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Within the next month or so, I'm planning to spin-off a new side-quest from my main campaign.

I already have an existing thread from the last time this happened, and my preference (for organizational purposes) would be to recycle it. However, the current name of the thread would need to be changed. If someone could handle this for me, I'd be appreciative.

Could someone please rename this thread:

Limbo PbP: Wardove's Dungeon Crawl Challenge

[PbP] Wardove's Side-Trek

Thanks for the help, and the newly implemented campaign support! :)

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If I understand what you're asking—and it's very possible I am missing something here—you should be able to just change the name of the campaign and have it do what you want.

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I'll admit, the rename feature is something that I missed, but it doesn't do 100% what I'd hoped. If you look here, you'll see that the name of the thread itself still shows as "Limbo PbP: Wardove's Dungeon Crawl Challenge".

I'd like the thread title itself changed to match the name of the campaign so as to avoid confusion:

[PbP] Wardove's Side-Treks

Yeah, I realized now that I forgot the 's' on the end of the desired title in my OP. ^_^;

EDIT: BTW, keeping the rename function separate from the actual thread title is something that I like. That way, in a case like this (side-treks) I can update the campaign name to the current side-trek without changing the URL. It just so happens that right now, I'd like to permanently update the URL to facilitate this in the future. :)

Paizo Employee Senior Software Developer

You know, two minutes after I posted that I realized what you probably meant. Thread title has been updated.

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You are a scholar and a gentleman! Thanks so much! :)

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