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the class that I really can't bear is the warlock, I think it comes from dungeons and dragons 3.5
I find unlimited spell casting suitable only for some very powerful magic creature, or powerful magic object / artifact. Not for an imitation of a caster, that can cast unlimited darkness or invisibility or whatever. Not that is too strong or unbalanced in terms of power of the character, warlock is just kind of an archer with a narrow variety of spells (that misses almost all the spells I'd like on a caster), I hate it because it's simply no sense.

Anytime I look at the inquisitor it almost seems too good..like im about to cheat when I make one.Im not sure what it is,I just cant shake it whenever I look at them.

Somebody make a thread with things people like stat! I just read through this thread and it depressed the hell out of me. I swear some people really throw out the baby with the bath water. Something as simple as the cultural flavor making you hate a whole class, or the fact it was called a class instead of an archetype...which functionally means nothing..or god forbid a mechanic isn't exactly how you would have wrote it. It's a shame there is some good stuff there that will never see the table for so many.

It's a common theme at a lot of gaming tables, including the one I play at though...so I suppose it's not going anywhere. Just wish people would be more open minded.

There was a like thread at the same time as this one. It simply fell into the archives.

Good to know...this one is a downer..lol

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