Revisiting Paizo Archetypes: The Ragechemist, because RAGECHEMIST SMASH !

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After having revisited the Titan Mauler and the Gun Tank, here is another archetype that provokes urticary, headaches, laughs, hate, a hurting belly, an absence of love, and sometimes constipative diarrhea to anyone reading it and wondering if it could be actually worth playing without regretting the choice.

But wait, wait.

- The ragechemist may HULK SMASH !
- Batman had the back broken by a ragechemist. A ragechemist will be the bad guy in the next Nolan's Batman movie.

Yes, starting from today, you could be the guy who beat The Batman.

What isn't there to love ? (Ok, this, but well.)

So, please behold, ladies and gentleman, the...



Some alchemists cannot use mutagens. Not because they refuse to accept their efficiency, or didn't study them ; such alchemists may not use mutagens because they simply are immune to their effects. Either because of a failed experiment or by accidental exposition to massive amounts of mutagenic substances, a ragechemist's body is irremediably bursting with mutagenic residutes, and reacts violently to adrenaline and emotions ; simple mutagens don't have any effect anymore on such alchemists, who tap into a primal anger that fuels their physical transformation. These alchemists have little control over their altered selves that emerge from their anger.

Mutate (Ex)

At 1st level, as a result of massive exposure to violent mutagenic substances, the ragechemist can assume a mutagenic form by focusing on his anger and bloodthirst. The ragechemist must not be fatigued, and must have at least one full hour of rest before he can mutate.
The mutagenic form usually is a grotesque, bulkier version of the ragechemist that presents a visible skin distinction, like a weird skin pigmentation or a scaly texture ; it also has a personality of it's own (see the Mutagenic Form class feature description). While assuming this form, it grants the ragechemist a +6 morale bonus to Strength, a +2 natural armor bonus, and a –2 penalty to Intelligence.
While in mutagenic form, a ragechemist cannot use any Charisma-, Dexterity-, or Intelligence-based skills (except Acrobatics, Fly, Intimidate, and Ride) or any ability that requires patience or concentration.
A mutagenic form lasts for 10 minutes per alchemist level, after which the ragechemist is fatigued during an amount of time equal to the time spent in mutagenic form. If the ragechemist possesses the Roused Anger power, or if he forcefully enters his mutagenic form while being fatigued or exhausted, he becomes respectively exhausted or unconscious during the same amount of time. A ragechemist may otherwise not enter voluntarily in mutagenic form while fatigued or exhausted.

A ragechemist may be forced to take his mutagenic form against his will by stress or damage. Anytime the character is in his normal form, he may be forced to switch after suffering a critical hit, failing a Fortitude save, or being subject to an emotional shock. In these situations, the ragechemist must make a DC 15 Will save; if he fails, on his next turn he uses a standard action to change to his mutagenic form. If a ragechemist is fatigued or exhausted when this happens, the DC increases respectively by +5 or +10 and the ragechemist is confused, as per the spell. At the end of this round, and each round thereafter, he can attempt a new saving throw to end the confusion effect at the same DC he needed to avoid enter mutagenic form.

For the purposes of discoveries and the Master Chymist prestige class prerequisites, mutate is considered as the Mutagen class feature ; and assuming a mutagenic form, as imbibing a mutagen.
If the ragechemist possesses the Greater Mutagen discovery, it provides him instead a +8 morale bonus to strength, a +4 natural armor bonus and a +4 morale bonus to a second physical stat. The ragechemist takes a –2 penalty to his Intelligence and his second associated mental score as long as he is in mutagenic form.
The Grand Mutagen discovery provides him a +10 morale bonus to strength, a +6 natural armor bonus, a +6 morale bonus to a second physical stat and a +4 morale bonus to a third physical stat. The ragechemist takes a –2 penalty to his Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma as long as he is in mutagenic form.
The True Mutagen discovery provides him a +10 Morale bonus to Strength, Dexterity and Constitution, a +10 natural armor bonus, and a –2 penalty to his Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma as long as he is in mutagenic form.

A ragechemist is immune to mutagens, and thus gains no benefit by imbibing one.

This replaces the alchemist's Mutagen ability.

Mutagenic Form (Ex)

At 1st level, the ragechemist gains this ability, as per the Master Chymist class feature of the same name.

Rage Study (Ex)

At 2nd level, a ragechemist gains a rage power, as per the barbarian class feature. In addition, each time he could select a discovery, the ragechemist may instead select a rage power. Powers usable once per rage are instead usable once per mutagenic transformation.
His effective barbarian level for the purposes of this ability is equal to his ragechemist level ; these levels stack with barbarian levels.

This ability replaces poison use and swift poisoning.

Discoveries: The following discoveries complement the ragechemist: feral mutagen, grand mutagen, greater mutagen, tentacle, and vestigial arm.

Rage powers: The following rage powers complement the ragechemist archetype: animal fury, bloody blow, body bludgeon, brawler, greater brawler, ground breaker, greater ground breaker, intimidating glare, mighty swing, no escape, powerful blow, roused anger and quick reflexes.

Silver Crusade

Shameless rage bump.

Thanks for putting this up. I disagree with changing the STR bonus type to Morale, though honestly it would keep the problem of Barbarian/Alchemists down.

Yeah, morale seems wrong to me. The source of this strength buff is decidedly alchemical. It's better suited than morale.

Aside from that, this sounds a like a decent replacement.

Silver Crusade

Glad you're liking it ! :)

You may want to check the last version currently available, as this one has been made a long time ago and has since been errata-ed and corrected in some parts.

At least, playing this one will not make you a vegetable after the first rounds of combat, and you have a built-in multiclass feature to blend flavorful discoveries and rage powers. It has the potential to hurt a lot, but you are sacrificing spellcasting efficiency for what is essentially a barbarian with d8 hp, weird features and built-in buffs.

The bonus is a morale one for obvious balance reasons, and is also explained in the fluff as such : alchemical extracts mutated you for good, granting you the ability to rage in a more impressive way than a common berserker would.
I guess you could make it an alchemical effect that doesn't stack with morale bonuses from rage effects, but it's tweedledee and tweedledum and needlessly complicated when you can simply say "it's a morale bonus, and mutagens have no effect".

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