Post ye scurvy sea dogs 'ere!!

Skull & Shackles

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We will start next month the pirates are:

generic figther (new player, nothing fancy here)
Druid (probably "of the sea")
Oracle of Heaven
Crossbow Figther (going for inner sea pirate)
Magus (Spire Defender, Whip & Aldori duelling sword)

Let's see how this will work out. Our Crossbow Figther is heading for the helmsman position, the oracle will be the ships healer.

I will play the magus, simply adapting my backstory accordingly. Thinking maybe of taking one level Dip into Cad-Fighter for Feat, Armor prof and Class Skills, but not sure yet.

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We just did our first session Saturday. I've got 5 players. They are all either TN or CN. We decided on "commonplace guns", and I've homebrewed some rules concerning proficiency with guns and cutlasses.

Pirate Rogue, Elf, daughter of a famous Master-At-Arms
Buccaneer Bard, human, who has never been on a boat but wants to seek his destiny as a pirate lord
Magus, human, recently escaped from Drow, trying to get somewhere open and not dark
Aquatic Druid, Samsaran, trying to find details about his past lives
Brutal Pugilist Barbarian, human, on the run from Chelixain authorities

It will be interesting to say the least

I made two characters (one in reserve).

My main character is Serena, Redhaired Cleric of Besmara (War/Weather), with hight Wis, followed by Dex. Int and Cha about the same.

The Second character is a Mwangi Corsair with a hight intimidation and planed for later specialize in Siege Weapons.

SOOOO lucky that I found a GM so I can finaly PLAY :), not that I'm enjoying GM'ing Carrion Crown...but..hey its PIRATES!!!!

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The group I'm running through this module is making characters next week, but they're already batting around some clever ideas. Wondered if people had suggestions for the best way to realize this concept:

A kelpie/siren/mermaid figure. A human woman who seduces or enchants sailors to come close then grapples them dives into the water and drags them to their death in the depths, perhaps transforming into a seal or a shark or something.

Maybe a Druid/Sorcerer or Druid/Specialist Wizard(enchanter)? How to do this and get a high enough grapple check to make it effective?

Bard perhaps? Better BAB than Sorcerer/Wizard, decent selection of mind-affecting spells, fascinate and suggestion bardic performance. High Dex and Cha with Agile Maneuvers to boost CMB. Note that inspire courage grants bonus to attack rolls and thus to CMB as well.

Zoe Darkwater - Witch (Besmera - Water) Verisian Human Female
Familiar - Gilgamesh the weasel

She was born as the pirate ship that had abducted her mother burned under the attack of another pirate ship. Excellent cook and handy bone-saw.

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Means (as in The ends justify the..)

CN Human Alchemist <Chirugeon Archtype>

A young but jaded ship's surgeon having pretty much been on the sea since he could walk. Once served aboard a Medeogalti based privateer vessel, came to the Shackles by chance voyage and signed on to another ship just prior to being pressed ganged onto the Wormwood.

At the rate I'm coming up with different tengu pirates, I'll probably soon have enough to man an entire ship.

Zeneku Knifefeather - Male Tengu Rogue (Has a tendency to hide small knives in his plumage. They are all sheathed, so there is little risk of getting accidentally cut).
Hakir Foulwind - Male Tengu Oracle of Gozreh (Called Foulwind mainly due to an accident involving a bottle of perfume leaking into his plumage at one point. He's actually quite a nice guy!).
Quok Eye-Plucker - Male Tengu Tatori Monk (This guy is not so nice. Dislikes jokes involving the word "plucky").

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My character is:

Avery Drake, human rogue (knife master archetype)

My friend's character is:

Unnamed as of yet, human bard (archaeologist archetype)

We won't meet the rest of the party until this weekend when we finally play.

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So far I've got 2 ideas that I really wanna roll with.

Drogan Hakk
CN minotaur fighter

Acts as helmsman and 1st-mate, enforcing the captains position.

Grr'Ack'Tr of the Fourpaws tribe.
CE Gnoll cleric of Llamashtu

Cackling, unpredictable and insane.

I've got this idea in my head that this character will grow attached to the ship (or a ship) to the point of falling in love with it, and start breathing life into it (animate object and whatever I can find in the divine magic lists). The goal is to turn said ship into a sentient monster.

