Con Nooga 2012 (Chattanooga, TN) - Feb 17-19

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Pathfinder Society at Con Nooga will have a huge presence. In 2011 there were 60 tables of Pathfinder Society, and this year we have just as many scheduled. There are Pathfinder Society games of all levels, including the special Midnight Mauler, all-day modules, all the newest from Season 3, and wildcard slots for those of you with only a few scenarios left to play.

CON NOOGA is Chattanooga's first and only Multi-Fandom (Multiple Genre) Convention, held in the historic Choo Choo hotel.

Memberships: $40 for all 3 days
Single Day Memberships: Friday $25 - Saturday $35 - Sunday $10

To sign up for Pathfinder Society events at Con Nooga, visit the Warhorn site for Pathfinder at Con Nooga 2012. For more information and to register for the Con itself, go the Con Nooga website. Note that you will need to buy your Con Nooga membership separately from the Warhorn site.

We still need about 3-4 more volunteer GMs for Pathfinder Society. GM rewards are as follows:

2 Games: Free Badge
5 Games: Free Badge & 1/4 of a room at the Choo Choo. Hotel is paid for Friday and Saturday night. If you have an early morning Friday game I can get you in a room for Thursday night if required. I only have one of those available.

If you're interested in more events in Northern Georgia, check out the Georgia PFS Website, where you can find a calendar of events and forums with sign-ups for all of our game days.

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