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We've got plenty of games planned around the Atlanta, Athens, and Macon areas in Georgia for the month of December. Because of the holidays the games are frontloaded for the month. Hope to see some new faces at our games and help us out by reserving slots at our forums!

December 3rd at Treefort Games in Fayetteville - #14 The Many Fortunes of Grandmaster Torch and #45 Delirium's Tangle

December 4th at Titan's Games in Smyrna - #3-06 Song of the Sea Witch

December 10th at Galactic Quest Games and Comics in Lawrenceville - Year of the Shadow Lodge in Review! #51 City of Strangers, Part 1: The Shadow Gambit, #2-04 Shadows Fall on Absalom, #52 City of Strangers, Part 2: The Twofold Demise, and #2-08 Sarkorian Prophecy.

December 12th at Manuel's Tavern in Virginia Highlands, Atlanta - #1 Silent Tide and #3-02 Sewer Dragons of Absalom

December 17th at Hobbytown USA in Kennesaw - 3-09 The Quest for Perfection, Part I - The Edge of Heaven and 3-10 The Immortal Conundrum

December 17th at Tower Game Center in Lawrenceville - The Year of the Shadow Lodge in Review, Part II! #2-23 Shadow’s Last Stand, Part 1: At Shadow’s Door, #2-20 Wrath of the Accursed, #2-24 Shadow’s Last Stand, Part 2: Web of Corruption, #2-26 The Mantis’ Prey, and The Feast of Ravenmoor (Module).

December 17th at Tyche's Games in Athens - #2-17 Shades of Ice, Part II: Exiles of Winter

December 17th at The Golden Bough in Macon - #2-02 Before the Dawn Pt. 2 - Rescue at Azlant Ridge

December 18th at FCB Games in Alpharetta - #3-EX First Steps, Part II

Remember! If you'd like to reserve a slot respond to the corresponding game thread on the Georgia PFS Forums or email or

If you reserve a slot, we can get enough GMs to fill as many tables as our stores can fit! See you there!

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