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CN Orc Skirmisher Ranger with dark goggles for that pesky daylight dazzle and a truly hideous Strength score. Won the climbing contest handily, meaning the guy who hates bright light is the one who works in the rigging... I predict he'll be something of a champion among boarding parties. Worships Pharasma, and has a certain fatalistic approach to life. Doesn't mind being press-ganged much, but isn't too enthusiastic about the "pinkskins" he has to work with. Has already quietly selected the crew members he's going to murder given the chance- and is extra-friendly with them.

Previously worked as a dockside enforcer for the Apsis Consortium, particularly in Westcrown, where his role as "so and so's tame Orc" meant that his mere presence was often intimidating enough. Amused by how much less scary the pirates find him.

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human female

Cleric Level 1
Domains:Lust (Sub of Charm)
Age 17
Height 5'11
Weight: 115
Hair: Red
Eyes: Green
Skin: Light Tan

Str: 14
Dex: 16
Con: 17
Int: 12
Wis: 17
Cha: 18

Goblin - Cleric of Sun Wukong
Orc - Barbarian
Half-Orc - Bard (Street Perfomer)
Merfolk - Summoner
Sylph - Storm Druid

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We have a regular group of 4 with 2 alternates who are going to be "in the crew" for whenever a player has to miss a game.

The regulars:

Lizardman - Corsair Fighter
Undine - Pirate Rogue
Halfling - Sea Singer Bard
Dwarf - Shark Shaman Druid

The alternates:

Half-Orc - Sea Reaver Barbarian
Half-Elf - Sea Witch

Got back the group's concepts today (though I knew what some of them would be since I was helping the players learn new systems of combat and magic *coughspellslingercoughwordcasterscough*) I was suprised to see that all 4 PCs are female though. The party has always been of mixed gender in the past (they're also all casters, though they seem to have a balanced mix of melee, ranged, and magic among them nonetheless).

They all came up with titles that will eventually be their pirate epithets as well:


Maria "Twinbarrel" Fury - CN Human Spellslinger Wizard (planning to dip Gunslinger at 2nd level, and then take levels of Eldritch Knight when it becomes available).

She's a seductive, dual-pistol wielding criminal eager for a life of piracy who traveled west from her home in Nex (stopping in Alkenstar to steal a gun on the way) crossing Garund to reach Port Peril and begin the life she desired. Her hope is that the combination of magic and firearms will give her a unique edge over other pirates. She's one of the two PCs most likely to become captain (or head captain as the case may be) according to the players. Maria's campaign trait is Peg Leg, which she disguises with long pants and a high heel on the other foot (making the peg appear to also be part of a heel, at a glance).


"Naturalist" Tatiya Salashane - CG Half Elf Wordcaster Druid.

She's a fairly naive young woman from the city of El, in Sovyrian, on the planet Castrovel; one rock closer to the sun than Golarion, who has always dreamed of a life at sea. Everything about herself from her druid powers, her half human heritage, the fact that her older half-sister is a free captain of the Shackles already (and has been for hundreds of years since leaving Castrovel), and even her own birth on her sister's ship, she attributes to the idea that piracy runs in her blood. In fact it does not, her sister was the first sailor in her family, and her druid powers simply come from her respect for nature. Recently Tatiya has left Castrovel through one of the aiundara, elf gates, heading towards the famed waters of the Shackles, as the seas around Sovyrian were too harsh to risk getting her start on them. Tatiya's campaign trait is Besmara's Blessing however, and though piracy doesn't run in her blood, it does run in her faith.


Mahana Tallok “Who speaks in tongues” - N Vishkanya Oracle (waves mystery)

She's blunt and straightforward, and also cautiously wary of strangers, and seems born for a life on the sea. Mahana came from a poor background and lost the ability to speak normally in certain situations at a young age. Since then has spent years saving up to leave her home city of Port Peril. In those years however she lost what little family she had, and came to the conclusion that no other town would be truly safe for her, even if she left, and so she turned her eyes towards the seas where she could become powerful, and create her own safety, as well as leave poverty behind. Her campaign trait is Touched by the Sea, representing simply another aspect of the mysterious source of her oracular powers.


