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Grand Lodge 3/5

Hi all,

Just a heads up for any lurking West Australians, you may be interested in:

Facebook -

Twitter - @pfsperth

At this stage we're scoping out what resources we have access to, folks who are interested in playing or GMing, venues etc.

Hope to have some demo events running in the very near future. Please do get in touch if you're in the area.


Callum Prior
Pathfinder Society GM
Venture-Captain Perth, Western Australia

Grand Lodge 3/5

We have our inaugural event coming up next weekend:

Come and play Pathfinder, no experience necessary!

Pathfinder Society Venture-Captains across the world have been organizing gaming days to bring together Pathfinder players, debut the Beginner Box, teach new gamers how to play, and introduce players new and old to the Pathfinder Society Organized Play Program.

The day’s events include four new, one-hour quests highlighting the Beginner Box characters and rules. Special Beginner Box Bash punch cards allow players to keep track of their adventures and learn more about the Pathfinder RPG and Pathfinder Society.

Those who complete all four adventures will receive a special reward: a Pathfinder Society Chronicle sheet to welcome them into the Pathfinder Society (or to enhance any existing Pathfinder Society character).

Pre-generated characters will be available on the day. Participants only need to bring along a pencil, eraser, and dice (if you have them). To register for the event please contact Tactics on 9325 7081 or visit in store.

For more information on Pathfinder Society events in Perth, Western Australia please contact Venture-Captain Callum Prior via or

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Callum Prior
Pathfinder Society GM
Venture-Captain Perth, Western Australia

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