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I've run across a very limited few of these but the class alone seems to present a wider range of character types. I'd love to hear what so-far have you seen or played in your games.

Here is one variant:

First was a half-elf (raised by halflings go figure) Witch who wanted to pass himself off as a lay healer. Later went undercover as a fancy doctor hiding his witch magic in alchemy (potions) and fancy dress. The character used the witches Alter Self trick to assume many, many sub identies. Basically "stealth" witch.


I've yet to play a witch, though just now I started rolling an idea for a dwarf witch x/monk x that uses prehensile hair and feral combat training with flurry of blows. Effective? Not in the least! But could you imagine something along the lines of enlarge person and lunge? Get flurried from 20 feet away by the dwarf's beard as he sits calmly at the bar taking a drink and reading a book.

My 2nd level human witch is modeled on cajun voodoo. He's also the party face (has pretty high charisma) and I do my best to play him up as a flamboyant cajun party dude. He has invested quite a bit in alchemy and just picked up "prehensile hair" as his latest hex.

He frequently poses as a cleric or a wizard when we enter towns. In combat he focuses on buffing/debuffing. His prehensile hair is actually his best combat attack option.

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My witch is very young (16), the last of her coven who where killed by authorities in Cheliax. She saw them all killed one by one by drowning, so she has a major fear of water deep enough to drown in. She also has a fear of crowds as hordes of people where there to kill her "Family" And she has a fear of cats, one scratched her once and made her very ill. Her familiar is a raven, another reason to hate cats.

She is now 7th Level and specializes in defuffing and slumbering the enemy and her patron is the elements so she has a thing for Earth, Fire, Wind (but not water) She will threaten to curse you if you tease or anger her and this has actually gained her respect by a few males in the party, especially those that she is drawn to. She holds a grudge to those who harm or mean her harm and if pushed will hex them even a party member (Had a monk that decided to punch her and knock her out once because she was afraid to cross a river. There where other methods but it was always his way or the highway)

her hair is white and black (Black at the roots to about 4" and the rest white. She likes to gather bones and feathers and other things to make fetishes and her staff actually has an animal skull on the end. If something frightens her she will scream (Think 16 year old girl here)

She fears she is being chased by the Witch Hunter that killed her family as he chased her half way across Cheliax until she managed to get away by hidding away in some cargo boxes that she was unaware where placed on a ship and headed south (Freaked her out she she found out she was on water, She stayed as far away from it as she could until she got to land.

My witch is patterned after wuxia ghost/witches... so she is Tian and doesn't really fit the western witch profile. You can read her background here:

Ylera is a reclusive half-elf who passes herself off as Human. She dwells in the wilderness acting very much as a wise woman/healer. Tends to avoid contact with elves, as she was raised by her elf witch mother, but it wasn't a happy, nor healthy arrangement.

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I was to play a witch in a pbb Carrion Crown adventure that sadly has stalled. She was inspired, roughly, by the idea of an "anti-Baba-Yaga." She is the inheritor of a legacy/legend of an old(er) witch who travels around healing and helping people, always showing up when least expected to those most in need.

The actual character is an Ustalavan wanderer with the Heal hex amongst other things. Obviously Eastern European in flavor. Her personality is inspired by stories of my mom's grandmothers.

I might as well just quote the actual backstory I wrote up for the game she's in:

Hopefully not too long:

"So, how'd you ever get into this line of work?"

"What, adventuring, or spellcasting?"

"Eh, both I guess."

"Well, let's see...I'm not from a long long of heroes or mages or anything impressive. I grew up in a little farming town you've never heard of. About a year ago, I was returning home from a trip to the next town over, at night, in a raging storm, when part of the road collapsed under us. I told my cousin we should have stayed the night there, but he was sure we could make it, the fool. When I came to, the cart had landed on top of us. I knew I was lucky to be alive, but I didn't think I would be alive for much longer. I know a bit about medicine, and when my breathing hurt that much, I was sure that if I tried to squirm out from under the cart, I'd be stabbed to death by my own ribs. So, it was a question of whether I'd bleed to death before or after some wild animal started eating me.

