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Anyone have it yet? If so what did you think?

I'm wondering the same thing. Looks like perhaps this one didn't get much attention when it came out. Anyone pick up since?

This was originally a reward for people who tracked us down at a con for a while. Subtle as a Drow is actually a game we've run a bunch of times. We love it almost as much as the ones from the Sample Pack! Since this never got the kind of response we expected, we kind of opted to hold off on doing adventure paths and modules.

I'm looking threw it far, so good. There's a fairly obvious typo in the introduction section on "adapting this module":

Adapting This Module wrote:

For example, in the Golarion setting

from Paizo the goddess might be Goddess and
Tieu’tyme could be played by Norgorber.

Pretty sure the second "Goddess" is suppose to be the name of a specific good-aligned Golarion god. I don't really know very much about Golarion, nor do I use it in any capacity, so that doesn't really affect me, but it does seem like a mistake (unless, of course, there is a Golarion deity named "Goddess" that I didn't know about:P).

I like intrigue, so I might test this out at some which case I'll post a review of how it went. Although, I don't normally use modules, so any commentary I have on it should be taken with a grain of salt.

Also, it appears there are several references to "the next module." Was that ever published?

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