"Brine-Blooded" Rhia Sylata - CN Sylph Witch (water patron, seal familiar, considering a monk dip early on, but the player hasn't made up her mind yet)

She was born in Ilizmagorti to human parents, both Red Mantis assassins. She hated her life and secretly defied her parents at every turn, turning to atheism when she was meant to venerate Achaekek, studying magic when her parents wanted her to learn the skills of assassination, preferring the open sea to the cramped shadows, and eventually running away altogether. Rhia made her way to Port Peril hoping that the epithet, "Brine-Blooded" that she had invented for herself would hide her name from her parents, at least long enough for her to become a powerful free captain capable of fighting against them when they came to take her back to Ilizmagorti. In fact, her parents are aware of exactly where she went, and have no intention of attempting to bring her back, having decided that Rhia is unsuited for a career as an assassin, and having never gotten far enough with her teachings for her to learn any Red Mantis secrets of importance. She's the second PC the players have deemed likely to become head captain. Rhia's campaign trait is, aptly enough, Ilizmagorti Native.

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Aberrant Templar wrote:

My character is:

Avery Drake, human rogue (knife master archetype)

Drawing name inspiration from Henry Avery and Sir Francis Drake?

Just realized I made a typo in my post above. Tatiya is CN, not CG. Obviously she can't be CG considering she's a druid.

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Varg Wavecutter
Human Ulfen barbarian (sea reaver)
Feats: dodge and two weapon fighting
I plan on using a boarding axe and shield bash. I'm thinking of going for fighter (corsair) after 5th level upping my combat skills and for siege weapon feats. Or inquisitor depending on how close me and ms. Quinn get.
And so far I'm glad there's a bard and a sorcerer cause apparently Varg isn't good at making friends. I made one unfriendly and one hostile lol

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The Crew:
Sealeste (CN female undine oracle of Besmara 1)
Basty (CN female undine archer 1 [fighter archtype])
Owl Thangor (CN male kuru fighter 1)
Gromph (CN male half-elf barbarian 1)
Dizzy (CN female catfolk freebooter 1 [ranger archtype])
Zeno (N female changeling oracle 1 [waves mystery])

We won't begin play until last month but the characters are almost finished:

Marten Knight - CN Human Cavalier (Musketeer, Luring Cavalier) of the Order of the Star. Brought up to be a lawful knight of Sarenrae, but discovered his father Smiling Jack was a legendary pirate that got murdered by his first mate. Quick to say that Besmara saved him from a life of virtue and honor, he roams the seas searching for Besmara's Smile, his father's former ship. He actually put himself in a position to be recruited into a ship just so he can kill its captain and take the ship.

Illyria - CN Tiefling Bard (Sea Singer). Formerly known as the Sea Hag, captain of the ship Inferno, crewed by abominations, half-devils and summoned fiends. Used to attack ships and sacrifice their crew in foul rituals to Asmodeus, but suffered a complete shipwreck and found herself without any memories whatsoever. Rescued by the crew of Wormwood, she remembers only slivers of her past and strange sensations (These winds... they smell like blood and they bring the screams of the dead...).

Irvin the Stormborn - CN Human Druid (Storm Druid). Don't know much about his backstory yet. Is a partner in crime with Marten, both have searched for a ship to crew so they can take it.

Still unnamed - CN Halfling Barbarian (Titan Mauler). Comes from a ridiculously big pirate family, intent on freeing slaves. Has a big problem with authority which I suspect will earn his lots of lashes on any ship with a good captain. We plan to buy him a cage somewhere in the future.

I set it in Ansalon, and the following are our intrepid pirates.

Tobin "Scratch" Softtread, male Tibbit Ninja (the only difference from standard tibbits is that in Ansalon, they resemble kender.)

Telia de-Langrangli, crossbred female Kothian/Thoradorian minotaur fighter using the sailor alternate class features from Dead Man's Chest. (Basically, a standard Krynn minotaur with the Large template applied. Partially because the only minotaur mini I have is size large.)

Tyrel "Tavin Standback", male Irda Tantrist. He was adopted by gnomes, but keeps the form of a half-kender, and insists he's a gnome. His caudal is tattooed rather than scarred on, and he's a very skilled tattoo artist.

and last but not least...

Telliar Vellitas, female Fey-touched Siarran Mystic. She has no idea how her ancestors arrived on Ansalon (Siarrans are from the Dragonstar setting).

Don't ask me why eveyone's given name ended up starting with T, as it wasn't planned (well, except for Tyrel's alias.)

