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Posting this on behalf of my GM...
We'll be using the program Maptools, and possibly Ventrilo for voice as well. The rest of the information is as follows.
If you are interested, please email me at symar(at)live(dot)com with the information requested below and any questions.

Needed: 4-5 players for a Star Wars Saga Edition Dawn of Defiance Campaign.

I am recruiting for a new Dawn of Defiance campaign using the Star Wars Saga Edition rule system. This is a widely liked series that takes characters from levels 1 to 20 and takes place between Episodes III and IV in the Star Wars universe.

I am looking for players that can meet once or twice a week on the weeknights around 8 or 9 EST for 2-4 hours. So far we have 2 players committed and myself (a committed DM).

I am an excellent DM who puts time and effort into making my campaigns the best they can be with a good mix of story (first of all and most importantly) and action. This is not arrogance; it is fact. You may ask any of my prior players. I was recently burned by a group and have been forced to take off about 3 months from DMing, as well as totally switch universes for campaigns, due to what occurred. I am not interested in players who will be a remix of my prior experience, and will not settle for mediocre.
There have to be reasonable, dedicated adults still out there who enjoy playing RPGs.


1) Do not be a flake.
I cannot stress this enough. I am looking for players for this specific campaign, but also keeping my eye out for mature and committed players for future campaigns in the Star Wars universe, in the Pathfinder universe, and D&D universe. The current player who is in the group and I have been playing together for over a year and are tired of getting burned by people who have no business signing up for any campaign. If you are too busy to easily take a regular night or two to commit to a campaign, do not email. If you have an extensive social life in college, probably do not apply. If you are below the age of 18, probably do not email.

2) Do not be a hack and slasher or RP-snob.
I see RPGs as an exercise in cooperative storytelling. I attempt to craft really great scenes and opportunities for dialogue. If you are not in this for both the story AND the action, do not sign up. I am not interested in hack and slashers who are easily bored or who will walk away from their computers/minimize the client during non-combat scenes. I am also not interested in RP-snobs who purposefully hijack the game/monkey wrench the plot at hand or refuse to engage the plot because it is not to their taste for whatever reason. In other words, be rounded. If you are in one extreme group or the other, you will not be happy, and neither will I.
In addition, though I know Star Wars, I am not a full-on Star Wars encyclopedia. I will give you a good time, but I cannot promise I know as much about the universe as Star Wars acolytes.

3) Stop reading all materials intended for the DM.
This particular campaign is out there and the modules can be VERY easily spoiled with one look in the wrong place. If you are a serious player who wants to join this campaign or even go for a spot in my long-term gaming group, stop reading all modules and DM-specific materials. This is not up for negotiation and is a really simple requirement. If you have played in Dawn of Defiance before, do not apply. If you heavily DM and have exposure to a lot of modules and/or enjoy reading them, do not apply. It will be very obvious to me and the other PCs if you are, in fact, cheating.

4) Be ready to put in time outside of games for maintenance of inventory, any extended roleplaying discussion, and sheet updates.
I have to put in time to make sure things run smoothly for the players. I am owed the same respect. Not negotiable. We will have a message board that you are expected to keep up with and post upon.

5) Do be patient
This will be my first and other players’ first Star Wars Saga Edition campaign. Be patient with rules confusion.

Campaign Details/Restrictions:
Book Needed: Saga Edition Core Rulebook. Character Creation is as in this book with the following caveats and details. Force Unleashed is also allowed.

Starting Level: 1 (if this saddens you, don’t apply to be in the campaign, as you probably aren’t the type of player I want)
Alignment/Attitude: No dark side-leaning or outright evil characters.
Species: Any in Saga Edition Core except for Ewok, as they have not been discovered yet. Nautolan are allowed. Devaronian are allowed. These latter two are not in the core rulebook and are available as web supplements. You may play as a droid, see below.
Class: Any in core rulebook except for Sith classes. Note that Jedi are rare and fearful of being exterminated by the Empire. You may play an orphaned padawan or jedi with very basic training to start. No knights, no “bad asses” at start.

Organic Generation Method: Planned Generation Method, 28 points. Each ability score starts at 8 before point buying.
Droid Generation: Use the Playing a Custom Droid Option. No standard droid models. 23 POINTS (Not 28 as above)
Credits: Max possible credits at start
Equipment: All equipment with a military or illegal rating are unavailable for purchase at start with the exception of Heavy Blaster Pistol and Hold-Out Blaster Pistol. You must pay the licensing fee for any equipment with a Restriction rating (no need to make a skill check to find them, just pay the fee). You may later find military, illegal, or restriction rating weapons, but they will be noted as Unlicensed, and if you are caught there will be legal consequences. You may attempt to purchase licensed or restricted weapons by legal or black market means during the campaign. Black market-acquired weapons are considered legit for purposes of Imperial scrutiny.
Vehicles: Available. No military or illegal vehicles available. No droid starfighter or tri-fighters.
Destiny: You are allowed to choose a Rescue, Discovery, or Destruction destiny if you wish to do so (with all the penalties and potential rewards that come with it) You should have a general destiny goal and also delineate a fairly specific destiny within the destiny goal. It is possible to fulfill your destiny multiple times during the campaign. It is very possible to take steps towards it.
Force Points and Destiny Points: Yes, as normal, and if you qualify.
HP on Level Up:
Noble/Scoundrel: 4 + Con modifier
Scout: 5+ Con modifier
Jedi, Soldier: 7+Con modifier

What I need from you if you are interested:
1) Full character sheet with all feats, skills, racial bonuses etc spelled out. You cannot be too detailed. Be prepared to convert this into a text format and post it on our messageboard.
2) A compelling character backstory. You all must have three things in common. You must have a reason to dislike the Empire. You also must have a reason to avoid/be on the run from them. You must all have booked passage on the transport ship Freebird. Be creative and have an attachment to this character. The goal will be for you to stay with this PC throughout the campaign.
3) Availability ranges during the week.
I will accept these from everyone until I have made a decision on who I would like in the party. I look forward to getting started again.

Man really wish I could afford a copy of the Saga Edition rulebook but all I have is the Revised Rulebook. Your recruitment is very exclusive too. Best of luck with it.


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