually draws members to pure alignments, specific alignments are not a prerequisite (although we do have a decidedly good lean).

Purpose: The OOC purpose of the guild is to collect lore and information about the world. Using (and remaining true to) the official Paizo lore, we intend to both expand upon what is visible in game, and reconcile the differences that will inevitably be found between the game and official lore. Ideally we will make in-game manuals/books about every aspect of the world including the flora/fauna, races, crafts, etc. Even if in-game books not possible, we will collect information and collate it in an out of game website. Most of this information will be accessible to the general public.

Our particular lore allows us to act as both a guild/clan in isolation and a religion, recruiting agents from other organizations both openly and covertly. It also allows us the opportunity to collect information and experience from all aspects of the game; allowing players the utmost freedom in character design and play, while remaining true to the RP.

Structure: The guild has a voluntary ranking system driven by internal missions and donations to the guild. As players progress up the ranking system they will have increased access to guild resources. All players are expected to work for the wellbeing of the guild, but they are free to do so in the way they believe is best.

Members can focus entirely upon their association with the Cæruxi or they can leave to gather information, joining whatever other associations they feel is necessary. Those who do associate exclusively with the Cæruxi are able (but not required) to join one of the 7 choruses, or internal groups, which each specialize in avenues of research in the attempt to find knowledge. These choruses embody distinct and contrasting philosophies about how to insure the well being of the Cæruxi and each act upon their own agenda, sometimes with the help of the other choruses, sometimes not.
Currently the seven choruses are as follows:

  • Creation
  • Destruction
  • Exploration
  • Contemplation
  • Magic
  • Nature
  • Mystery

Entry into the guild is via interview and there is a month trial period. All new recruits are expected to progress beyond the first rank during this period or they will be removed at the end of their trial period.

Alts are welcome and our ranking system is based on player participation, so alts automatically gain the in-guild rank of the main.

Who we are looking for: We are looking for anyone who wants to assist with fleshing out the corner of Golarion we are being offered. Toward this end, we are looking for people who want to spend some time both in game and out developing material (online or hardcopy, that we can then scan) that can be made available to the general gaming community. We are looking for artists, poets, writers, authors, or creative people in general. At the moment, we especially need people who can help us develop a website. We are also looking for people who wish to help build and protect a storehouse to hold this knowledge in-game.

Our intent is to tie any materials we develop, or information we document, to our in game library by limiting the availability of materials. This will give everyone a reason to help us defend our holdings, to protect their access to information.

This story also gives us reason to pursue every avenue of the game.

To clarify what I mean by “flesh out” the world, not only will we collect and document information on the interactive parts of the world, but also about the non-interactive. Examples of the non-interactive include plants and animals in the scenery, astronomy, geography, etc…all of this need to be brought into alignment with what we already know about Golarion. By developing stories, theories and observations about this material, we make the world that much richer for every person in it. The scenery becomes a world and everything is given meaning and history.

RP Level: Casual, All official functions are RP based (although not necessarily IC) and all guild decisions are RP based. RP will be central to many guild rituals/events. RP in around/local chat channels is always encouraged but not required. All members of the guild are required at minimum to be patient and supportive of RP, although not necessarily participate. Likewise, since RP is not required, as long as non-RPers are not being disruptive, RPers need to be tolerant of them as well.

[IC] Structure: Charter, The Cæruxi (in the works). All members are bound by the purpose and wellbeing of the Cæruxi as they each see fit. Association with other organizations is allowed as a means of collecting information and lore. All members have access to our store of knowledge; access to other guild resources is limited by rank. Rank is gained via demonstrations of devotion to the Cæruxi.

[IC] Information: Make your roll.

Knowledge (History/Religion) - DC 10:
Cærux Khaiognos is a religious order worshipping Sivanah (this is not necessarily true, but it is what you get when you roll so low). The name is in a dead language.

