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Sovereign Court

Hi all -
I've been working on my design for a coat of arms for a long time. I had someone draw the concept which was pretty spot on. Now I've had another person give their adjustments to it and it's pretty close. But I want ideas.
The image is - HERE .

It's not final. The design for the Theocrat's crown wasn't what I wanted so when I was coloring it in with my markers to get an idea for myself - I blackened it. The colors for the crown will be gold and white (if it'll show up nicely). It might not show up well on the scan here - but that is the Sun with a d20 at the top of the crown area.
The keys are silver and gold. I just added the X on the gold key to match better what I had in mind.
This is definitively gaming related. The Sun and Moon are from Pholtus's One True Path and the blue and green field are from TALDOR! And lets not forget the d20 in the center. It will have all the numbers showing as well.

But as this is intended to go on my left calve soon, I'd like to get some thoughts on it - a redesign - why something isn't right or would look better.

Thanks for you thoughts and ideas.

Theocrat Issak

Looks great, I highly recommend bringing the design "as is" to your artist, he/she is going to redraw it regardless and certain things may be resized, etc so it's be not to get your mind set on an exact look to it. Remember that sometimes tons of color can detract from the details of a design, that said metallic colors in specific tend to look odd if not done very very well, and be aware that yellow fades faster than any other color. Although I'm biased in that I much prefer and only get black/grey tatts :P, albeit each has a bit of color such as the gem on my claddagh, or the eyes of my im ranting lol. Go ahead and bring the sketch in as in I'm sure it will look great! Also very nice to see someone else with a dnd tattoo, the back centerpiece of my fore-arm sleeve is the book and sword from the 3.5 PHB cover :) Good luck!!!

EDIT: The design is going to need to be pretty large in order to ink the pattern correctly, and it will need to be down right huge to have the d20 numerals legible, or at least the size of the d20 itself will need to be larger.

Sovereign Court

The person that re-did this is potentially the tattoo artist. But in the shop is an award winning (tons of magazine covers) artist. So if I go with the girl that drew this up - but less experience, it'll pretty much be as is (except I didn't like the Theocrat's crown - too many crosses) in her original drawing. The Theocrat's crown was/is based upon a lot of the anti-pope's or with the current Pope's crown in mind, until I saw the Arch Diocese of Boston's crown. So this is a mixture of the two. Of course the key's are like the Vatican's and several other pope's. Thanks for the thoughts with the yellow. The fading is a worry. The size on my calve means that the ribbon will likely wrap to the sides of the calve.

I currently have a Micheal Keaton Batman (1989 movie) that I got in '92. I like it, but I'd originally wanted issue 310 of Fantastic Four. The Thing was extra rocky but the artist couldn't draw it right, so I went with Batman. I had it re-touched in 2000 with a fixing of the hand and re-coloring of the yellow of the belt and around the bat symbol. But that's faded since as well.

My EVOL WifeFIEND has never liked tattoo's so when she said I could get one - I'm jumping on it immediedtly. I don't do anything that's expensive or time consuming (buying a phone, computer, d20 book!) without focusing on the positives and negatives. With this tattoo I've been to about 15 shops and talked to about 20 artists. Getting prices and basic ideas from my original art. Now that I think I have the two artists narrowed down - and with a decent price I think I'm ready. I just want some feedback on elements that I might not think about - being focused on the ideal as it is.

Theocrat Issak


Moved thread.

IMO replace the d20 a d12. The d12 gets no love and is mocked by the other dice, give the lowly d12 a chance to prove that worthy of being more than a barbarian's HP b+&&!.

Liberty's Edge

I agree with karlbadmanners - and good for you for looking at multiple shops. So many places show "[X] years combined experience!", but when you stop to divide out how many years per artist... well... not all tattooists are created equal.

Make sure your artist can do what you want. Some are good at drawing people, but horrible at animals. Some have a talent for drafting the mechanical, but couldn't make an organic slime mold to save their souls. Everyone has their own skills.

Biggest thing to remember with your design: if you're not happy with how it looks - DON'T GET IT. That sucker'll be permanently engraved in your flesh, and there's NO REASON it shouldn't be perfect! You need to take the time to tweak it to a level you're happy with. Tear through those tattoo magazines for styles you like, or a method one artist uses to color, etc. If your artist is good, they'll be able to utilize those materials to help draft out just what you want.

I know I'm ranting here - my Mom has been a tattooist for the last 28 years. I've seen a lot of horrible pieces come walking through the shop doors, their owners looking to get them fixed or covered up. I understand wanting to get one while you've got the "permission" from da wife, but patience is good. It took me about 3 years to design the piece on my back. The tweaking paid off - believe me.

Sovereign Court

I got it! You can look at my facebook page at /issak and see it.
We were supposed to do it on Saturday night, but after making some adjustments Claudia said she wanted to make those with time enough. She did and I was very happy with the overall paper design.
So we made a new appointment for 1030am Sunday. Touchdown was at 1110am and end was 503pm. I am a wuss and if the EVOL One wasn't there I would have walked out at hour 3. I knew that if she just didn't finish once she started the color I wouldn't come back. So it was 6hrs of pain - with 4 breaks of less than 10min.
Took about an hour and a half for the black outline - and it was the Theocrat's crown that was the most painful. Originally it was about 1/2" higher and that would have been right at the back of the knee. As it is, it's close and that hurt. After it was all done and said we agreed that she'd have to re-color a little bit of it in about a month. As we were doing it, we agreed that coloring in the d20 was unlikely - you wouldn't see the numbers on the dice. And that was important.

When it's time to re-color for the highlighting, I'll most likely add in the ribbon along the bottom with the saying.

Overall, it's only been 3 days, but I was happy with the design and outline. I would have liked a lighter shade of green and purple. I do wonder if the green and blue on the shield show well enough - but that's something we'll look at in a month or so and go from there.

Thanks for the feedback and let me know what you think of the after design.

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