Where Can I find Paizo Miniatures?


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Hi everybody,

I live in Paris, France and my local retailer can't sell me your fantastic miniatures from wizkids for the simple reason that noone distribute them in France.

So my question is, for me and my local retailer :

Where can I command or find these miniatures in France or in Europe ?

Thanks for your answer

Good question...

Maybe Starplayer ?

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I Thought Diamond/Alliance distrupted to Europe?

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Ilmakis wrote:
Where can I command or find these miniatures in France or in Europe ?

Ilmakis, they are currently available as a pre-order on LudikBazar. It definitely looks like anyone should be able to get them in France.

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I'm forwarding a link to this thread to our sales team. Hopefully they can be of more assistance.

WizKids sells directly to their customers in Europe. So, I'm sorry to tell you we have no information about who carries them and who does not.

I've contacted our French distributor and asked him to see if he can order some WizKids

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Thanks !

I will take a look on ludikBazar and tell my retailer to try with wizKidz directly.

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