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I have made a poison for a campaign I am playing in, and we could not settle on a DC for the poison, or a cost. Here is how it was presented as written. Let me know what you all think, and how I should tweak it.

Paralysis Poison:
DC to Craft: 18
Gold Cost: 300 gp per dose
Type: Injury

This poison is made from the glands of an otherworldly creature. The larval stage of this creature makes use of a neural connection with the victim, controlling them like a puppet. This poison then merely mimics the chemicals meant to deaden the nerves for the victim, so as to minimize the struggle for control for the body.

This poison acts quickly, requiring a DC 18 Fortitude save the moment it is introduced tot eh blood stream. On a success, the victim becomes shaken. On a failure, they become staggered. The condition lasts 6 rounds, with each round allowing a saving throw. A successful save can either upgrade from staggered to shaken, or remove the shaken condition. After the initial two rounds, failure will not worsen the victim's condition.


So what do you think? Any advice is appreciated.

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