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Weapon Snatcher (Ex)
Prerequisite: Advanced talents
Benefit: A rogue with this talent can make a Sleight of Hand check in place of a combat maneuver check when attempting to disarm an opponent.

Now some quick questions. I am trying not to color the answers with my opinions.

* Does this stealing provoke attacks of opportunity?

* Does the difficulty become the CMD of the target, or the DC of stealing something from someone's hand?

* Does this action break invisibility.

* What about if the target is unaware of the thief?

Thanks so much.

The way I read it, it would function like a normal disarm attempt, except you use the result of a Sleight of Hand check instead of the result of a CMB check to determine success or failure. The other rules for disarming function as normal. So:

1. Yes.
2. CMD.
3. Yes.
4. If the target is unaware, it would be flat-footed. It wouldn't be able to add its dexterity bonus to CMD, and wouldn't get an AoO.

There was a big debate on this in another thread. I don't think a consensus was ever reached.

I don't have strong feelings on the matter but I'm in agreement with Are for the most part.

Note that from the base skill:

If you try to take something from a creature, you must make a DC 20 Sleight of Hand check. The opponent makes a Perception check to detect the attempt, opposed by the Sleight of Hand check result you achieved when you tried to grab the item. An opponent who succeeds on this check notices the attempt, regardless of whether you got the item. You cannot use this skill to take an object from another creature during combat if the creature is aware of your presence.

So if you are invisible stealing from an unaware creature you wouldn't need to use the talent at all, and I don't think as skill use it would constitute an attack.

Now the talent makes a disarm attack with the slight of hand skill so If you do use the talent it removes invisibility... which doesn't make perfect sense to me.

Now add on the taent that makes the target unaware that something has been stolen!

What is this talent, and where do I find it?

My mistake it's a feat, Greater Steal. APG.

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