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Just curious has anyone picked this up yet or know more about it? You can find the company blog here.

First I have heard of it. I think I will mark it as something I will grab, though. I wouldn't mind hearing from somebody that has it, though.

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I just picked it up. I'll let you know once I read through it.

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The Good:

Steam & Steel carries with it an implied setting that is experiencing an industrial revolution. If you're looking for some additional advanced firearm options, you'll get a handful here, along with some equipment and vehicles appropriate to the implied setting (some of which are also appropriate for a wider variety of settings).

The Bad:

The first chapter (and any other references to the implied setting) won't do you any good if your setting has an established scientific history. The implied setting is, at best, muddled in its intent. I *think* the intent was to portray science as the common man's magic. Plenty of attention is given to how science changed Earth's socities, but zero words are spent on how science interacts with a magical society.

The skills: Craft (artillery, mechanics, clockwork, gun smithing) some may find useful, but they're little more than filler, providing only DCs and costs without providing any real mechanics uses. Demolitions (an entirely new skill) is of too-limited use. (However, a new skill encompassing Demolitions as presented and Disable Device would be great.)

Far too many grammatical errors. Enough to be distracting, annoying, etc. After finding a dozen or so in the first thousand words, I stopped counting.

The Ugly:

Steam & Steel is irreverent of copyrights and trademarks. The book also ignores requirements of the OGL and Compatability License.

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Pity as I am always on the look out for some cool steam punk books.

Not a book, per say, but...

For books, here are five.

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