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So here I am burrowing into a several-year-old thread, and for that, I apologize, however, I would like to know how the Unchained rules affect the Claws/Slam dynamic. I play PFS, so I must use Unchained. *pout*

As far as I can tell, there's no actual rule that says an Eidolon can't have the Claws and Slam evolutions tied to the same set of arms. Only that you can buy Slam to replace Claws if you so choose. So, question 1: Can you have Claws and Slam assigned to the same set of arms?

My build, or my idea for a build, is as follows.
Bipedal Azata with a longsword.
Claws (according to the Biped statistics block, all bipeds start with claws)
Slam (purchased)

Attacks with longsword, following up with ONE claw attack, followed by a slam (I spoke with a GM about this, and he said I would only get one claw attack, since the other hand is occupied, which I'm okay with.)
I am also aware that claw and slam attack would be at a minus 5.
Which brings me to question 2, can I do this? Longsword, 1 Claw, Slam.

TL;DR, Question 1 is can an Eidolon have Claws and Limbs assigned to the same set of arms, and Question 2 is can an Eidolon wielding a one-handed weapon attack with said weapon, then attack with natural weapons at the usual -5?

Also, yes, I'm aware that this is probably an extremely dumb build.

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