Knowledge (History/Religion) - DC 15:
The Cæruxi have come to the Riverlands to collect information. The Cæruxi is a term that refers to the members, both singular and plural, as well as the Charter that binds them all.

Knowledge (History/Religion/Philosophy) - DC 20:
In their philosophy, the world we experience is a powerful illusion and can only be disbelieved when enough of the world is experienced to realize something is amiss. To this end, the Cæruxi attempt to experience everything and come from/move into all walks of life.

The Cæruxi have come to the Riverlands to build their first library. The library is a necessity for collecting, sharing, and protecting their experiences. They also, for the most part, see the wisdom of all (not just Cæruxi) benefiting from their labors.

They are not aggressively war-like except where useful in gathering information or experiencing the world. In this, they only tend to join the causes of others; as long as it also benefits the Cæruxi.

Knowledge (Religion) - DC 25:
While not worshipped by all members directly, all Cæruxi tend to consider Sivanah a patron saint and many of their rituals tend to honor her (to clarify, most do worship her). Additionally, her wisdom influences much of their decisions, architecture, internal structure, morality, and aesthetics.

There are seven branches within the Cæruxi each called a chorus each with their own methods and philosophies.

Knowledge (Religion/Linguistics) - DC 30:
There is a secret covert military/espionage chorus of the Cæruxi. Cærux Khaiognos roughly translated means “Harbingers of True-Sight”. While it may seem contradictory to worship Sivanah while trying to unravel the mysteries of reality, in actuality we have found that as each layer of knowledge is “peeled away” there remains a deeper mystery beneath. The actual goal of the Cæruxi is not the acquisition of knowledge, but the ever greater mystery.

Current Members: since the guild is in its initial planning phase, there is currently no ranking system, all members are allowed to contribute ideas and are voted upon.

Current Members (in no specific order):
  • KitNyx
  • Daniel Powell 318/ DeciusBrutus
  • Blackuhuru
  • Nihimon
  • Solemor Far’men
  • Diego Rossi
  • Terevanya
  • Coldman

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KitNyx and Decius (Daniel Powell 318) have done brilliant work laying out the story and details of our Chartered Company. And they have asked me to post the following about the spirit of the Company itself, and of the members we'd like to attract.

The Seventh Veil will display the following attributes:

Fun - We are dedicated to keeping Pathfinder Online fun to play for all members. You will never be required to do anything you don't want to do, and we will take every opportunity to make the game as fun as you've dreamed it could be.

Fully Engaged - We are dedicated to embracing all aspects of gameplay. Members who choose to specialize in a single aspect, such as Crafting, and members who choose to dabble in everything will be equally at home.

Organized - We are dedicated to providing the kind of organized events that turn a group of individual players who share a chat channel into a strong family unit. Not only do we intend to host organized events, but we also intend to be organized in measuring the participation and contribution of our members, to ensure they are properly rewarded.

Family Friendly - Not only are family and friends welcome, but we will strive to create a place safe for children, whether they are with us in chat or simply looking over their parent's shoulders. It is understood that even best of us can slip up and say something we'll regret in the heat of the moment, but casual cursing and overtly sexual chat should be kept to private channels.

RP-Friendly - RP'ers and non-RP'ers alike will be welcome, and we will encourage RP but it will not be required. Intolerance in either direction will not be permitted. Expect organized RP events, and a safe haven for constant RP.

Hardcore-Friendly - We welcome hardcore players who want to reach the very apex of their chosen playstyle, and we are committed to reaching the pinnacle of achievement in Pathfinder Online, with your help.

Casual-Friendly - We also welcome casual players who may not be able to dedicate as much time to the game, and are simply looking for a place to call home, and friends to play with.

Members of The Seventh Veil will display the following attributes:

Integrity - You will be expected to play by the rules; those of Pathfinder Online, and those of The Seventh Veil. When you say that you will do something, we expect you to make every reasonable effort to do it, or to let us know that you can't.

