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Remove craft magic item feats from play and allow anyone to create magic items with existing rules. The master craftsman would also be removed as the idea is anyone is eligible to craft items.

• Has anyone had experience with this?
• How did it work?
• Did the players like it?
• How were balance and CRs affected?
• Are there any issues that might come from this?

I have just one item crafting feat, that takes the place of all the exisiting ones (including Master Craftsman). However, crafting items requires Craft skill: Craft (alchemy) for potions, Craft (smith) for weapons and armor, Craft (jeweler) for amulets and crowns and rings and stuff, etc. Therefore, to create a magic sword, you need to be a master swordsmith, etc.

So far we haven't had much crafting going on, though, so I can't comment on how well it works in play.

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We pared the Item creation feats down to 3 separate feats.

Create Minor
Create Medium
Create Major

Any class that gives create scrolls or potions gets the Create minor instead.

The rule is that Create Minor can make any item less than 8,000 cost
Medium 8,000 - 27,500
Major 28,000 ++

Just like the wondrous item break down.

Any player can create any item they want for an investment of three feats.

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