A Wilde Ride Across The Galaxy

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This is a Star Wars, character journal. I have been meaning to put up for a while.

Anyway the initial players are:

My Companions
PC: Taurean Gold- Lothario, Bar man, Male Human. Scoundrel L3, Soldier L1.
PC: Napoleon- Male Blind Jedi Guardian L4.
PC: Fandrel- Cat man, pilot, male. Scoundrel L4.
PC: Will- Male Human Gambler. Scoundrel L4.
PC: Al-Arbek- Male Zabrek Bounty Hunter. Scout L4.

& My PC: Gabriel Wilde: Human, female Tech-Specialist/3, Noble/1. Teenage girl, who is the niece or a crime syndicate boss on Corusant. I will post the back-ground story, but after a couple of session posts as she slid away from my writing concept into my playing style (necessitated by certain actions of players/ gm).

We started off at 4th Level and so far we have played the game for 3+ years.

Hope you enjoy it.

Patron: Aunty Sindel- Crime Boss of the Quetemor Family.

Written in a FPS, as a blog

Day 1 am

Today’s Quote “If I were rain,
that joins sky and earth
that otherwise never touch,
could I join two hearts as well?”

Woke up this morning with an ominous apprehensive feeling, I think we are on the verge of important times. Spent all morning fixing up my motorbike, repairs are progressing nicely. The body work needed straightening out from that crash, I installed state of the art shock absorbers so next time the bumps won’t catch me out when I am racing. I visited that new coffee shop that the girls at Amie’s place recommended; the ice-cream sundae is to die for. Aunty Sindel called me she wants me to look after the bar tonight. I was hoping to enjoy a quiet night in, but if she needs a hand I would be happy to help. Hopefully Taurean is not working tonight or else I’ll have to avoid his letching.


Day 1 pm

Wow, this evening was strange. Taurean was on the bar but he was on his best behaviour. Before Sindel left she charged me with finding a pilot that won’t me missed, a secret transport is leaving for the Dathomir system. I hope she does not want me to go, presently I feel secure under Sindels protection, she is so nice to me, a truly lovely person. Anyway I was sitting at my table & Taurean brought over this cat man, introducing him as Fandrel or something. You know how rubbish I am with names, I can recall the gravitational constant or pi to a couple of dozen decimal places but names, bah. I think I’ll make people wear name badges, instead I shall call him Mister Kitty because he is cute like a fluffy little cat. Anyway it turns out he is a pilot, who lost his flight and won’t be missed if this thing turns sour. Then suddenly there was a blood curdling scream in the club. Taurean & this guy in a cloak rushed towards the noise! Fandrel & I wandered over there, but after sitting down all night my hip was stiff and aching. Taurean & Napoleon (his name as I later found out) attacked this giant rat (Strat) that had eviscerated a customer. They killed it, and then an ambulance and the police turned up. A nasty policeman started interrogating me until Sindel stopped him dead in his tracks. She is so dominant, wish I was like that. I discovered the hole by which the strat entered the club; it seems it was made by one of our rival gangs trying to trash our reputation. So tomorrow we are going down into the sewers to rid ourselves of this plague. It turns out that Napoleon is a bounty hunter and will join us in exchange for transport on the Dathomir bound ship. Tomorrow we will be joined by a specialist trapper, I have just had an idea of something we might need to impress the others.


Day 2 am

I spent all night creating a motion sensor so that when we go down into the sewers we can locate the strats. Unfortunately, I fell asleep at my workbench and got a lousy night sleep. While I woke everyone up there was still a circuit board stuck to my face; it was so embarrassing I could have, like died. I rushed straight back to my room to make myself presentable. Anyways met this Abek-Al the trapper, he seems like a nice fellow. After a quick communal breakfast we headed down into the sewers.