Then I heard a voice. I couldn't catch my breath well enough to yell for help over the rain, but I could hear this quiet voice as clear as a bell. Later, I realized I hadn't heard it with my ears. It didn't sound like a man or a woman or an elf or an orc or anything I'd ever heard before. It might sound like a god or a demon, I've never heard those. It sounded a bit like an echo, I suppose. All it asked is do you want power?

Now, I've read rather a lot, and I know the old stories. It's hard to imagine any earthly prize that would be worth going to the Hells for, so I managed to gasp out 'what do you want in return?' It didn't sound amused or angry, it just said to see what you do with it.

Well, what could anyone do in that situation? I said yes. The voice said then reach for it. So I struggled to reach with my one good arm...and a rat climbed into it. I would've laughed if it didn't hurt so much, but then... I can't really explain what it felt like to suddenly KNOW something I didn't know before. But it was glorious. With my first ever magic, I managed to heal myself enough to struggle out from under the cart, so I could limp three miles home through a rainstorm. All hail the conquering hero.

My parents thought I'd been attacked by bandits or an owlbear, but they were just glad I was alive. I was luckier than my cousin – his neck must have broken when he hit the ground, poor fellow.

At first, people were delighted with my new-found magic – Brother Zornos was old, and I could heal injuries just as well as his prayers could. And it's not like I resented people lining up with broken arms or hangnails and skinned knees – people brought us gifts of food and clothes and even coin, sometimes. But I think Zornos was afraid of me. He said it was because I didn't know the name of the god I 'served', but I think he was just jealous, really. Then he accused me of cursing him to fall off a ladder, just because I was walking by when it happened! How could I defend myself from an accusation like that? When I heard that, I knew I had to run away immediately."

"Well, did you?"

"Of course I ran away! I'm here, aren't I?"

"No, I mean did you curse the old guy."

"I'm not even going to dignify that with a response."

"Uh huh."

In terms of personality, she's a smart, sarcastic former farmgirl who tends to assume everyone around her is dumber than she is who just LOVES using magic.

In terms of abilities, she tends to spam Misfortune and Cackle hexes, plus the occasional spell. (I'm finding to my annoyance that she literally has more powers than I know what to do with...the Extra Hex Feat is a hell of a drug. :D) I've also had a lot of fun with the 'at-will Feather Fall' part of the Flight hex.

In my PF campaign one of players is a witch from nearby swamps - she is half-barbaric healer, potion brewer and the most lustful member of the party. Also, she *is* lighter than a duck! (i.e. took Flight Hex but needs one more level to actually flight)

my GF has a witch character who's made a deal with a succubus for her power and is basically a black widow. planning to get various succubus-like hexes (charm, disguise, fly, slumber) as she slowly gets transformed by the demonic pact. familiar is a cat with the fiendish template.

Vanilla, with rainbow sprinkles.

I had an idea for a witch once (and now it sounds disturbingly similar to Yorick from league of legends, but fyi it is in no way based on him).

Gravewalker witch (any patron would do I never decided on one though)
Burly heavy set guy who made a living by robbing graves (rough and ready trait lets him use his shovel as a weapon) and he would roam around sling trinkets and treasure he had pried off of dead bodies. If he happened to find a body he found that he liked he would raise it to follow him. Not to much else on him, no nationality or even personality for that matter. I did imagine him to be bleak but with a gallows sense of humor that showed from time to time.

Alwaysafk wrote:
I've yet to play a witch, though just now I started rolling an idea for a dwarf witch x/monk x that uses prehensile hair and feral combat training with flurry of blows. Effective? Not in the least! But could you imagine something along the lines of enlarge person and lunge? Get flurried from 20 feet away by the dwarf's beard as he sits calmly at the bar taking a drink and reading a book.

That is easily one of the best character concepts I have ever heard.

My witch was a Tribal Shaman. Healing Patron and Hedge Witch archetype.

I flavored her magic as a more spiritual type. Alot of here spells were actually Invocations of ancestor spirits. Buffs she used on the party were discribed as quasi-possessions by ancestor spirits.

