Campaign Specific Issue with Ameiko's Insults

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Spoilers for NPC relationship rules follow.

Ameiko has three listed insults, and I have a PC who wants to have an antagonistic relationship with her. The only problem is that the PC worships Shelyn and is Ameiko's little sister, so she's not going to be blasphemous, misogynistic or racist. Well, crap. It's not too hard to write new ones: disobedient sibling (which means that any other PC who helps her be disobedient could antagonize, as well), being coddled like a princess (more relevant at higher levels), jokes or insults directed at bards or musicians. Still, I thought it was funny.

Has anyone else had a similar issue with the relationship rules?

Taken literally, the relationship rules can get very weird very fast. I had a friend who wanted to play a goblin who makes Shalelu fall in love with him. He would spend all day throwing rotten fruit at her, then buy her a new bow once a level for the points. Because hey, thrown fruit isn't technically an insult!

The Exchange

With 4+ PCs, 4+ NPCs, and around 15 levels of gameplay, there's too much risk of repetition with only 3 categories, so I'm throwing out the gift/insult requirement and just letting the PCs roll whenever it feels appropriate.

I'm doing something similar to LeadPal. The gifts and insults are more of ways to get bonuses during appropriate 'relationship building scenes'.

It has been working well so far.

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