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An important aspect of any Sandbox MMO is the ability to write your own books! :) Please implement this and have a nice aesthetically looking, easy to use User Interface. You need one that someone can pick up and play without needing to memorise the rulebook.

Remember, the quickest way to turn someone off an MMO is by having a clunky, hard to manage UI and they will Rage-quit.


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Hehe, that sounds fun.

Message boards, books, and newspapers died with MUDs. I never figured out why. They added so much social interaction. I wrote many a guide to areas for noobs written completely in character carefully avoiding spoilers. Also there was no better way to communicate IC to your friends that might not be logged in that day.

Such a feature could even include a player made delivery service(s). Even with e-mail in the mud days if you made it available, people really did use in character communication options.

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In UO people would build library's, fully stocked with shelves and locked down books. Some books would tell stories that players wrote, some with marked runes to teleport to anywhere in the world of britania, books with various game guides, PvP hotelier, PvE spots and player merchant vendors.

Everything was player made including g the building and books used to write in.

I even built a gambling house ( Sonoma shards first speech easy), everything inside I crafted like dice, chessboards, checkers. Everything was locked down but could be used by anyone. Many of nights gambling that would soon after end up with PvP (:

Back then there was no AH so players would build large auction houses and would host auctions every week of player made goods, world rares and monster loot.

Everything in UO was player made and operated and I hope Ryan will bring that back into fashion with PFO.

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I would love to see no auction house in a game again. Finding merchant houses in early SWG was cool too. If you bought an item from the market it often had a manufactures tag, and if you found their house you could often get a good discount as well as order custom gear.

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@ Forlarren

Yes I never played SWG but in UO I could spend days just cruising around from player merchant to player merchant shopping. When I found a real great merchant I would mark a rune to that Players house for future trips back.

In my house I had a collection of rune books on a shelf and would port to that vendor for specific goods, so many players would specialize in certain player made goods and every item made was stamped with the names. Some items sold for alot because of the age or rarity of the items, I have some clothing made in 98 from a player named virsace that's worth millions because of who made it and it's age.

People in UO love to collect rare and old items to display in there castles.

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I love this idea!

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