Positive Attitude - Your attitude influences that of everyone else around you; keep it positive and you will find others drawn to you simply because they feel happier when you're around.

Patience - It is easy to get caught up in an argument and dismiss what the other person is saying before they've even spoken. We must all strive to remember we have two ears and one mouth - listen first, gain understanding, and only then speak.

Curiosity - You must have a spark of curiosity inside of you, seeking to learn the mysteries of Golarian, and share them not only with your fellow members, but with everyone.

Commitment - The Seventh Veil will succeed or fail based not on the occasional actions of the few, but rather on the sustained efforts of the many. As we are committed to ensuring your individual success, so we ask you to commit yourself to ensuring the collective success of The Seventh Veil.

Self-Reliance - We are committed to helping our members, but that is a gift from the other members, not a right you should demand. If you find yourself unable to get help with something, step back and ask if there's anyone you can help, instead.

Willingness to Help - No one will ever expect you to drop everything you're doing whenever someone else asks for help, but we will do everything we can to encourage a general spirit of helpfulness in The Seventh Veil. You can help us set an example everyone should be proud of.

~ Nihimon, Founding Member of the Cæruxi

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The Cæruxi are not yet recruiting; any who express interest here will be sent an invite (as an IM in the PFO forums) to apply on our website as soon as we begin accepting new members.

We are interested in entering preliminary negotiations with any other Chartered Companies whose goals and ideals may align, or at minimum do not conflict, with ours.

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Hail "Caerux Khaiognos" the Seventh Veil

I love it!!!

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Every Chorus seems to have a direct in game component except for Contemplation and Mystery. Is Contemplation going to be the realm of story,and deep RP? Will Mystery be the area where the political movement of players and NPC's are discussed? Mystery could work as records of news and history of what's going on in the player-influenced sections of PFO.

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Mystery is everything that does not fit into the other 6. Contemplation, well it is our tribute to those who wish to follow Irori, a place for them if you will...and yes, we also assumed it would be a place for personal development (we had not considered High RP, but that is a good idea).

Goblinworks Founder

Greetings, I happen to find my interests like in working at junk and creating it into something useful. My studies are involved in the dealings of creation and contemplating the mysteries of objects discovered in dungeons.

When my hands are not toiling at a workbench or studying in the library; I like to keep some time to the studies of religious magics that benefit others and my creations do.

I'll create you a weapon; but only as a means of protection not one that is forced on others in anger.

But if you would like to accept a crafter or explorer of objects, then I'd like to join your group.

Goblin Squad Member

Well met, friend Brady Blankemeyer. We are delighted that we have piqued your curiosity and given you hope that you might find in us a Company worthy of your efforts.

~ Nihimon, Founding Member of the Cæruxi

Goblinworks Founder

(oh yeah I have my real name posting woops :D )

*bows* Thank you, I hope to be of some service to all of you.

Oh, where are my manners. *wiping hands on pants before offering a hand to shake* You may call me Sengir.

Goblin Squad Member

Hail Sengir!

Would be great to have someone to call apon or to aid in exploring the land of Golarion.

Well meet adventurer...

Goblinworks Founder

Well met sir; it would be an honor.

Goblin Squad Member

Well met even lol!

Goblin Squad Member

We will be publishing our website and a place to officially apply in the next few days. Per the previous post, everyone who has shown interest here will be invited to apply. We will send IMs on the PFO forums and update our thread at that time.

Sengir, welcome!

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I'll throw my name in the pile.

If you guys need any help(not sure how technically oriented you currently are), I do have experience in creating rank/forum structure/permissions and operating/administrating in all Nuke/PhPBB forms, and some with WordPress.

Goblin Squad Member

PhPBB *winks*

Goblinworks Executive Founder

Wordpress administration is also a useful skill.

Goblin Squad Member

Glad to hear of your interest, Valkenr.

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Organized Events

The Seventh Veil is dedicated to hosting a wide variety of organized events (one of our primary goals is community development). The following is a broad outline of our intent:


Event Schedules will be chosen with the intent of maximizing our members' opportunity to participate.