As I walked down this slope I fell on my arse, right into the 'muck'. The worst of it wasn’t even getting my jeans covered in the raw sewage, but I landed right on my hip. It really hurt and all morning I have had shooting pains down my legs. So we just started wandering down the tunnel and we were set upon by the 'strats'. The others killed then all, poor creatures but at least they won’t harm my customers again. I didn’t have a blaster so I just kept them at bay with my whip. Napoleon was using a light-sabre!!!; I think there’s more to him than meets the eye. Talking of eyes he always seems to be wearing shades, I wonder if he has problems with his eyes. We carried on until we reached this room with a service lift, which was filled with cute baby strats. I could not bring myself to kill them. I wanted to pet the cute balls of fluff, the hardened bounty killer Napoleon was in agreement with me. Even though there was a 50Cr bounty on them and they would mature into ravening monsters, to me they are just sweet innocent animals. The others seeing credit signs went off on a genocidal purge. We travelled up the service lift and were caught in an ambush!!!


A shadowy female figure threw gas grenades into our midst, Abek & Fandrel fell over chocking. Panicking I ran, bugger my hip hurt, but I managed to gain access to a warehouse and I hid there nursing my aching bones. Taurean and Napoleon stood and fought this woman, Anna, Taurean grappling her while Napoleon unleashed his light sabre. Taurean does love grabbing women (!), but she had a dozen guards with her.

The b*d's captured Abek, Fandrel and escaped into the shining city-lights in a cruiser. I returned to the scene to find Napoleon all alone, I borrowed a parked speeder to chase them; unfortunately I lost them. I phoned Sindel and she informed us that she had a homing device on Taurean. “To keep on eye on him,” she said. I think she ‘likes’ him no matter how hard she protests (or perhaps because she protests so much). It might be a good idea to set those to up, Sindel could mellow out, Taurean could become a bit more responsible. Anyway they are being held to ransom, but Sindel has a plan to get them out!!!


Day 2 pm

Napoleon and I returned to the hotel, I ran upstairs to take a long luxurious shower and get all this sewage off me. Later Sindel introduced us to Will, he would be helping us rescue our comrades. He seemed quite sweet and handsome if not enthused about or mission, until it turned out that he owed The Business for gambling debts. Unsurprising, like there are any gamblers who don’t have debts all over town. We will see how trustworthy this gambling scoundrel is. Sindel had a plan we were to infiltrate the complex with the aid of a traitor, Anna. We got some disguises as computer engineers. Those two lads were surprised when I ordered then out of the van while I change, like I am going to get undressed in front of two guys I hardly know definitely not with my scars.

The entry to the underground complex went smoothly with Anna’s aid. We bluffed out way into the detention block, while she waited by our van. In the confusion of the guards shift change I managed to isolate them and used the security gas to render them unconscious. With access to the computer it was easy enough to release the captives. Sindel wanted all this groups data records, so I needed to enter the mainframe next door. Thinking it was over-kill I used my latest algorithm to hack in; unfortunately my haste meant that I missed the security lock out device and more annoyingly a droid assassin.

This of course shot at me :( winding me and giving me weird a coloured bruise to my ribs. It’s sort of a purple-yellow and sore especially when I poke it. So I hobbled back to the console in the detention block to try and shut it down. By the time I logged on to the console Fandrel assisted by the others had blown it up. Logging on to the mainframe I opened up the storage room for Will to investigate (loot!), while I downloaded all the information on the information on the groups activity to my laptop. They have been really acting up lately, trying to stop us from becoming the most powerful syndicate in the sector.

In the store Will had discovered lockers of goodies, but the floor had pressure plates on them so we carefully managed to open a few of the lockers. The greedy Will found a schematic, credit chip and a light sabre! Whereas I found a master craft heavy blaster, it may be quite bulky but it looks a real work of art created by a master. See trust in fate and it delivers what you need, I knew there was no point spending lots of money on an expensive weapon when you can find exquisite work of art like this. As I was examining it Will found a blaster cannon!! It was massive, over a metre long. He and Fandrel tried to cat-manhandle it out of a locker situated on a pressure plate, losing their grip it fell time slowed as I dived across the room and just managed to get my fingertips under it, keeping it from triggering an alarm until Fandrel pushed it back into the locker. How come I am always the one falling over, am I really such a klutz? We ran out to our transport under heavy fire. Returning fire we escaped, due to Fandrels excellent flying. Sindel phoned telling us to meet up at the space-port.

