Ok, Now let's talk about Edition Wars. 4th Edition Guys help me out here.

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I am not trying to start some flame war or anything of the such.

But is Wizards of the Coast really good for the game industry?

Here is a metaphor:
It feels like this guy that ran away with my case of D&D beer and I find him in the back alley shirtless, sleeping with empty D&D beer cans all around him, next to a trash can/heap called Wizards of the Coast.

I will make no bones about it.

Corporations run your game.

But if you had a choice, why this corporation?

Merry Christmas! YOU ARE FIRED!

Sound familiar?

Oh accept it.

We love to be fired on Christmas from a great company. A company we see as the leader of the industry.


Oh wait, its January. Darn, we'll fire you next year.

I love 4th edition. It showed me the sickness of this industry. The sickness that if you work hard enough YOU GET FIRED.

They can fire their customers too.

You love 4th Edition? YOU'RE FIRED!

You love 3rd Edition? YOU'RE FIRED!

You love 2nd Edition? Who the hell are you anyway?

You love 1st Edition? Aren't you dead yet.

You love 5th Edition? Get the hell out of here and buy some more 4th Edition until we are ready.

Nuff said.

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Let's keep the 5th edition talk in the 4th edition forum for now.

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