For example Haste made the party members feel their limbs moving before they even thought about it and would occasionally have aspects of the combat triggere memories of ancient battles they were never a part of.

Another example of her style of magic was Remove Curse.
I actually forced the other party members to hold the cursed member down while I carved symbols on his chest with a knife and "Bleed" the foul magicks out of him.

Alot of her Hexes were "Gifts" from nature spirits she had aided. The flight hex was from a Wind spirit she had aid that agreed to return the favore. He allow her to bind him within herself through use of ritual scarring and tatooing. This granted her the flight Hex.

Her Monster Summonings were manifestation of spirits taking form to aid her.

Dominate Person was actually full Possession of the target by an ancestor spirit loyal to her.

She also brewed potions but most of them were pouches of herbs or foul smelling salves. She actually used bull's blood to brew potions of Bull's Strength.

I would often use Divination and other divination spells by animal sacrifice and reading then entrails.

Hi! I've been described as a sweetheart of a witch, practically bossed around by my familiar. "Raven witch with a half-elf familiar." I have a maternal instinct, to the point that I was involved in one combat with a baby in my arms. I have a knack for Harrowing, brew healing potions in my spare time, and like to go for a swim.

Check out the game I was in right here on the Paizo forums, and see my background.

So i played my witch from lvl 5 until the conclusion of my Kingmaker campaign.

She was a mean elderly halfling woman, and the matriarch of a huge clan of halfling farmers. Because of her our kingdom was 25% halfling and everyone called her "Nana".

I built her on the idea of being kind of swampy and rural and i went with bug theme. My favorite spell was vomit swarm. i spit more wasp swarms then you could imagine, i took favorite spell with it so i could lose any spell to cast it. I also used swarm skin a lot at higher levels.

My favorite trick was to use agony hex with a quickened vomit swarm of army ants for instant consume damage. The quicken came from a metamagic rod we found.

so i debuffed with evil eye and misfortune, spat bugs while flying around and made it rain when i had a bad day. I channeled a lot of Mad Madame Mim for role play material.

There was even talk of me going litch for a while. It was a really fun character to play.

Halfling Jinx (see Halflings of Golarion) with the feat also from HoG that lets him stack his jinx effects onto Evil Eye hexes, and various jinx-improving feats. NG, cat familiar who'll be "upgraded" to a silvanshee at 7th level. Spirits patron, defined as the petitioners and agathions of Nirvana.

He basically goes around being creepy, flying and cackling a lot while visiting bad luck on the cruel and oppressive.

Loren Peterson wrote:
Alwaysafk wrote:
I've yet to play a witch, though just now I started rolling an idea for a dwarf witch x/monk x that uses prehensile hair and feral combat training with flurry of blows. Effective? Not in the least! But could you imagine something along the lines of enlarge person and lunge? Get flurried from 20 feet away by the dwarf's beard as he sits calmly at the bar taking a drink and reading a book.
That is easily one of the best character concepts I have ever heard.

That is pretty cool, but I don't think prehensile hair scales with enlarge person. It's 10' regardless I believe.

Adamantine Dragon wrote:
Loren Peterson wrote:
Alwaysafk wrote:
I've yet to play a witch, though just now I started rolling an idea for a dwarf witch x/monk x that uses prehensile hair and feral combat training with flurry of blows. Effective? Not in the least! But could you imagine something along the lines of enlarge person and lunge? Get flurried from 20 feet away by the dwarf's beard as he sits calmly at the bar taking a drink and reading a book.
That is easily one of the best character concepts I have ever heard.
That is pretty cool, but I don't think prehensile hair scales with enlarge person. It's 10' regardless I believe.

White-Haired Witch archetype from Dragon Empires Primer. Sacrifices all hexes for increasingly-powerful combat hair and rogue talents. I think the hair can reach 30' by 20th level.

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Kwenn Thalassar is a half-elf witch, living in Sargava/Mwangi (no one in their village cares about the border much) with a human mother who is the village wise woman/shaman. His father must have been a wild elf from the expanse.

