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Hi. Next month I will be returning back home for a month or so, and my old group wants to play PF. I'm DMing Serpent Skull to another group, and I really like Paizo's APs. Obviously, we won't have time to run an entire AP, but I was wondering if any AP has a good book to run separately from the entire AP, as an adventure on its own (kinda like the first book of SS). What would you recommend me?

It cannot be from Kingmaker, as I will be a player of that AP soon.


Doesn't have to be an AP book. There are tons of stand-alone modules (and a lot linked in two or three module runs). Then there's the Pathfinder Society modules, I've used a few of them for my home group.

What level range are you looking at? (Not that I'm all that knowledgeable about the modules.)

Thing is, I've already run/played most of the modules; and I'm not really interested in the ones I haven't; that's why I'm looking for an AP book.

Any level range between 1 and 12 would be fine.

Ah. There I can help even less as my group started with Jade Regent when it comes to APs.

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The Sixfold Trial! Easily the best Stand-Alone adventure out of the entire AP line. It's the second book of Council of Thieves, has a lot of great stuff. A murder-play, a fancy party, a heist, a wonderfully twisted dungeon, Cheliax and wotnot. Just change the McGuffin to taste.

A good one would be Council Of Thieve part 2 or even 3. Six Fold Trials would be easy to start a game with. Just change up the goal a bit by giving the players a different reason to participate in the trial.

Even easier is What Lies in Dust as it could be started for stand alone by just having the player encounter the box and it leads them to Westcrown and the potential treasure that long sealed and cursed Pathfinder lodge holds.

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How about a nice adventure from a 3pp?

Frog God Games, Raging Swan, Rite Publishing, Open Design, 0OneGames and many more have some great offerings.

One of my group was thinking of running council of Thieves and stopped after reading book 2. He thought it was awful and it would never work for our group. I guess it must be for a certain groups tastes.

My recomendation would be HofH.

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