I've ended up with two Fighters (one Cad, one sword'n'board), one Rogue, and a Paladin (Cayden Cailean) - looks like I'm kicking down the magic a notch or three. It kind of suits, I think...nice rough campaign, little in the way of healing or blasting. Allows me to tailor the magic, actually, quite a bit. Hrm...

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Lopke wrote:

I will be playing:

(just Janessa, hasn't done anything special yet to deserve a name)

Human CN Druid (Aquatic), Domain: Water (Oceans).

Janessa will eventually also take 1 level of Cleric of Besmara, take the 'swap 1 Domain for a familiar' option for a parrot familiar, and the War (Tactics) Domain.

1= Gunsmithing
Human Bonus= Exotic Weapon Prof: Firearms

Janessa was born to a Cleric of Besmara mother and a Druid father. Born through a sea birth.

Well this is awesome.

Remeber, a certain albino kitty and his Aasimar master?

I be likin' this. Ye'll all be fine galley slaves, arrrrr.

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Booty-lovin' Pirate wrote:
I be likin' this. Ye'll all be fine galley slaves, arrrrr.

My family was once a powerful noble house in Cheliax, and is now the center of a vast trading empire.

Try anything, and you will end up in more trouble than you would care for.

And I can pray to Cayden Cailean to make your ale go sour!

Mystic_Snowfang wrote:

My family was once a powerful noble house in Cheliax, and is now the center of a vast trading empire.

Try anything, and you will end up in more trouble than you would care for.

And I can pray to Cayden Cailean to make your ale go sour!

The first 2 nae be botherin' me, but sourin' me ale... Ye crossed the line thar, matey! 30 lashes! Arrrr...

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Booty-lovin' Pirate wrote:
I be likin' this. Ye'll all be fine galley slaves, arrrrr.

Careful... Calebos would simply eat his benchmates...

Jack Bones, Half-elf rogue swashbuckler archtype high char and dex(weapon finese fighter), tells tall stories and has a Skull which he claims is the skull of a witch dr who tried to eat him, it talks to him (Jack as a perform-ventriliquism skill he uses for this).

Joshua Spew, Human wizard. Ships cook, has rat familiar called ghost. Brought up in Katapesh region so no stranger to slaving, has been known to make rather nice meat pies (although some of his past crew members may disagree not that they are around to tell the tale). He is a drunkard (and no the player knew nothing about the ap and Kroop before we started).

Goza the Gozarian, Female human Ulfen storm Druid of Gozreh, Born to the sea, carries a wicked scythe and trained as the ships carpenter and surgeon. Has a rather intimidating presence and has an attitude much like Bones form Star Trek.

Dammit Jim, I'm a doctor not a pirate.

Oh wait...

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Booty-lovin' Pirate wrote:
Mystic_Snowfang wrote:

My family was once a powerful noble house in Cheliax, and is now the center of a vast trading empire.

Try anything, and you will end up in more trouble than you would care for.

And I can pray to Cayden Cailean to make your ale go sour!

The first 2 nae be botherin' me, but sourin' me ale... Ye crossed the line thar, matey! 30 lashes! Arrrr...

You really must not care for your ale.

I work for no body at all, only for myself.

Scarab Sages

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Selds'e Undbarri (means servant of the spider)
N Human Magus. Was a prodigy who was kidnapped and forced to serve as servant/errand boy/unmentionable in a powerful Drow House for over a decade (ages 12 to 25 or so), quietly learning and observing the arcane arts from his Matriarch. Eventually, civil war breaks out in the House, and he's able to escape during the chaos and miraculously make his way to the surface. Spends a few months at sea (where he's been longing to be for years now), promptly gets bonk'd and press-ganged.
So he's very, very pale and very, very sunburned. His pink flesh is constantly peeling and oozing.
On top of that, he speaks with a very thick Common-Shackles accent; over a decade of speaking Undercommon and Draugr messes with your speech.
All this to say: he's not a very charismatic person.
However, the sea is still something that calls to him, and his ability to move through it and understand it truly amazes anyone who stops and actually pays attention to him.
Fortunately gaining attention isn't much of a problem now that he's the Master at Arms and Quartermaster.

Mystic_Snowfang wrote:
I work for no body at all, only for myself.

Avast, Mystic Snowfang, time to meet captain Ionas "No Body" Kalden, ghost and commander of fine (if a bit haunted) ship "Flying Cheliaxian".