He's an inquisitive sort, and now that he has come into his full ability, he is ready to strike out and 'walkabout' as his mother did before him. His familiar is an Ocelot, who can be lazy and insouciant, but has been with him for as long as he can remember.

I made this character with an 'explorer' mindset. He's open to new experiences and wants to go beyond his village. Orignally designed for a solo campaign (hence the upgraded familiar), he's not as mysterious as the archetype, but more playing to a Daniel Jackson-ish mold, though that only served to fuel the nugget of the character.

It is a tradition of his lineage to know the world before one can be wise, though I may add more backstory as interesting ideas develop.

I'm currently playing a 9th level Male Human Witch named Loomis Vorcius.

He grew up basically failing at every other profession (class) his parents pushed him to try. He got kicked out of the fighter's guild and the junior paladin's league. He flunked out of the bard and wizard's college and left clergy training when his ideas conflicted with those of the local priests. Later on his father left to fight in a war that had broken out along the east cost and his mother had fallen in love with another man so he never saw either of his parents again. So now living by himself with no profession or way to make income he eventually gets evicted by the local landlord. He gathers up his only possessions being a backpack, a morningstar, a light crossbow, a gray scholar's robe (that he decided to keep from the wizard's academy) and his only friend, a cat named Binx. While out hunting in the woods with his crossbow he stumbles upon what appears to be an old abandoned cemetery. He approached the only headstone with legible engraving left and it read the name "Aravis Vorcius". When he touched the headstone he heard the sound of stone grating against stone and a stairwell leading underground appeared behind it. Loomis, being the curious bugger he is, lights a torch and descends downward, discovering what looks like a small tomb adorned with a large bookshelf, a desk with several scrolls on it, and a large cauldron in the corner. The books were of all sorts on how to identify undead, magical beasts and other nasties, information on various religions, and one that appeared to be a journal. In the journal the writer describes how he became a witch. It went on and on about the power he received and this intrigued Loomis much. Following the journal's instructions, he drew out a large, red inverted pentacle (Asmodeus's unholy symbol) and placed lit candles at the 5 points. Then read aloud a chant written in Infernal (to the best of his ability, as he didn't know the language at the time) and then took his morningstar and slashed his hand open, offering his blood to the center of the symbol. After doing so the flames of the candles become much, much brighter than candlelight should and saw all sorts of shadows dancing about the tomb. Then he heard strange, twisted voices speaking in tongues he couldn't understand and saw one of the shadows coming for him. Just before the shadow made contact a bolt of silver/white light struck the it and a voice loudly speaking "you will not take another soul, deceiver!". Loomis could feel an unknown power overcome him. Shortly after that he heard Binx say to him "we need to get out here, NOW!". A bit disturbed by the ordeal and the fact that his beloved cat was now speaking to him he decided it was a good idea to get the hell out of there. Later on he begins practicing his craft after joining a coven lead by a mysterious (actually a green hag in disguise) elderly woman that the coven simply refers to as "Grandmother". Eventually finding out that an unknown force prevented him from selling his soul to Asmodeus and forever damning him his new goal in life is to find the source of his power and to use it to some much needed good.

if you read all that, you win one internet.

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I have two witches both level 1

-Samuel Grundy (or his latest incarnation) Is a witch who disguises himself as a physician, using charm spells to get people to accept his "treatment" He favors using his heal skill over Cure Light Wounds, cause really where is the fun in that. He dresses in the manner of a plague doctor and worships Urgathoa, though he is not evil. In fact he believes that the cure to all diseases is undeath itself and researches various forms of undead to better understand the limits of the physical form.

He also has levels of alchemist or at least will eventually to supplement the build.

-Shojo Kinkotsu, is a Vanaran (Simian race) Kabuki dancer, and is a white haired witch. He uses his long mane of hair to perform his traditional oriental styled dance/combat as well as a naginata to cleft his foe in twain. He is an actor first and for most but his spirit burns like the hero's from Quain. He dresses vibrantly and is skilled in many art styles such as perform, craft caligraphy and is a gifted linguist so his scholarly warrior art can be shared throughout the globe.

Witch is a class that I have been rather interested in playing, and I have finally gotten the chance on a PbP game.

