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A really nifty concept, the Dvati race on page 14 (Dragon issue #271) has the race be a set of twins: one character with two bodies.

Now, this is a great idea, but I'm curious how it works in play. I hope someone here can answer with some helpful suggestions, as this is the place for Paizo stuff.

1) How does one divide up their actions? While Spellcasting can only be done by one twin, the entry does not mention melee or ranged weapon combat. Do both twins need to attack the same target? If one attacks (standard action) does that leave the other with only a move action? Or do both of them get an attack and a move action?

The idea that both get to attack in the same round isn't bad if other characters have pets or cohorts, but if not do they get two attacks or just one with a bonus?

2) how much space do they take up? Can they occupy the same square as their twin?

My suggestion:

They move and act as a team, with a special attack action for the player, just one action, but the added bonus of doing double damage if both attacks hit. However, if only one hits, they only do half damage. In fact, whenever they do something separate (ie: two different things in one round) they get a penalty or simply are only half as effective: damage is half as much, etc. Sort of like rolling a critical hit, where you find out if your success was full (with a damage bonus) or not (ie: half damage, before subtractions).

They can take up different squares, but they can also take up the same square in combat without penalty.

This is just off my head, not play-tested, but it sounds like a mechanically fun option that could work.

Has anyone here played a Dvati, or seen one played?

Silver Crusade

IIRC, and it's been a while, they function as totally separate characters for the most part. They can both take a full set of actions each round. One of them dying or suffering status effects does affect the other, but other than that I think they operate on their own.

I think they have to stay within a certain range of each other as well, lest they start to suffer some sort of negative effect.

It's been a while though.


Actually, reading another thread, it looks like there's errata somewhere.

The race obviously needs brushing up to work well in play. The problem is that if one splits up their actions between both of them, they can't both move. However, if they both get full sets of actions, right from 1st level, they're at a huge advantage over other player characters.

Dividing the active portion of their actions (Standard or full) seems balanced.

Another option I'm thinking of is the Droids rule in Star Wars Saga Edition: spending swift actions to get your droid to do any of a list of actions (attack with a weapon, use a skill like repair or computer use, etc.). The twins could be either one, round by round; either one can use up their actions to get a bonus from the other one. Hive Mind could eliminate surprise or flat-footedness, that sort of thing; also double saves from Will Effects (or else double failures, I dunno).

It's got promise, but I don't think it was ready when published; which is the only Paizo example I can think of, which is impressive.

I wonder if they could use it for Pathfinder? Likely not (it was for Dragon, and thus is owned by wotc), but it would be nice.

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