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Interesting, wonder how this stacks up against 4WFG animal book. Anyone have it yet? If so what did you think?

Sounds like it was inspired by the houndmaster RPG SS entry. Any truth to that?

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Actually the inspiration came from the passing of a childhood dog of our owner Scott and the realization that there were a limited number of dog breeds. (Effectively a Terrier and a Great Dane had the same stats) The result was Scott working on his vacation while he was visiting his family. It was originally just going to be a goblin ration but the designers really started getting into the history of dog breeds and their changing role in war. There is even a section in the book on the history of dogs and their relationship with man (which influenced breed diversity).


Just put a review up, I hope it brings some more folks in to get a copy.

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Eric Hinkle wrote:
Just put a review up, I hope it brings some more folks in to get a copy.

Sounds interesting, nice review. I will likely eventually pick it up to check next to the 4WFG book. Sides can never have to many animals or information about them.

Thanks, Dark_Mistress. If you buy the book it'll be good to read any review on it that you do.

I have, and like, this product, except for two things:
1) Carnivorous Buffalo, "Dogs." A weird and off putting bit of fluff and art that I nixed in my game.
2) The handler class is WAY underpowered. Druids are overpowered, perhaps, but this class is basically a pack lord druid with no spells,no wild shape, and missing some other features as well. These huge things are replaced with a few features to boost your dogs. We tested it in my group, and we couldn't get it level in power with any other classes. We added Summoner style spell progression from the Druid list, and give the Packmaster feat at every dead level. It STILL isn't overpowered, and we crunched the crap out of it.

Hmm, interesting. We had a great deal of concern that it was overpowered in our playtests so we had to scale it back. (Use to have MORE dogs + some bonus feats on those dead levels.)

Out of curiosity, did you just use a few high level dogs or did you have the pack of low level dogs? Were you squeezing your dogs?

Often times during our playtest we found that a few medium level dogs (2-5) really did the most damage when paired up with their handler. It provided a (at the time) unique degree of battlefield control that other melee classes did not have.

I'd be interested in seeing what you used. We can definably provide a bit of errata on this to boost their power level if need be.

Additionally, I believe this book was prior to the pack lord druid archetype's inclusion by Paizo (hence why it doesn't measure to their level).

Thanks for your input!

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