Is Infernal Bastard really a power down?

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Think about it.

It rips the resistances, okay but then gives a +2 (untyped I would argue it should be racial not that it matters) sv vs fire cold elec, which has a distinct possibility of reducing the damage by far more than 5 and still applies to those situations from enviromental stuff that the resistances bounce. It kills the SLA Darkness which can be useful but takes alot of preplanning for an at will cantrip/orison of your choice slightly less power for the ability to customize.

It doesn't change your type to humanoid. Which is actually a mixed bag since there aren't as many anti humanoid spells out there as people think, but there are some nasty anti outsider spells (Holy Smite and its cousins). So you aren't enlarging or reducing but not getting held or charmed and once you go up against an opposite aligned cleric and get geeked by his alignment nuke you might be wishing you were just a human so I consider this a wash maybe even a disadvantage as the game gets around level 7.

Just curious what are yalls opinions.

I never bothered using that trait, as a DM nor as a PC. I would say it isn't really that much of a power down now that you've showed what it can do, but it's still up to the DM if the racial can/should be taken in a given campaign.

Silver Crusade

DRS3 wrote:
It doesn't change your type to humanoid.

This is the big thing I wish the trait did, as well as any equivalent for aasimar. But then again I've always hated the classification of tieflings and aasimar as outsiders in 3.x.

That said, Infernal Bastard has made it easier to get tiefling PCs okayed, so I'm glad it's around. I just wish it wasn't needed to begin with.

I reckon run the Tielfings stock out of the box.

No nerf bat required.

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