Leliadlara was orphaned by her biological parents when she was young. She does not know why, or even if they are still alive. She was raised by a half-elf couple as their own, which is where her elvish name comes from. Leliadlara was picked on a lot as a kid since she was a human being raised by half-elves, but did not become fickle entirely. When she became 16, she began to hear a strange call that no one else could hear. People thought she was strange for it and criticized her more for that. She decided she could not take it anymore there and left with some equipment in the direction of the call. It led her to a hut in the nearby forest, where she began to try and unravel the call's mystery. In the hut she found her familiar, whom came to her harmlessly, and she knew it had something to do with the call. From then on she began to develop her powers, while at the same time developing herself in the arts of healing (especially animals). Leliadlara promised herself that she would live on, guided by the voices and lending a healing hand to those that she can.

On a side note I noticed that many of these witches were males, and for some reason I would never have thought to play a male witch character. I suppose that also has to do with the fact that I like playing female characters regardless. In my games I would probably call male witches warlocks.

EDIT: Another interesting note is the prehensile hair hex being used with beards! I must tell all of my friends now.

My witch beats all yall's witches.

He's an elderly sea hermit, with a king crab familiar, improved unarmed strike, improved grapple, and prehensile hair. He dumped strength, netted himself a 3 STR after the venerable age category, but his STR on grapple checks with his hair is based on INT so he can out-wrestle an Ogre if he uses his beard.

I have yet to actually play her, but once the current campaign I'm GMing takes a break (probably a month or two from now) another person in the group is going to start up a new adventure in which I'll be playing a witch. Haven't settled on a name yet. Either going to go Hrïmhildr Isvaldsdöttir or Sersei. For the sake of the rest of my group I'll probably go with Sersei. Hrïmhildr only really applies if I decide to slap her into a traditional northern family, which is currently not looking likely.

Basically, a frost giant shaman foretold of a human witch (in not-so-overt terms, of course) that would lead their tribe to the glory of Jötunheim a couple hundred years ago. The tribe has since fallen on very hard times, and their current high shaman discovers who he believes to be said witch. A blood pact is made that requires her to stay with the tribe (peacefully) until the prophecy is fulfilled. In return, she gets an entire tribe of frost giant looking out for her well-being. Time ebbs on with nothing of note happening. The witch decides she doesn't want to be trapped in the mountains with frost giants for the rest of her life, so she begins to look for a loophole that will allow her out of the blood pact she made. She finds one.

Using her witchy-witch powers, she bewitches a northern barbarian to find her hut (helping him elude her frost giant friends) where she seduces him and uses him to conceive a child. Afterwards, she casts him back out into the cold, naturally. The child is my character. She is raised as a witch, and is the spitting image of her mother. Being the clever girl that she is, she learns of her mother's plot to get out of the blood pact by replacing herself with her own daughter. This prompts her to take off before her 18th nameday to escape the dastardly clutches of her wicked mother.

While I know it's not the best choice in terms of pure mechanics, I'm going to be rolling with the Winter Witch archetype and the Winter Patron (it jives with the backstory something fierce). I'll be picking up Extra Hex twice, which will leave me with Cauldron, Evil Eye, and Cackle to begin with. I'm shaping up to be the only real healer class in the group, and have no intentions of playing a healbot. My solution is to use Cauldron to brew healing potions during downtime.

I intend to badger my GM into letting me pick up a winter worg with Leadership down the road. Haven't given a ton of thought to the familiar yet. I'll probably start with an owl to boost my Perception a bit (I intend to roll with a decent Charisma score, as she's going to be something of a social butterfly/tease/trickster, which means the Wisdom won't be as high) and investigate Improved Familiar options down the road. Will likely pick up the Ice Mephit later if nothing else jumps out at me (to keep with the winter/cold theme).

@kagehiro: have you considered having a snow-panther cub as your initial familiar? just use the cat statline, and say there's a curse on it to prevent it from growing up.

FuelDrop wrote:
@kagehiro: have you considered having a snow-panther cub as your initial familiar? just use the cat statline, and say there's a curse on it to prevent it from growing up.