When we got there Sindel was waiting along with cousin Zack, great to see the loser looking well. Sindel ordered me onto the space ship; I was going off to Dathomir. Privately she said I was to pick up a Sith Abattar from a crashed spacer, Chu’Anthor. Then she took my lap-top and sent me on my way. Well I suppose a little off world adventure might be quite interesting. I set the co-ordinates unfortunately I forgot the decimal place and the course would have taken us into the sun, whoops. So we are now all heading away to a mysterious planet at Aunties orders.

Day 3- 7

Everyone lazed in their cabins on the journey, ‘cause they are boring. Will gave me the schematic that he found, I have tried to gather components and put it together.

Here is where the accounts move more from the factual into perspective.


Day 8 am

It seems that Napoleon knew more about this planet than I suspected. Before touching down he warned me about the xenophobic natives and if we meet any to ask about Chu-Anthor! We landed in a canyon and before the airlock cycled open we were surrounded by robed women (some mounted). So out I went to meet them, their leader greeted me, a beautiful young woman named Irell (Avail?). She informed us that this was their land and after a brief exchange of pleasantries she explained that she would lead me to the crashed Chu’Anthor in exchange for hostages. Abek and Taurean were to remain in her village as (sex!-Taurean hopes ;p) slaves. Taurean must be a Jedi to affect strangers so, or really charismatic and believe me that is not so. Anyway I hastily agreed to this, knowing Taurean’s obvious delight and hoping Abek would acquiesce. Then Irell (Avail) informed me that she would have to get her superiors agreement, so off we walked to her village. It seems that this society is a matriarchy, where all men are slaves. I am now the leader of our group, so this should be fun. I have a feeling we might be in a bit of trouble, but you have got to have fun and make the best of any situation.

Day 8 pm

I was right, wish I was wrong. I’m am idiot. <Sob>

Napoleons hurt and it’s completely my fault. <Sob>

Starting at the beginning….

So I claimed all the men were my slaves, well I am their leader, boss and superior (!). So we were taken to the clans’ village. The tech level seems quite primitive, but it is breathtaking in a rustic aboriginal way. As we walked through the streets of round houses, I saw many different exquisite pieces of jewellery, turns out that these act as foci for force powers with many of the tribe’s women having such powers (attuned males are killed!). As we walked Irell (Avail) told me that there are 4 tribes in the land:

  • Great Canyon (her tribe)
  • Mountain
  • Misty Falls
  • Night Sisters

The Night Sisters want to be the dominant clan & wage war on the other tribes in an effort to subjugate them. We were taken to Mentari, the clan mother of the Mountain Clan, who was acting as the Great Canyons Clan Mother due to a debilitating illness of their leader. Mentari was trying to unify the clans under her leadership; she was flanked by a dark, handsome, subservient male, not really my type but good to look at. I put on a submissive, penitent stance and knelt before the chief and honestly placed my case and mission before her.

This is where I made a grave miscalculation, as a responsible slave owner I should have demanded the boys kneel. The others did but Napoleon being too proud or noble remained standing. Mentari demanded he was punished, so I switched to a top and said I would do it but she countermanded me and he was dragged away. I could not stop her, he would be lashed. This brings back many painful memories, my back & shoulders still ache and bare the scars of this kind of sustained abuse. I could have done more to protect him, he was in my care and I was powerless to stop him being hurt. I need to be powerful, and then I can shield those I care about. <Sob, sob>