  • Fixed event schedules will be for events that occur every week on the same day and time. This will include events like the set Raid Nights many of us are familiar with from other MMOs.

  • Rolling event schedules will be for events that occur at one day and time one week, and another day and/or time the next, but are still periodic. Each event type will have a list of times that are possible for it, and will occur at one or more of those times per week, in order, until all of those times have been used, at which point we will start over from the beginning. There might only be 2 different times, or there might be a dozen; it will all depend on the needs of the membership.


A wide variety of Event Types will be supported. Participation is encouraged, but never required.

  • Adventuring events will involve seeking out Ruins, Lairs and Caverns as well as eventually patrolling our lands for Encampments that need to be eradicated.

  • Harvesting events will hopefully allow us all to acquire the rare and more powerful resources that we would not be as likely to acquire on our own or in small groups.

  • Crafting/Building events will largely depend on the nature of the Crafting/Building system. Stay tuned for more details.

  • Exploration events will hopefully allow us to map areas, catalog the local flora and fauna, and note any dangerous areas that can't be dealt with immediately.

  • Roleplay events may very well prove to be the most entertaining and community-building events we host. Our intention is to make one or more of each event type each month into a special RP event. Imagine setting out for a special Adventuring event, heading into a dangerous lair in full RP mode, knowing that the group will take as much time as necessary to give everyone full opportunity to play out their character.

  • Impromptu events of all types will happen based on the desires and capabilities of online members.

  • Rank events will be set up and run by members to fulfill a requirement from our internal ranking system. These events will be scheduled but will be one-off (as they are required to gain some ranks, and to maintain others). Rules for rank events are outlined in our charter but can be anything from those described above to simple OOC scavenger hunts or even just chat-based Golarion Lore trivia events.


Although many of our events will be limited to members, we will also be hosting events that are open to the community at large. We will be using whatever means are available to announce these publicly, and we hope to see you there.

~ Nihimon, Founding Member of the Cæruxi

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OOC: I also reccomend phpBB. I am more computer artist than programmer and would be willing to offer art made for the guild website. I could work on a logo with sivanah's symbol as inpriation (whether or not she is a patron).
I am at student skill lvl in digital art, but I know enough at this point to prepare for web publishing. I would just need a site. And would be very happyto make things inspired by exploring the game and put them on the forum or gallery on the site. And could be produced by my character in-game as well, (if that makes a difference)

the character concept is based off of what the blogs are saying and what I agree with the Seventh Veil: (dependant on final game mechanics)

Abigail, NG female Gnome of Shelyn (art, go figure), Explorer and crafter (generalist, with some crafting or building. very dependant on game mechaics).

"Just give me a room to work and a world to watch, life is the best inspriation"

Goblinworks Executive Founder

It looks like we might have a lot if explorers. That's not a bad thing.

Goblin Squad Member

Yeah, I kind of wonder if all of us will be playing explorers in one way or another.

There's going to be some kind of contest for "Best Screenshot From a Remote Location." isn't there?

Goblin Squad Member

I think it's awesome how many people are inspired by the idea of just exploring. Could it be that this is a very under-served market? I sure hope PFO lives up to its promise and our dreams :)

Goblin Squad Member

Excellent idea Skiwziks!

Goblin Squad Member

Exploring is very popular we just don't see much in mmo's anymore.

Sorry can't link on iPhone.

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The Caeruxi have opened applications to prospective members. Once you apply, please check back for questions or member feedback in your application thread. Until the game goes live and we can interact ingame, this is our way to get to know you and decide if we feel you will fit in.

Please follow the instructions in the application thread when making your application. If there is any confusion in the process or ambiguity in the instructions, please feel free to leave feedback.

All Caeruxi will have access to contribute to the (online) library once we begin building it (which will probably be soon).