Scarab Sages

I have a couple ideas:

Ann Stern aka Bloody Annie
CN F human fighter (tactician) - rough, tough, and will stab anyone who touches her

Narissa Talise aka Tally
N F half-elf druid (aquatic archetype, aquatic domain) doesn't stay on the deck much

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Here's a story one of my PC's wrote after his interaction with one of the main NPC's in the first Adventure: As a bit of background, he was shanghei'd in Port Peril. He's from Tain (Asian Country), and exploring the nina class. He volunteered as the cook's assistant (to Fishguts Kroup) and nicknamed Pinche (which actually means cooking assistant in Castillian Spanish).
I thought it was well written by the PC, and actually captured the dynamic that the writers made for Fishguts and the PC's.
" Peenche. Ponchuu. Poncho. Pinoche. Pinnncheee. Pin. Chey. PINCHEYA!"
Fishguts chanted butchered versions of his name over and over. He'd
been at it since his second bottle. He was currently well into his
third. Or fourth. Pinche was too busy cutting, slicing, and chopping
to give much attention to the cooks daily attempt to drown in booze.
His hands worked the knives in a blur, a skill developed in his youth
for a much darker purpose. But it was a skill set aside years ago when
he pledged service to the great and honourable Lord Maximo, and was
now dulled by lack of use, age, and the Mwangi incident. A few days in
the Galley had brought some of the old skill back, but by the
Ancestors he still felt slow.
"Wha sort o' name ish that anyways?" Fishguts asked a space a couple
feet to Pinche's left. "Bah. I thinksh I'll jusht call you Squints."
He narrowed his eyes in imitation of the Tian eye, nearly fell off his
stool, and scrambled to keep his bottle in hand, juggling it for a
second before pulling it to his chest like a mother saving a child.
His attention firmly back on his drink, Pinche hoped the new nickname
was as transient as Fishguts’ span of attention. It was an insulting
and unoriginal nickname, and one he imagined many Tians in the west
likely burdened with. No need to add another.
Of course Pinche wasn't his true name. He was certain that no one
within a thousand miles, with the exception of his master, knew it.
Beyond that, it was written in the secret scrolls of his clan, but
never spoken once he donned the mask and joined their inner circle. A
true name is a weakness for a good spy and assassin.
The knife made the last few cuts, twirled in his fingers, and flew
across the galley into a chopping block he had set up to practice his
aim. Fishguts turned to look at it with one round bloodshot eye, then
turned back to Pinche and raised his bottle in a toast. "Nish thr..."
He started to say, noticed the sectioned and diced ingredients on the
table, and bellowed in surprise. "Argghh... no no no!"
Looking down in confusion, Pinche was sure he hadn't missed anything,
but the cook staggered to the table and pointed at some greasy purple
goo. "You hash to GUTs them firsht! Put that in the shoup and
everyone'd be heads n’ tails over the rails! Then they'd likely
keel-haul ush both!" Fishguts slumped back on his stool and wiped
sweat from his face.
Pinche didn't know what to say. On one hand he almost got himself
killed. On the other, he might have found the cook's best weapon. "Uh,
sorry." He said, looking down in a subservient manner. But his mind
explored the potential.
As he cleaned the ruined meal, retrieved his knife, and gathered new
fish, he asked casually, being careful with his speech. "Are ahsome
type of uh fishguts worse than a others?

captain yesterday wrote:

I've always liked peoples character ideas and i've always had a fondness for pirates so i've been anticipating this adventure path since it was announced. now i know the player's guide isn't out yet but that never stopped me before:) my pirate is:

V'RAEGGO GRANITEAXE- dwarven witch (patron:water) with a monkey familiar (named POGO)
likes to wear small animal skulls braided into his black beard favorite weapon-battle axe.

my runner up
REMY KNEE-BREAKER halfling barbarian (drunken brute archetype)
a halfling with an alchohol and anger problem (also has a war hammer).

My character idea here.

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Drejk wrote:
Mystic_Snowfang wrote:
I work for no body at all, only for myself.
Avast, Mystic Snowfang, time to meet captain Ionas "No Body" Kalden, ghost and commander of fine (if a bit haunted) ship "Flying Cheliaxian".

Ha ha ha, very funny.

