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We are about to start in the publishing process of our second anthology which includes Paizo Intellectual Property from your Pathfinder Campaign Setting. We understand this book cannot be sold.

The question pertains to a publisher that wishes to "publish" the book and put their logo on it.

As long as it is for free, are there any problems with this?

They just want to found a publishing company and use this book as a demonstration of the work they will do in later non-Paizo related works.


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They'd have to follow the Community Use Policy... which includes this bit:

Community Use Policy wrote:
When we say "non-commercial," we mean you cannot sell or otherwise charge anyone for access to content used under this Policy. If you make any commercial use of Paizo Material, your rights under this Policy will be automatically terminated, and any permission granted by this Policy will be immediately revoked. If Paizo believes that you are in the publishing business, you are considered to be a commercial user, and you are not granted any right to use any Paizo Material under this Policy.

It sounds to me like this book would be the start of them being in the publishing business, and so the Community Use Policy can't apply to them.

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Thank you Vic, that answers that.

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