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I've a question about the shipping discount. I have $137.64 worth of items in my cart (after discounts); when I go to my cart, I get the following message:

First Ten Shipping
Add $26.10 to your cart and we'll pay $10.00 towards shipping!*

*Paizo will pay the first $10 in shipping and handling for any shipment of products totalling $100 or more.

Is there a specific reason why I wouldn't be getting the discount? I continued the process to the next step (and applied the holiday discount) and there wasn't any shipping discount included.

Liberty's Edge

My guess is that there are pdfs in your cart, and those don't count towards the $100. Maybe that's the case?

Scarab Sages

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Nope, no PDFs at all. I do have a pre-order item (Heroes & Monsters brick) in the cart, but I'm not sure why that would impact it.

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As I understand it, the shipping discount is for an order shipping all at the same time. The pre-ordered item would be shipping at a different time, later than the rest of your order, so it doesn't count towards the US$100 value at which the discount kicks in.

Scarab Sages

That us correct. The shipping discounts do not apply to preorders... Or so I noticed.

Lantern Lodge

3rd party preorders can't be shipped with other items (unless its from a subscription sidecart). This is because We have had experience in the past with 3rd party preorders bring delayed or cancelled before publication without us knowing and then customer orders get delayed or never ship. The wizkids minis are a 3rd party product as they are made by wizkids and thus as a preorder they cannot be combined with the other items in your cart. Since neither part is over the $100.00 limit, the shipping discount does not apply.

However, if you put all these items in the side cart to await your next subscription shipment, you should qualify for the discount on the subscription order (although you won't see the discount show up until the subscription's order confirmation email).

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