My family was once noble and is now a powerful merchant house in Cleliax. I am a Magus of some skill and I do not fear the dead that refuse to leave this realm. I shall send him to the boneyard where he belongs.

we just started last week and prepped at the table

i created a human aquatic druid and chose the water nature bond rather than a 'pet'
never played druid before

but i am not sure what portion of the clerical spells i can take

is it just the abilities under the water domain (eg icicle, cold resist, etc) and only one additional clerical spell which is the additional domain spell in the clerics spells per day?
or do i also get 1+1 clerical spells with the +1 being water domain type??

my GM read it as only the additional domain spell and water domain abilities

also, whichever amount of clerical spells, do i get addtional clerical spells with a high wis or does this just affect the druid spells

thanks for advice

we also have a water spec wizard, fighter/rogue, storm spec wizard, ranged fighter

chris casey wrote:

we just started last week and prepped at the table

i created a human aquatic druid and chose the water nature bond rather than a 'pet'
never played druid before

but i am not sure what portion of the clerical spells i can take is it just the abilities under the water domain (eg icicle, cold resist, etc) and only one additional clerical spell which is the additional domain spell in the clerics spells per day?
or do i also get 1+1 clerical spells with the +1 being water domain type??

my GM read it as only the additional domain spell and water domain abilities

also, whichever amount of clerical spells, do i get addtional clerical spells with a high wis or does this just affect the druid spells

thanks for advice

You don't get clerical spells at all.

You have your druid spells with, at 1st Druid level 3x 0th level slots and 1x 1st level slot. Your Wisdom score gets you additional 1st levels spells (1 or 2 if you have Wisdom score of 20) and 1 domain slot in which you have to prepare your 1st level domain spell (obscuring mist). You can't prepare domain spells in your regular daily slots unless you have the access to them through your druid spell list - many GMs house rule that getting spell through domain adds them to the class actual spell list but it's not RAW.

thanks for the reply
that is exactly what we decided....wis 16 so get 1 addt druid sp
are the only water domain spells in the list under cleric water domain or have they added others?

do you or anyone else have experience with nature bond being worthwhile or does it pale vs having an animal friend......asking as our GM has allowed opportunity to respec since we didn't have alot of research time for this character. not having played a druid in PF im not sure which would be more effective

Really depends upon the ideas you have for your druid but animal companion is usually more effective than domain, combat-wise, as long as you know which feats pick and which spells prepare to augment the companion. On the other hand domains are very good in case of archetypes that get ability to cast domain spells spontaneously (Urban Druid, Storm Druid). Water domain seems so-so to me, as druid gets most of the spells of that domain on their spell list anyway.

my group

Male Halfling Witch and cook (Played by kevin)
Male Nagaji Waves Oracle who doubles as a pseudo fighter via longspear (Played by Javier) he assists with the sales
Male Dwarf 2WF Fighter with Twin sawtooth sabres (played by dale) assists with the sales
Male Gnome Illusionist who intends to go Arcane Trickster (Played by matt) navigator
Promiscuous Male Gnome Cleric of besmara with Trickery/Water domains (played by aaron). i really feel tempted to call this gnome 'Ron'. good thing hes only a lowly swabby
Male Dwarf Fighter i haven't seen yet (Played by Matt's son Sebastian)
Female Chelexian Fire Elemental Bloodline Sorcerer who also assists in the kitchen (played by me)

Seth, Lyle, and my Cousin Ashley are taking short breaks.

if it weren't for the snake man, my sorceress, standing 5 foot nothing and easily able to wear a size 0, would be the tallest person in the party.

update to my group.

Conflitta (played by me), Female Chelexian Fire Elemental Bloodline Sorcress 4. shes the blaster, master gunner, a cook, a sailor, and a navigator.

Roagar, (played by dale) Male Dwarven Fighter 4, more agile than most elves and dual wields sawtooth sabres. has no options in ranged combat yet. he is the ship's captain.

Bubba Gumpy (Played by Aaron), male gnome cleric of Besmara 4, healbot, tries to hard to kill stuff ineffectually. Quartermaster, has trickery and water domains

Jager, (like the beverage). (Played by Javier) male Nagaji dual cursed waves oracle 4, melee combatant with a longspear and spiked gauntlet

(Haven't learned the characters name yet) (Played by Kitchen) male halfling witch 4, he is the cook, he uses slumber hex, a dagger, rarely casts spells.

