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After making rather extensive use of the list functionality on the site, there's a few things I wanted to suggest/request.

Mass Moves: (higher priority) This is the first and most important request I'd like to make. Right now I have a 512-entry "Table of Contents" (ToC) list for my PbP, but I would really like to split the entries into separate lists by-chapter. (By chapter of the story, not of the AP.) The problem is, currently you can only move items one-at-a-time.

Ideally, I would like to be able to specify a range of entries to move from the Edit list screen, and specify the first and last posts (using the List Order numbers) that I want to move.

A less optimal solution would at least being able to use the "Move to List" drop downs for multiple posts and then being able to click the "Update" or "Save Changes" buttons and actually have that process the moves.

List Entry Reordering: medium priority Remember back when people used to program in BASIC on Atari and Commodore and the best-practice was to number the lines in increments of 10 in case you needed to go back and add something later? Well, right now the list entries are listed consecutively with little to no space in-between entries. This makes it time-consuming to update the order of items in a list.

Usage Case: I make use of the ToC for my PbP players by listing posts that are either memorable, contain important information, or mark the start of a new day, etc. I then try to populate the description with mnemonic hints and keywords to make it easier to search the game from the ToC instead of using the site's search engine. However, if I miss a page of posts when I'm manually indexing and then need to go back and add those posts at a later date, it's difficult to do so because there are no gaps in the numbering.

List Reordering: lower priority Just like with editing list entries themselves, it would be handy to be able to reorder the lists themselves by number instead of clicking up/down.

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These are all good suggestions, thanks! We are aiming to revamp the wishlist code a bit coming up soon-ish and I'll see what we can do about them.

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Thanks, that's great to hear. BTW, is there a maximum number of entries that I should beware of for a single list?

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I don't think there's a limit.

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