Once we do create the (online) library, will also begin accepting applications for those would like to be contributors who may not want to be members of the Caeruxi. Any member of any association is welcome to apply. We will announce more details on this in the coming weeks.

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..psst...KitNyx... you have 2 more names to add to that member list in the 2nd post.

Goblin Squad Member

I approve this message.

Goblin Squad Member

I know, but I can't edit it any more. What I can do...

I would like to welcome our two newest members:

  • Valkenr
  • Sengir/ Brady Blankemeyer

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KitNyx wrote:

I know, but I can't edit it any more. What I can do...

I would like to welcome our two newest members:

  • Valkenr
  • Sengir/ Brady Blankemeyer

Welcome aboard guys!

Goblin Squad Member

Welcome to our newest member:

  • Abigail

(Forencith = KitNyx IC)

Goblin Squad Member


Diplomatic Outreach

The Seventh Seal is dedicated to opening lines of diplomatic communication with other Chartered Companies. Please visit our Diplomatic Applications forum and follow the instructions there.

There will be a general Diplomatic forum open to all, and each Company or faction will also have its own private forum. You can even use your private forum to organize your Company, if you're not ready to set up your own website yet. You will have all the tools you need to manage sub-forums and to invite new members.

~ Nihimon, Founding Member of the Cæruxi

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The Library of the Cæruxi

We have begun accepting applications for Scribes. Scribes need not be of the Cæruxi (can be of any or no association, but all Cæruxi are also Scribes). The only requirement is the desire to add content to a library (wiki) that is open to the PFO community.

The library is currently under construction and general access should be open soon.

~ Forencith, Founding Member of the Cæruxi

Goblin Squad Member

Wait, so part of this is exploring the world and the other part is maintaining a wiki?! Sign me up! I can't say how often I can play PFO, but if I'm going to, I'd be doing this.

Goblin Squad Member

You can apply to be a Member, Scribe, or Diplomat. Just follow the instructions in the appropriate forum.


~ Nihimon, Founding Member of the Cæruxi

Hello all! I apologize that I am late to the party! I too am a founding member of the Caeruxi and I'd like to extend my welcome to all newcoming or potentially newcoming members! Unfortunately, I recently was in a car accident that took me out for two weeks but alas I am back in action! I encourage all potential new members to check out our site and feel free to talk (PM) to any of our members about your interest in the guild! Happy adventuring!

Once again thanks for your time!

~Solemor Farmen, Founding Member of the Caeruxi

Goblin Squad Member

Welcome back, Solemor! Glad to hear you're recovering well.

Goblin Squad Member

Good to see you back and in good spirits, not sure if it's the meds or your just happy to be alive!?

/raises hand

Goblin Squad Member

...yes, Megatroid?

Nvm. I found the site.

Haha that is good! As for me BlackUhuru I am just happy to be alive! Anyhow thanks for the warm welcome everyone. Once again feel free to drop by our forums anytime and say, "Hi!"

~ Solemor Far'men, Founding Member of the Caeruxi

Goblinworks Executive Founder

We have now also started publishing journals, notes, and other documents from our members. If you have a journal, diary, or other personal account that you are willing to have published, please contact the Cæruxi.

Goblin Squad Member

Welcome to our newest members:

  • Megatroid
  • Sedeq

By the way, Skwiz, where's our awesome commercial post?!?

Goblin Squad Member

It's easier to work in a space of innuendo and dark humor than it is to try and create something serious. At least for me. Maybe I'll be able to come up with something later.

Goblin Squad Member

@Skwiziks, you could always tell us what your favorite color is. Be as specific as possible!

Goblin Squad Member

Oh you! For the record, it's Olive Drab.

Goblin Squad Member

@Skwiziks not specific enough! RGB decimal value!

Goblin Squad Member

Close enough.

Goblin Squad Member

Amethyst and Jade, if we're talking about my favorite words for my favorite colors.

Burgundy and Forest Green, if we're talking about my favorite actual colors.

Wikipedia's list of colors

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