Can a flaming sphere be kicked away?

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in the spell description is said that "the surface of the sphere has a spongy, yielding consistency".

So the sphere has some "consistency". Can she be moved/kicked away?

Thank you

1. If you attempted to push it away (say with a Bull Rush) you'd probably take the damage from the sphere.

2. From Flaming Sphere: "The surface of the sphere has a spongy, yielding consistency and so does not cause damage except by its flame. It cannot push aside unwilling creatures or batter down large obstacles."

So we see that the sphere is not hard (resistant) enough to push things aside. I also take this to mean it is exceptionally soft so someone would have their work cut out for themselves if they wanted to push it away. Most weapons/arms etc would probably just sink into the sphere itself.

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It would be like trying to push a bowl of jello with a fork.

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I'd rule that you could. I'd treat it as a Bull-Rush attempt, with a DC equal to the spell's save DC.

This is not RAW, just the way I'd run it in my game.

Sometimes you just gotta make a GM call.

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GM-wise, I'd rule that it could be pushed aside, but it would be difficult given the spongy, yielding consistency (the spell's CMD would be the save DC with double the INT/CHA/WIS mod), and anyone trying to do so would automatically take damage from the spell even if succesfull.

Franc Crosses wrote:

So the sphere has some "consistency". Can she be moved/kicked away?

I cannot stop laughing that you gave the sphere a gender.

It conjures the image of a Parisian Cavalier lamenting to a wizard "the flaming sphere, she burns me! Can I not, like a lover I have grown tired of, push her away?"

Bull rushing it does seem reasonable enough. It's creating an object that's 'there' so ... why not? The big issue is that I don't know what CMD the sphere would count as... and it should auto hit you when you push it. I'd probably just call it CMD 10 and be done with it.

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No. It's a spell effect, why would anyone other than the caster be able to move it?

Unless the GM thinks it's a cool idea of course.

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Darn it, now I want to play a vaguely-French fighter. But I just can't do it. I tend to take my French simulations too far, and who wants to adventure with Pepe' Le Pew??

Some GMs seem to feel that the 'spongy, yielding' consistency allows the sphere to "flow" around other objects like oil in water. Others feel that the 'spongy, yielding' consistency is more like a Nerf ball. You'll have to ask your particular GM, I guess, because while you'd take damage either way, the first type of GM has unpushable flaming spheres.

Hm, you know, a higher-level version of this spell with a Tar Baby effect would be quite vicious. "Now that you've touched it/it's touched you, it gets a free Grapple..."

it would be like kicking a ball of napalm

I'd say that it's not solid enough to be pushed away with anything smaller than a large shield. Balls of jello/Napalm are pretty good real world commparisons. Anyone without fire protection is going to have a bad day if they try. if all your pressure is in one spot you're going to pierce the thing, not move it.

Now a small caveat, If someone takes several rounds to push it slowly with somethng large and flat (large shield or bigger) they may have some success. If you push it fast the thing will ljust split and you'll be stuck in the middle of a flaming ball of napalm tar. Not fun.

A good measure that my group uses for questions like this is,
"If you can do it so can the enemy. Still want to try?"

It would make for a good Shaolin Soccer scene.

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not to detract from this question, but we hit this during the post Stacking Flaming Spheres.
The question is basicly "can someone other than the caster move it?" if the answer is a yes, then you get to the "How do we do this?"

I'd say no, only the caster can move it. (see other post for reasons why.)

Franc Crosses wrote:

in the spell description is said that "the surface of the sphere has a spongy, yielding consistency".

So the sphere has some "consistency". Can she be moved/kicked away?

Thank you

It is a spell effect, and although it has some consistency, as others have noted, it is a spongey BURNING material that, in my games, would automatically cause fire damage to anyone attempting to enter the square that it occupies to "move" it or what not. And since only the caster can move it, I would rule that it isn't moved by another's actions. Any actions to "move" it would cause the flaming sphere to diminish in size but remain in the square causing fire damage to the "intruder", until the caster moved it, at which time the sphere would "collect" itself and move as directed.

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