River Tam (as of Serenity)


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Whatever you make just have the gm roll a percentile every time there is combat. 0-95 you cower in a corner. 96-99 you do some obscene acrobatics or intellectual non-combat related thing. 100 you kill everything.

How about the villains? Here, I'll throw one in.

Aetherton Wing: LE Fighter with weapon focus (Longsword).

I also posted on a facebook group that the Alliance was LE, the crime lords like Badger and Niska were NE, and the Reavers were CE. But some people objected and said that the Alliance was LN.

The way I would recommend is urban ranger with a natural 20 dex. When raging she puts more into dex. After that take the traits that allow her to take levels of monk despite the alignment restrictions. From the monk u will gain many of the things that others have proposed. Finally, be sure to go dual wielding for more defense, offense, and theme. Can she have a gun?

cnetarian wrote:
I'm thinking some sort of barbarian variant would work better myself. One set of stats for when she is in her 'normal' not there state and a second set of stats for when she "rages" and lets her tricked out, induced psychosis kill machine loose. Maybe some alchemist extract based psionic variant could also work, but would be harder to figure.

Thought about that sort of path and if doing it try a synthesist summoner - racial heritage (half orc) feat so she can be a synthesist / blood god disciple. Either a shattered person with the odd spell or she assumes her 'battle form of the blood god' for some real carnage.

Urban barbarian...pffft!

I think the chr focus fits because as said everyone likes her even when she is being destructive and bananas. Think of people you know with low chr - if they cut you with a knife etc (in an old west type setting) they would pretty much be dead before you realised you'd reacted.

But again this focuses on one thing and doesn't allow her to kill things in one blow or allow her to know all as a savant and perceive beyond the norm.

Wait a sec, I think u should rethink the urban barb a bit. Rivers biggest signature in battle was the fact that she was pretty much untouchable or unhittable. A monk and urban barb combo serves that well. Adding wisdom, dex, combat expertise, two weapon defense, fighting defensive, dodge, barskin (qui gong archetype) or any other natural armor all add REALLY fast. Add flurries with two weapon fighting and ur going to hit a LOT. Just figure a way to overcome DR an ur a worthy contender miss Tam.

Edit: I said flurries with two weapon, I meant to say flurries OR two weapon fighting so u could choose ur weapons to attack with.

General comments on stats for river....

As dipicted by show/movie. River was not strong but she hit like it, was the most agile or coordinated of the crew by far, relatively weak constitution because of drugs. Mentally was very perceptive and strong willed (so good WIS), NOT charismatic as even a child she put off many others, and was smarter than a doctor in the top 3% of medical school. If I assigned points not based on pathfinder pt buy I'd go....

CON: 12
WIS: 13
CHA: 7

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Zhayne wrote:
Annoying GMPC that you want to push off a cliff sounds about right.

Hah! Or the character run by the GM's significant other. No wonder she's the only one allowed to run a gestalt psion/inquisitor. With rage.

Lincoln Hills wrote:
Zhayne wrote:
Annoying GMPC that you want to push off a cliff sounds about right.
Hah! Or the character run by the GM's significant other. No wonder she's the only one allowed to run a gestalt psion/inquisitor. With rage.

Probably even more accurate.

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Spends most of the time not doing anything, but for short periods has an unholy to simply ignore the 'laws' of physics.
High Mythic Tier characters can spend a mythic point to do things like add +d12 to their Hit/save/skills, +10 to their AC, or hit everyone in a room at once.

Combine with a class that can use spells to power up. Kensai Magus would be good.
All those rounds where she's just getting toed around pre-combat she's going
standard: Bull's Strength. Standard: Haste...

Personally I would have thought Urban Barbarian with a level or two of Psionic Warrior. Or possibly Lurk.

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River Tam before she went off "to school"

Human Expert

River Tam after she was rescued

Human Gestalt Dual Disciple Psion (Telepath/Seer)//Unarmed Swordsage

She has a really high Int (over 20), a decent Wis (12-14), and a semi-low Cha (around 10).

She is a gestalt character in a campaign where no one else is, a martial adept in a campaign where there are no other martial adepts, and is a psionic character in a non-magical universe where psionics are extremely rare. She also has severe drawbacks and is both a plot device and occasional deux ex machina.

Basically the guy playing the healer said to his DM "I want to have this super cool backstory where I rescue my little sister from an evil government facility" and the DM ran with it.

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On further consideration I'd say River is suffering from an acquired template. And a pretty nasty one, too. Lots of good stuff, but she seems to have the Curse of Incoherence kick in a lot, not to mention being easily frightened by hair.

Zoe: River, honey? It's OK. He's putting the hair away now.
River: Doesn't matter. It'll still be there. Waiting.

Seems to me that a dervish bard would be a good type. She loves to dance, has knowledges out the yin-yang, and moves like crazy while murdering people. Use bard spells primarily for self-buffing, perhaps the thoughtsinger archetype if it's compatible...

Using the Serenity RPG as a base: she could be level 5 or 6, probably Oracle and monk with a High Dex (18) and a High Int (20) and a fairly high wisdom (16) and an above average charisma (14) and an above average Strenght (14), and probably a medium con (14).

Give her a drawback of mental instability (or make it her oracle curse) and for fun give her the exotic weapon pro - Firearms.

For the none Psionic Variety anyway :)

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It is beginning to seem that we should look for a monk/oracle multiclass archetype that keys off wisdom.

Lincoln Hills wrote:
It's an interesting question, but I think using the standard class mechanic is the wrong way to go. Follow me down Pet Theory Boulevard for a moment. Unlike most movie/comic telepaths who are sort of limited to reading thoughts, River seems to be using wide-spectrum clairsentience of which telepathy is almost a mere side effect. She reminds me of the Marvel comics superhero Echo - in the presence of an expert, she can simply tap that expertise for her own uses (on top of using 0.5-second prescience to make attackers look like chumps). Standing near Jayne, for instance, allows her to "read" his skills (not that River would want to read Jayne's skill set, but I get the impression she doesn't have much of a choice, poor thing.) . . . .

Yes, I realize the pet theory is years old now, but rereading the thread, I noticed a psionic PrC that does some of that. Adaptive warrior. I'm not saying it's the way to build River, but it could be good way for a wilder or psychic warrior to mimic some of that theory flavor.

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