Laithoron's Kingdom-Building Log (Excel Spreadsheet)


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Hi all, just figured I would make the kingdom-building tool I created available to the community. Unlike many of the other spreadsheets I've seen which are ideal for presenting a summary of a kingdom at-a-glance and summing multiple cities, the purpose of this sheet is somewhat different.

Instead of presenting a snapshot for one moment in time, this tool is a log and a calculator. It handles all of the various costs and factors on a month-by-month basis over a 10-year span. You can set the starting year, number of months in a year, and even export data at the end of one decade and import it at the start of a new decade. This enable you to see the growth of your city-state over time.

Since the level of information tracked would make supporting multiple cities unfeasible, my recommendation would be to track each city in its own sheet as a sub-kingdom. I know that there have been more than a few discussions about localized governments and such so I won't bother rehashing them. This is simply the method that lended itself best to development.

If you would like to try it out, the download is available from the Tools Category of my wiki, and any updates to the file will be made there, but you can inform me of bugs either via private message, or in this thread.

Note: This tool was constructed using the expanded rule set featured in Book of the River Nations by Jon Brazer Enterprises.

Hope some of you find this useful.


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Updated with a few bug fixes.

I built something like this in Google Docs, but this is is far more detailed. Which is a good thing, since I was starting to come up against the limits of what I'd built. I'm definitely going to consider using this going forward. Very nice job!

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Thanks for saying so. Hope it helps. :)


In your IMPROVEMENT page, there is a place where you ask how many forest hexes are within 5 hexes of a city.

My question is, is that relevant? And why? Is there a written rule that says you have an advantage if your city is NEAR a forest? (Because, GOD, have I searched for it... lol)



... Or anyone, for that matter...

Is there a rule that states that you have some sort of an advantage having a city near forest hexes (within five hexes)?


As the OP stated, the Excel spreadsheet has the additional rules from the Book of River Nations: Complete Player'd Reference for Kingdom Building, by Jon Brazer Enterprises. The advantage it is referring to in regards to having a settlement within 5 hexes of a forest hex is listed on page 9 of the book.

CB out.

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