Those of us who remained from our rapidly diminishing group were led away to secure quarters. In a central chamber was a fountain to supply water and cool the room during the day. Surmounting the fountain was a red stone. Will found a secret passage I ordered him and Fandrel to investigate it, thus leaving me alone to ponder my ineptitude. Ditzy old me rather than acting as a guard decided to investigate the stone. Due to the rushing of the fountain I did not hear Irell (Avail) arrive behind me. To stop her noticing the secret passage I fell on my arse, again! Then we started talking again, Irell (Avail) is such a nice person, a free thinker in a turgid society. It seems that most of the women can use the force, the men used to rule the planet with their aggressive tendencies until the women rebelled. Though I disapprove of institutionalised slavery if this method keeps the world peaceful, stopping male stupidity, improbable I know, then the society may not be…. bad?

I asked about the Chu’Anthor, it seems 3 Jedi survived the crash, 1 of whom (Vos?) joined the Night Sisters and ruled them. He tried to open a Gate, he failed but it is still his goal. Ever since then the Night Sisters seem to be reverting to the dark side. A small green Jedi arrived later and negotiated the captive’s release.

After Irell (Avail) left Fandrel and Will returned from down the secret passage, it led to Mentari’s audience chamber. Two burly guards dragged the limp form of Napoleon into the central chamber; his back was a bloody mess. I gave him some of my personal morphine stash and dressed his wounds as best I could. Despite my best efforts I could not hold back the tears in front of the others, we placed him in my bed and I cried myself to a guilt-wracked sleep by the fountain. During the night a woman moved me back to my own bed (which Napoleon had vacated).

Day 9 am

Beautiful morning so far, I feel much better for the cathartic weeping last night. Irell (Avail) informed us that Mentari would talk to the other clan mothers about our mission and presence here, granting us acceptance? So I had a nice long relaxing bath to get the aches and pains out of my body and dressed in this gorgeous purple dress Irell left me. If clothes make the man then I am a pretty princess. It is sooo cute, I love it, but I had to craft a shawl to cover my back. I look so adorable in it. We tried eavesdropping on Mentari again using the secret passage, but we could not understand a word of their strange language. I think I will see if Irell can teach me a bit. Soon we were summoned before Mentari and representatives of the 4 clans. She informed us that we could visit the Chu’Anthor with 2 covenants:

  • 1. We could not take anything away.
  • 2. That we undertake a task (quest) for each of the clans with Irell as our guide and guardian. That no harm was to befall her or our comrades would suffer.

I eagerly agreed (Napoleon whispered to me to be beware & inquire about reptile men, Yuck). I asked but they said that there was no other sentient life on the planet. Napoleon is definitely a Jedi, or hiding some secret, but we all have our secrets I don’t talk about my past or show my scars. You have to trust everyone or else you may as well be a paranoid recluse. I think I may try to get Will to smuggle the Sith Abattar necklace from the ship, if he promises not to steal it.

Irells' Canyon Clan gave us our first task, to clear the hunting grounds, near the sacred of Rancors'. So we have gone back to our room to discuss what we are to do and prepare for the walk out.

Day 9 pm

During a long tiring hike I have been trying to learn from Irell some of the planets language, each clan has its own dialect. It is courteous to talk to others in their native tongue. We got to a ravine; one side was bounded by the sacred forest the other leading to an open plain. Surveying the scene we spotted the rancor herd, lead by a large bull. Irell, Fandrel & I set up camp amongst the forest while, Napoleon & Will scouted around the plain. Suddenly I heard blaster fire and we rushed to the cliff edge to find Napoleon and Will engaged in combat with the bull. The beast grabbed Will despite him laying a barrage of fire into its face. Napoleon unleashed ferocious blows from this light sabre nearly slashing off the rancors' leg. Fandrel added covering fire into the melee as Will was being viciously shaken. I had left my weapon back at camp and despite my best efforts to distract it with my whip, I proved ineffectual. Will badly injured, blood streaming down a wound to his side, valiantly carried on firing. I tried to climb down the cliff to help him but Irell restrained me. After a brutal sweep from Napoleon, Fandrel dispatched the beast.