Atanasio (or something like that). (played by Matt) male gnome rogue 1/illusionist 3. dissapears, backstabs, flanks, uses spells to augment his entry level roguishness and usually targets already wounded foes.

Merlin, (Played by Sebastian, Matts 7 YO son) male human universalist 4. essentially an Ezrenish/Mialeeish build.

First concept was a Drowned Man from ASoIaF, Waves Oracle.

Second concept was Guild Navigator from Dune, Gillman Heavens Oracle...but Gillmen suck!

Ended up making two other characters I didn't care about, then went back to the Guild Nav with some realistic modifications...Half-Drow Heavens Oracle(wasting curse represented as albinism). Daddy was a night slaver, with a taste for fair overlander skin. Ended up with an extra mouth to feed, and sold it(me) to a pirate ship. Tries his best to look like a half-elf, and stay out of the sun. Cruel sonofab$!&~, with a destiny writ(perhaps literally) in the stars.

I finally talked another one in my group to GM S&S, so I get to play. Yeah!

I actually plan to go against Vikingson's advice on another thread and run a straight ranger - switch hitter. Actually, I'm going to start with with one level of Gunslinger to get the deeds, gunsmithing, pistol, Intimidate and Acrobatics skills, then switch into Ranger for full levels. He'll pick up Rapid Shot and Manyshot earlier than normal. He won't get the crazy Gunslinger powers, but will be able to choose between his pistol and composite longbow with his Quick Draw. Depends on enemy and availability of equipment.

I foresee his scaling Favorite Terrain (water) will make him one of the better pilots. He'll take Hunter's Bond instead of Animal Companion to lead his troops against his Favorite Enemies.

The Freebooter archetype gives up too many cool things, and there doesn't appear to be an ranger archetype that trades away the things that I see are relatively inessential... so straight ranger.

For flavor, he is a disenchanted Chelaxian marine commander from the House of Narikopoulus. AND I finally get to play with a really cool painted figure with a pistol and sword that I purchased many years ago!


I'm going to begin posting our journal very soon - we just cracked the rock - and so far our 4-man party has been superb.

Half-Elven 7th level Master Summoner
His eidolon is an elemental spirit who takes the form of an exotic-looking sea-elven girl with wings. She can fly, swim, breathe underwater and has very high perception and stealth. The uses for such a scout at sea (above it AND below it) can not be over-stated. The Master Summoner serves as our ship-s pilot with his eidolon serving as look-out... in combat he has been absolutely owning it, summoning elementals almost exclusively.

Case in point:

When we were blocked in by the Dominator, he cast Invisibility and Fly, flew over to the Pirate Hunter and then summoned 18 small size elementals and 19 small air elementals (Superior Summoning using Summon Monster IV to summon level II creatures resulting in 3-6 per cast, all augmented) and set them on the ship to sow as much confusion as possible... then he flew into the sterncastle, disabled the ship and flew back to our ship.

When taking the Rock, his eidolon was offered as our hostage and he stayed outside to serve as our back-up, letting her relay to him whatever she heard or saw. We had dinner and then our captain calmly informed Lady Smythee that we were here to 'crack the rock', and that they had until dawn to gather their belongings and depart the premises. When dawn came, he simply summoned 30 small sized earth elementals and had them earthglide through the walls to menace the defenders - they surrendered rather than face certain obliteration.

Let's just say that being able to summon water elementals for underwater combat or air elementals when running down a ship is pretty freaking powerful.

female Elven 1st level Sorcerer (Crossblooded - Fey & Infernal) / 6th level Bard (Lotus Geisha)
Our captain and leader. Bards quite simply dominate the early parts of the AP in a host of ways, from gaining Infamy to negotiating the sale of plunder. Being able to use your bard song to buff your entire crew is extremely potent and even she serves as our primary healer as well.

Human 2nd level Urban Barbarian / 5th level Lore Warden
Our boatswain and master-at-arms. The ability to increase your various physical attributes depending on the situation has proven to be incredibly useful (STR to Swim, CON to hold breath, DEX to improve AC and AoO's, etc.). The player pursued the Whirlwind Attack feat to use with a boarding pike (reach weapon) and that has proven to be devastaing, particularly when facing large numbers of low-level foes, such as when boarding vessels. His Knowledge skills have also come in very handy.

