Ideas for Collectors Edition Contents! (That is availble upon launch in Australia too!)

Pathfinder Online

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Here is my ideal Collectors edition for Pathfinder Online...

Huge Collectors edition Box (in high quality gloss)


- Game on 3 DVDS and 1 Blu Ray
- Game Soundtrack CD
- Game Making of DVD/Blu Ray Combo
- Replica Harrowing Card Deck
- Minature of an in-game Raid Boss/World Boss doubles as 8gb USB FD.
- Mini Starters Guide (inlduing tips on proffessions/skills)
- Hard Cover Coffee Table Art Book
- Full Colour Cloth Map of World
- Full Colour high gloss Adventure Guide (Rule Book) signed by DEV team
- Mouse Mat
- Ingame "Collectors Edition Item", fluff item (or Mount perhaps) that
is non-lootable.
- In game Title for Character for owners of Collectors Edition (Also,
for BETA testers, say "Founder", ect)

Any other suggestions?

This would retail for around $80 US ($120 AUD) and includes 30 days game time free for first month.

Also, if you decide to not release in AUD, please, no IP blocking and allow Aussies to get the CE from Amazon at the least.

These should be very limited (perhaps numbered with a certificate of Authentication). Perhaps 50,000?

Heres Hoping!

Burdock wrote:
Any other suggestions?

Two words: Vegemite!

Liberty's Edge

Zesty Mordant wrote:
Burdock wrote:
Any other suggestions?
Two words: Vegemite!

Why Not? If you can do anything in this game, why not gather the ingrediatns, bake the bread, toast it over a fire, spread curdled milk that has been churned into butter and then put on some yeast extract.

Voila! Vegemite and Butter Toast!

Dark Archive Goblin Squad Member

DVD's and BluRay cost money and are useless when I can download it anytime - not a perk at all when it adds to the cost of the collector's edition. Also, the game version on a hard disk will quickly become obsolete because of all the updates you'd have to download anyway.

I like the signed adventure guide, but I'm not too keen on the cloth map or art book, considering the time and effort put into planning and producing them (I'd like the devs to concentrate on the game). Also, I've had them both from other CE's, looked at them once, and never touched them again. The ingame fluff like a mount or title is ok, but I'd like to see something to link back to the tabletop or other pathfinder items...such as a code for a free module download, or big percentage off a hard item, or a PF novel. Game miniatures are a good idea too.

How about a 48 hour head start for collector's edition purchasers? Not in the game, but only to the character select screen. That would give them a chance to create characters and lock in names they want. However, I'd limit the number of characters they could create. IE, if you have 8 character slots, collector edition owners could log in early and create 2 (or 3?) characters ahead of those who don't buy it. Personally, I hope there's no early ingame head start for anyone other then beta testing stages. It's only 4500 players, and I'm sure it'll be much easier to roll out all players at once than the number of SWTOR had to deal with.

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All of my YES, Burdock!

Goblin Squad Member

Seems to be a large fraction of persons from down-under in this forum...we should all come up with an inclusive clan idea...

Sorry for the hijacking...back to the Collector's Edition. I will just be happy if the 4500 (and each subsequent wave of colonists) are chosen based on criteria other than RL geography.

I would buy a digital Collector's Edition if we got in-game bling, or account perks. I highly doubt I would by a physical Collector's Edition for the reason previously mentioned, it would just sit on my shelf. Oh, I would be all over Paizo coupons in the Collector's Edition though.

Maybe even an official P&PRPG book/PDF about this particular area (other than an adventure module, I want an actual 400 page reference manual (only Paizo does these right)) with special side notes about the MMO game content.

Goblins and/or Pathfinder icon characters plush

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I'm in Australia, so if we are blocked I just might consider putting a plastic bucket over my head and setting fire to it. That or strap myself down and put that 'Friday' song on endless loop repeat.

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I'm definitely voting for cloth map.

Lantern Lodge

Definatly for the cloth map and minis. The harrow deck would be cool but not as much as the map.
The art book I could go for I love those and unlike some I do go through and enjoy every blue moon or so, then again I like books more then even computors.

Goblinworks Executive Founder

Assuming that you have the budget for the artwork, I'd like to see some physical things in a CE. Cloth maps would be a great start, as would nicely bound books, either the manual or an in-universe publication.

The most disappointing thing to me from the Fallout 3 CE was the manual; I was expecting something on the order of the original 'Vault Dweller's Survival Guide' manual, which was wire-o almost entirely in-character and had a proper binding and cover. I got a glossy saddle-stitched document that had an image of the cover of the VDSG on the front, along with a banner advertising "Games for Windows LIVE".

tldr: a few items of high quality are better than lots of low-quality stuff. Oh, and my price point for a CE would be around $80 if a month's subscription is NOT included, or $100 if it is. Ingame recognition/hats would be nice, but not really add much for me, and ingame mechanical benefits to CE owners would be a turn-off for the game as a whole.

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