Here's the character background. The character changed considerably during play though.

Gabriel “Gabe”

a.k.a Red Butterfly

Hi, my name is Gabriel, but everyone calls me Gabe.

Tell you about myself? Well the best place to start is the beginning as my mother always used to say. My parents split up when I was very little, I never saw my father. My mother brought me up, she was the greatest mother ever. She always said I was mummies little girl. We were poor but everyday was fun. Mum could make the most fun out of any situation. She was the most beautiful person you have ever seen. I know men come up to me all the time and use that line on me, but I am a pale reflection of her. She was statuesque and womanly whereas I am doll-like and feminine. In the twilight you could see the tints of blue in her raven black hair, which made her look like a goddess. Fortunately I inherited this, her alabaster flawless skin and her generous bosom. Though I think on my small frame I look a bit top heavy don’t you think?

Are you alright, you were choking on your drink? About my inspiration, my mother, she was a seamstress. I spent most evenings watching her sew by the firelight as she told me tales of her time in the resistance movement.

While I untangled thread that she needed and measured out bolts of cloth I learnt how to tailor clothes. As I grew up I became more proficient and helped out much more:

Oh, lookie at my leather jacket I sewed this design on myself. See it is a red butterfly because it’s my nickname when I race. This is because when I race all you can see is my taillights dancing in the nights sky like a red butterfly. ‘Cause I am fast see.

With the extra income I generated we even had more to spend on food and other such luxuries. Those were good times, but as mum always used to say “times change, seasons turn and everything dies in the end”. When I was 8 my mother got very ill, I had to look after her. But the amount I made taking over her sewing work was just enough to get her food, we could not afford any medicine. Even in these circumstances she managed to make jokes and retain her optimistic persona, making me smile even when I felt sad. So from that day henceforth I decided that it would be best to make the most out of life and be positive in all situations. By seeing the best in people it allows them to see the best in me and through mutual understanding we can create our own utopia. Even when my mother died she was smiling with her last breath, she did not get to see the summer that she so loved.

Then my father re-entered my life, he had been travelling around space as a professional gambler. Darnel told wild stories of how he made and lost fortunes at the card tables of Bespin and Kesler, the money he owned and how lady lucks favour was fleeting. Darnels cuts a tall, lithe, graceful figure and he stalked the halls for the next mark to sting, in fact I inherited my pale grey eyes from him. Yes I know they are bright blue now but that is due to my electro-chromatic contact lens. They can change my eye colour at the switch of a button: see brown, green, and red!!! Do you think I look good with scarlet eyes?

Anyway back to the story, for the next two years we journeyed to casinos gambling and conning the marks out of their money. Darnel using his cunning and me my innocent visage we managed to lead exciting adventures like my mother had told me about. It was not the homely life I knew but still the adrenaline rush was addictive. Sometimes I felt sorry for the rubes that we worked, but Darnel gambled the money as soon as we earned it. In some ways I had less money living with my father than I did with my mother, but I did get to experience the best hotels and food when Darnel hit a winning streak. It was the most unpredictable lifestyle I had until I started living on my own. Then as suddenly as it started his winning streak ended, in a bid to regain his form Darnels gambling soon got frantic and he ended up owning some bad men a thousand credits!! To save his life Darnel sold me to them.

That is how I ended up living with Uncle Peter. He was an associate at an electronics firm, aged 27 and he had a beautiful apartment full of the modern appliances that I had only heard about. The first thing Uncle Peter did was give me a computer, he taught me how to use it to programme. He was a quiet reserved young man, who loved to spend a quiet evenings tapping at his keyboard. Soon after I arrived a comfortable domestic schedule was formed. When Uncle Peter came home from work I had a hot meal ready for him and during the evenings we sat each programming on our computers with the reassuring tap of the keys the only sound and on a night I would sing him to sleep with a lullaby.