Half-Orc 2nd level Barbarian (Invulnerable Rager) / 3rd level Sorcerer (Draconic) / 2nd level Dragon Disciple
Our Master Gunner, he provides the ability for magical ranged and AoE attacks and can serve as a very effective secondary front-liner in melee. He's taking the Orcish Eldritch Heritage feats to stack up natural armor and strength bonuses, a nice option given the inappropriateness of metal armor at sea. Aboard the Wormwood having DR:2/- against non-lethal damage was a huge, huge boon.

All in all we're doing quite well thus far. The only regular NPC is Sandara who is romantically involved with the Lore Warden... Rosie is the only other survivor of the Wormwood Mutiny and she has been given her own ship to sail under our flag as well as stewardship of the Rock in our absence.

Scarab Sages

I'm going to be playing in this one twice. My wife is running one and my friend running the other one.

My wife's: 25 pt buy. I'll be playing a goblin rogue/alchemist/sorcerer. And yes, he's a pyro. Back-up character is a bard going for archeologist. Rich. Spoiled. Thinks he knows everything.

My friend's: Sea reaver.

My group went whole-hog evil on this one. Here's what we've got.

Jaya, Female Human (Vudran) Antipaladin
Buccaneer's Blood and Dangerously Curious traits

Erik the Black, Male Human (Ulfen) Ninja
Eye For Plunder and Reactionary traits

"Bones," Male Human (Taldan) Oracle (Bones Mystery)
Ship's Surgeon and Gifted Adept traits

Urruk "The Cur," Male Tiefling (Demonblooded) Sorceror (Abyssal Bloodline
Touched By the Sea trait

Faunra, Female Elf Wizard (Spellslinger Archetype)
Touched by the Sea and Killer traits

Grand Lodge

Undine cleric of Gozrah, based upon the priest of the drowned god on the ice and fire stories...

Sovereign Court

We just had our first session yesterday.

to save space:

We all started off on a merchant ship which the navy inspected and declared to be a pirate ship (captain had retired and gone legit). The captain ordered everyone off the ship and blew up his store of gunpowder destroying his ship and crippling the naval ship. Over the next three days the survivors were lost at sea until they each fell to exposure before being picked up by the passing wormwood.

Morgan - female human "drunken" flowing monk - the player wanted to do a drunken monk but decided that a flowing monk fitted more she worked with the dm to exchange a couple of things to keep the drunken monk feel. Morgan (just "Morgan) is a fun loving, live life to the fullest lady who never turns down a drink or a fight. She has struggled with her tasks aboard the ship but her defeat of owlbear has earned her some respect.

Killesandra - female human cleric - abandoned in her time of need by her old god Killesandra is an angry young woman whose lust for combat is insatiable. After the ship she was on was destroyed she swore an oath to serve any god that would let her live for her vengeance. Who has answered her prayers has yet to be revealed (dm created a different set of gods). Sandra has had an up and down ride with the ship so far but her mood was greatly improved when she got a chance to slaughter some rats and thump some pirate heads who tried to get in her way.

Richard - male human sea singer bard - a closeted gay bard whose love of the sea drove him to sail on many ships. He projects a carefree personality but behind this mask he carefully categories people and tries to work out how to best use each persons skills in order to ensure the survival of the remaining crew. He sees any ship as better than none and is trying to make this work.

Human male whip fighter - for the life of me I can't remember his characters name. son of the lost ship captain. He wanted to go down with his father but Richard under orders from the captain detained him and grappled him onto a lifeboat. Now disillusioned with life he is angry and bitter at both Richard who took him away and Morgan who tried to get him out of his despair of his fathers death but only raising his ire. He has been hunting powerto get his venegence upon the navy. He has courted favour with Plugg selling out other people on the ship in order to get into Pluggs good books. He will survive and get the power to have his vengeance in anyway he can, not caring who has has to step on to do it.

Odir - male undine Druid (undine adept) - rescued by the previous captain from another shipwreck. Odir seems to have had little luck on the high seas. Using his abilities to create water, know direction and to be able to hunt and swim in the water he tried to keep the crew alive. While skilled in surviving and feeding people he is a reluctant combatant preferring to avoid unnecessary combat. He makes liberal use of his spells to disable or hamper opponents without harming them. Gaining friendships with both the ships cook whom he is working for and the quartermaster he believes that this ship is a bad place to be and trying to convince the others to jump ship at the next port.

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