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I managed to pick up the X3 Gold Edition which had X3 - Terran Conflict and X3 - Reunion on it. You can also pick up the whole lot at Steam. My question is... Has anyone played this and what are your thoughts on it? So far I am having fun. It is an enjoyable space sim that also has a lot more to it. Of course, the learning curve is rather high, but that seem to be the norm for these types of games.

Is it an RTS and if so what is the pacing? I avoid most RTS's like the plague because the pace of the game is too fast requiring almost Jedi like responses to win.
The exception to that is Sin of a Solar Empire simply because you can speed up and slow down the game pace to fit your preference.

Scarab Sages

It is not a real time strategy game it is more an...well...possibly a simulation, not only a space simulation, but the simulation of a career in the x-universe. You can try to fight your way through (it is not as action oriented as Freelancer or Freespace), be a merchant, a mercenary, a pirate, you can build stations of various sorts if you make enough money, build/hire more ships, build working economy, starting trade routes (don't forget escort ships...), explore...it is really hard to explain or compare the game to any other.

If you played Elite back in the 80s and imagine that with a compex economic simulation added to it, you are pretty close.

The learning curve is really steep, but once you get into it it is a really deep game and a real timekiller (and a true sandbox, your actions will change the universe you play in fundamentally).

Sharoth: Be sure to check out the games homepage and the fan made addons for the game. They will enhance your experience!

Thanks feytharn. I already did and they seem pretty cool. Once I get far enough to use them.

Xabulba, someone called it Eve Offline, so that might be your best comparison. It is a RTS, but you can pause it, speed it up (be careful of your surroundings.) The graphics are lovely. Now if I could only figure out how to install what I just bought. ~wanders off cursing~

The term you are looking for is 4X (explore, expand, exploit, and exterminate) although it is also a space flight sim.

EVE Off-line would be close although Vendetta Off-line may be closer if you are looking for an MMO comparison.

You get a combination of trade empire building (buying AI run ships and space stations) plus a real time flight sim.

It can be annoying getting the automated trade empire running but once it's up it's a steady flow of money for ships you lose. I had a friend create the galaxy's largest Space Fule (booze) distillery and was the #1 supplier of premium hooch in his play through. Baught himself some very nice capital ships off that money. Eventually that money went into fabricating his own ships and weapons.

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