Learn from EVE: don't diss PVE

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EVE Online crops up in many descriptions of what Pathfinder Online could look like.

I am a player of EVE and one of the failing of this game (which I love by the way) is that PVE content is atrocious.

Yet most new players start with PVE. It is also a way to learn the game and "level" your character until you have the financial means to engage in PVP (losing ships costs). I wonder howbmany player CCP has lost to this and what does their new player attrition rate looks compared to other MMO. I would expect a much sharper drop owing to new player giving up on boring/repetitive content.

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I almost exclusively played PvE in EVE.

Once I could run level 4 missions, I enjoyed how the flow of money financed better modules as I skilled up to fly the more powerful ships.

I would usually have 3 or so L4 agents that I would pick missions from so that I wouldn't be forced to do missions I'm bored with. Sometimes I would time how long it takes to complete each mission so I could gauge how well my build and weapon choices perform.

Once I got used to the idea that mission running was purely for monetary gain, I didn't really seek a story or further progression behind it.

If that same model of PvE applies for Pathfinder Online, I would find it to be a less desirable game to play. I see EVE as heavily trade driven, which seems fine in a technological universe. Perhaps if PFO PvE allowed players to build up faction points to contribute to their faction's position in the game, that would be something. If a faction's position relied almost entirely on resource mining and item crafting, that wouldn't seem to fit well with how a fantasy world works. I hope that won't be the case.

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I must agree. The hyper focus on PvP "0" security area conflict and industry and the lack luster PvE worked for EVEs theme of dystopia, but I do not want a dystopia in Pathfinder. I don't want to have to constantly be watching my back for a gank or can-flipper during some casual fun... Ryan & Mark you should know very well what I'm talking about.

The total lack of trust inherent in EVE made it almost impossible to create impromptu mission running groups even after the Fleet Finder was added to the game. I made it virtually pointless to play once my friends stopped playing. Finding a worthwhile Corp/Guild (and the corp wars that kept me docked) to run missions with was a joke.

Please learn from EVE on this, bring up the PvE and don't let the PvP totally crush it. Some people will always want to be Adventurers and not Kings or minions of Kings.

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