How big will the DEV team get?

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Just wondering how big the DEV team is currently and what you would expect a decent sized team to produce/develop a quality MMO (Work Vs Wage) would be?

Will there be third party people brought in to do, say the cutscenes? Remember TRION was considered an "Indie" developer and look at the success they have had with RIFT?

There is no reason Pathfinder could not be the RIFT of 2013....

Goblin Squad Member

We're going to start with a very small, focused team. That means that we probably won't have every feature that the big boys like WoW have. Instead, we want to make a distinctive and fun game, and build it up over time with a dedicated player base.

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I encourage you to open up as much development to the community as possible. If there are ways that you can expose hooks and let the community develop pieces of the UI, I think you'll be very pleased with the results.

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I would do some voice acting if could, I hope I can do the goblins and maybe the kobalds.

I hope not... for the beginnings halflings and the gnomes are good enough.

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Even bad guys need voices. Someone has to do the death screams and running away screams and the "I don't realize how badly outmatched I am" threats.

Lantern Lodge

I could do halflings as well

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