Problem Applying Store Credit, linking to subscription, and Advantage saving

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Scarab Sages

I've picked some items from the sale, and I want to use my store credit to cover the cost, but when I request the credit value and 'apply', nothing happens.

Is this because I asked for the items to ship with my Dec subscription?
IE, trying to use store credit that could theoretically not be there, when the subscriptions are ready to go?

Also, does delaying the shipping, to match the subscription, still allow me to buy at the current sale price? Or would the prices revert back to their normal level, mid December?

I also don't appear to have benefitted from PF Advantage, or if I have, it's not apparent in the checkout.

I'm happy to pay for the items in my cart early, to secure their availability, and sale price. I'm just trying to reduce the total no of parcels, and resultant shipping.

Lantern Lodge

Just like regular money, we can't remove store credit from your account until we actually ship the items. Place items in your sidecart as normal and make sure that on your My Subscription page the box for "use available store credit on subscriptions" is checked. When the shipment is processed, the system will use any available store credit toward the order.

You get the price of the item when it is submitted to an order or your sidecart. Prices should not revert once the items are in your sidecart. The PF Advantage discount is off the retail price. If the sale price is greater than 15% off then we give you the sale price.

Hang off on doing anything to your cart for the moment. I need to check with Cosmo on something and he isn't in yet.

Lantern Lodge

Sending you an email about your cart.

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