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What on earth were the designers smoking when they made this spell?
Why would I ever want to ever play a Paladin again, ever, when I could just play a class that is a MUCH better healer, much better combat buffer, and can situationally gain all the important parts of the Paladin class for the moments when I need it?

I just don't... I can't... I mean... what?

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Ehm, it's a 7th level spell (unless you are a paladin) that lasts rounds per level... It's a nice spell, but I really don't think it's overpowered.

13 rounds is more than I need. It is not like a well-made battle cleric or oracle can't already put out good numbers.
Wait, it's touch so now I get to hand it over to the fighter or barbarian who is already raging, or anyone else.

I did notice the paladin level was only for 1/2 my level, but +7 to damage even at that level is not a small thing, and it is not like I could not make scrolls of it.


Sure, it takes a lil bit to get to 7th-level spells, but once you're there, it basically turns an entire BASE class into a spell that you can hand out to whomever has the LG alignment, yourself included.

Just seems... wrong.

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There are more powerful 7th level spells, simple.

There are different spells, but not ones that power up a character in this particular manner.
I could just counter the spell with DR, but that defeats the point of it being cast.

Of course someone might say if the player does not know you fudged extra hp or DR and he had fun that is all that matters. Others will say you should have ban the spell up front instead of having players waste actions

ect..other arguments follow that are playstyle dependent.

My personal rule is that if I can't do it to the players they can't do it to the NPC's. Well there are exceptions for really cool ideas.

It's a 7th level spell, so you wont be Quickening it. It lasts 1 round/level, so you wont be pre-casting it. It's going to take a combat action.

Greater Rod of Metamagic Quicken works. A paladin only needs the regular rod.

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