I have a great voice you should hear me sing some time. I learnt so much from him, my skill with computers was entirely down to his precise teachings. The software we created during the long winter nights was ground-breaking and I designed my first artificial intelligence programme. When I look back it was rudimentary but then I was so proud and Uncle Peter bought me a teddy to celebrate, I still have Mr. Snuggles with me today. He was always very generous, I don’t think he knew want to do with this enormous wages so he bought me tons of presents. It was then that I developed my love for software. It might give me a thrill to physically fix machinery and built computers, ensuring that they work perfectly and are as good as new. But I am a software specialist, there is nothing better than designing a system, surfing the web or having your ICE crack into a top secret, secure server and retrieve information. Currently I am working on an artificial intelligence programme that can feel human emotions and even fall in love. Thus I am also creating the body shell and armour that it will fit into to be indestructible. Anyway enough about my side projects I was telling you about Uncle Peter, it was approximately year after I moved in with him that there was some sort of scandal at work. Each evening he came home looking sadder and thus each subsequent day it was harder to put a smile on his face. Then one day he did not come home anymore. I did not know what to do. I had not been out of his apartment unsupervised before so I just stayed there waiting, then the bad men came and took me away.

I was put in a small dark room, I was really lonely but I still had Mr. Snuggles so everything was alright. Then the bad men visited me. They regularly hurt me a lot. My arms and back are still badly scarred. DON’T LOOK. Sorry I am really self conscious about them. I don’t even wear T-shirts or them nice summer dresses. Anyway it was after they broke my hip that I decided that I had to escape. It was actually quite easy getting out of there. I spent four years in their care.
Anyway I was now a fifteen year old girl on the street with no money, but things were looking up. I started squatting in this old warehouse, it is amazing the things people throw away. I scavenged what they did not want and fixed it or converted it. In fact I built my first laptop out of parts I found in a recycle heap and some of the nano-circuits are in my current one. With this I was able to spend my days hacking and providing on-line services, but I did not need much money just for my food and medicine. Unfortunately my hip was never healed and I still am in constant pain from this and a number of other old injuries. You may have seen I have a pronounced limp. But some days are better than others, especially if I take my medicine. I discovered this nice young man on a nearby street corner was selling pain relief medicine. So I ought some of his heroin, it is quite effective in small doses but I tend to use it sparingly because some people can get addicted to it. I sometimes use other pain relief pills like somas and I keep them all in my little black goodie box. I only really take them if I need to do some strenuous activity, because I am used to the constant pain, it’s like an old friend.

You want a drink. OK, barman one whisky for my friend here and a pint of water for me. See I don’t really like alcohol that much I prefer to keep my body pure.

Where was I? Oh I am now famous on the internet, as 'Red Butterfly' my pseudonym is on all the best message services. I am one of the best code-breakers and hackers out there that are independent from the Imperium. I am in demand from numerous sources for my cutting edge programmes at reasonable rates. Once I even hacked into an imperial base and changed all the screensavers to say “FEEL THE FORCE”. That was a laugh although dangerous, but now in the community I am famous. Anyway a few of years ago I found this old bike, it had wheels and everything. All the parts were old and rusty but I was so beautiful I fixed it up. It took me ages to repair and replace the machinery it was an interesting exercise. I decided to use all the latest technology as restoring it using old parts was much too costly. It is the fastest thing on two wheels in the system, as proved by my races wins. The shell is black friction free polymer with leather seats, power is transferred through a electromagnetic inductance box to the wheels and the power source is a work of precision art requiring extreme processing power just to run. The suspension is variable allowing it to move over any surface with a minimum drop in speed output. The ride is incredible; I enjoy the feel of the wind rushing through my hair, the touch of the road as I speed along. Even the pain of the bike on the tarmac and the vibrations going through my hip are forgotten, I feel elemental. I can see the interconnection of the world, how we all work together as part of a bigger organism. As my mother always used to say “live for the day, the rest will take care of itself”.

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