Interesting that you should mention that, as my initial intention was to have a winter worg pup as my familiar. I was going to run with the fox as base statistics, slightly tweaked, and change the Reflex bonus to Fortitude bonus (seems more fitting). Maybe I can convince the GM to allow me to apply the Young template to a winter wolf and tone down its breath weapon to be more in line with an ice mephit's. <---- [EDIT: referring to Improved Familiar here; I'm not insane enough to expect those stats at character creation, haha]

That all hinges on my GM being willing to bend the rules a bit, though.

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As nobody has said it yet, ahem "'Sup witches?"

*sorry for the Necro, but wanted to see if anyone else has some Witches they want to share! ...Plus, I just finished making one I wanted to share!*

Eledras Duskdancer
1st Level Half-Elf Bonded Witch of Healing (Bonded Item: Staff)

Eledras had a hard upbringing, simply because his mother is a human Witch married to an elven Wizard, and in the little Elven Hamlet near the Elven Capital where they lived she was always treated as a temporary "guest" of the Elves, who saw the marriage as just a "summer-fling".

Eladras at least had his twin brother Elanor to keep him company, until one day (they were 13yrs old) when they stumbled across a strange ritual being held in a hallow in the woods near their home.

Fleeing from the Fog Giant (GM's very Evil Giant race) sent after them, the twins stumbled across an older Elf woman who was their Father's teacher, sent to mind the boys while Mum and Da went to deal with some Dire Arcane emergency.

After "Nana" was killed by the Fog Giant, the boys had just enough time to get to the house's basement doors. Where Elenor pushed Eledras in, just as he himself was snatched up by the Fog Giant. The doors of the Basement were Spelled to close and lock automatically in case of danger, so Eledras still doesn't know if his brother is alive or dead.

How did Eledras get out of this situation of hiding in the basement with the giant hammering at the doors? He's still kinda fuzzy, since the adrenaline was pumping so high at the time. He remembers someone else in the basement where there shouldn't be anyone, who offered to save his life ("change your Fate!") in exchange for a favor, some time in the future.

13 years later and he still can't get the wax seal broken on the scroll he found himself with, after his parents horses mystically turned around and got them home just in time to kill the Fog Giant banging on the basement doors. Eledras still hasn't told anyone about the man-thing in the basement or the scroll, as he was found alone in the Basement, weeping.

He has become a Healing Witch like his mother, but unlike her, he never received a Familiar. Instead he came from his initiation in the Deep Woods with a black staff topped with a carved raven looking like it was just landing, or maybe about to take off.

Having learned about Candle-Making & Nature from his mother (who gifted him with two of her Magic Candles, for the "Darkest Roads"), and much about Magic, History, and Giants from his father and his father's people; Eledras is ready to go out into the World and find his Missing Twin, who is still untraceable by even the most powerful of his parent's Divination Magics!

A human witch who was adopted and raised by elves, but her desire for power by any means disagreed with elven teachings so she left them in search of ways to build herself up, which includes making pacts with powerful entities (ala patron).

I dont have a witch, but I am DMing for one and I have had a lot to do with the character development.

As a child I had the city she was born in destroyed. Her guardian was a powerful dwarf warrior as she was sort of a princess. She wasnt really old enough to truly be aware of it. Well undead destroyed the city and the dwarf died defending her... so she ran off into the wilderness alone and came across a demon. It is called a White Lie (which are invisible to all but her) and they dont have much in the way of combat powers, but I thought it would be perfect to help guide the character off of the path. The witch didnt know he was a demon for a long time, but the party had a demon hunter who kept a close eye on her and eventually revealed the demons presance and nature. She stayed close to the demon still because she was protected by him for like 10 years... so she was used to him, and comforted by him.

The witch attempted to get away from him slowly pissing off the demon hunter for a while. It was delicious friction in the party. Eventually though she found a replacement for her demon, a fire elemental, and she gutted the white lie who was taking the form of a snake.

The invisible snake was a very powerful tool for the party, but ultimately they chose good over power. Which was my whole intention. There is much more to the character of course, but all I can tell you is what I did to the character.

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